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14 Reasons Why Not

Chapter 1: Sweaty Palms and Word Vomit

Nick Lucas stood before his brothers in his brand-new Stella-designed jeans and blazer. He popped the collar and struck a pose.

"What do you guys think?" Stella asked excitedly, straightening Nick's tie and smoothing down the collar.

"Nice," Kevin complimented.

Nick nodded. "It's nice. But it feels like something's missing."

"Stella's the fashion expert, not you," Joe disagreed. "I don't think you should question her design."

"No, I think Nick's right," Stella said, thoughtfully.

"On second thought, maybe it does need something," Joe amended immediately.

"Suck up!" Kevin coughed into his closed fist. Joe glared at his brother and Stella pretended not to hear.

Stella stood in front of Nick and studied the ensemble thoughfully, her chin resting on her hand and her eyes squinting in concentration.

"Maybe a belt? Like, a red one?" Nick suggested.

Stella wrinkled her nose.

"Or yellow?" Joe suggested. "With matching cufflinks?"

Stella grinned. "Joe, you're brilliant."

Joe smiled back. "Well, I learned all I know from you."

"Whipped!" Kevin coughed.

"You're one to talk!" Joe shot back.

Kevin's eyes grew wide. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"I know what Joe's talking about," Nick replied.

"I think we all know what he's talking about," Stella said.

"I do not like Macy," Kevin defended himself, his voice a full octave higher than normal.

Stella and Joe exchanged amused glances, and even Nick smiled slightly.

"What's everyone smiling about?" Kevin asked, wiping his suddenly sweaty palms on his jeans.

Kevin's hands tended to sweat whenever he got nervous, which, lately, had been happening every time anyone mentioned Macy's name.

"No one said anything about Macy," Nick told him. "You basically just confessed to liking her."

"That wasn't a confession!" Kevin disagreed, in his dangerously squeaky voice. "Your logic is totally…unlogical."

"The word is illogical, and no it isn't," Nick replied.

"Look, we all know you like Macy," Stella said. "So why don't you just ask her out already?"

"I don't like Macy. I could list all the reasons that I don't like her."

"Then do it," Joe said. "Make us a list of reasons you won't ask Macy out."

"Right now?" Kevin said, his eyes now wider than ever.

"Let's make it interesting," Stella suggested. "You hang out with Macy for an hour or two every day for three weeks—"

"One week," Kevin interrupted.

"Two weeks," Nick said.

Kevin shook his head. "Fifteen days."

"Deal," Nick replied.

"Okay, fifteen days," Stella said. "And at the end of each day, you come up with one reason not to ask Macy out."

"And if you can come up with a new reason every day, you win, and we admit you don't like Macy," Joe said.

"But if you can't come up with fifteen reasons, you ask Macy out," Nick finished.

"Wait a minute," Kevin said. "I just realized, two weeks is less than fifteen days."

"You agreed to fifteen days," Joe said.

"Well, I changed my mind."

"Too bad," Joe argued.


"Fine, we'll go with two weeks," Stella interrupted.

"Two weeks works," Joe replied quickly.

"Then it's settled. Two weeks starting tomorrow," Kevin said.

"Fine," Joe said.

"Fine," Nick agreed.

"Fine," Stella echoed.

"Fine," Kevin said.

Stella made her way toward the middle fire pole in the boys' room. "I'm gonna go let my best friend know that Kevin of JONAS plans to eat lunch with her tomorrow at school."

Stella slid down the pole and was gone. Kevin looked at his younger brothers' smirking faces.

"What did I just agree to?"


Kevin clenched his churning stomach as he made his way to the cafeteria for lunch. According to Stella, when Macy found out that a member of JONAS wanted to eat lunch with her, she screamed for five minutes, and then spent two hours worrying about what they were going to talk about. Coincidentally, Kevin had spent roughly the same amount of time worrying about the same thing. He wiped his palms on his jeans once again and took a deep breath before stepping into the crowded cafeteria. He hadn't been this nervous since the first time JONAS went on tour.

He spotted Macy across the cafeteria, sitting with his brothers and Stella. He gave a sigh of relief. At least he wouldn't have to spend lunch alone with Macy. He was sure he wouldn't be able to survive that. After paying for his lunch, he made his way over to the table and took a seat between Nick and Joe.

"Hi, Kevin," Macy greeted him excitedly. "This is exciting, isn't it? Because usually I just eat lunch with Stella, and today I'm eating with all three members of JONAS. And I'm surprisingly calm about this. I mean, normally when I get nervous and excited at the same time, I can't stop talking, and I say a bunch of embarrassing stuff that I don't actually mean to say. Like when I went on my first date, I accidentally told my date that I'd had a crush on him since fourth grade and I kept a picture of him on my nightstand that I always kissed before I went to bed. He avoided me until the end of the school year, and then he moved to Arizona."

The brothers stared wide-eyed at the petite brunette.

"Right," Nick said.

"I photo shopped my school ID photo into the picture from your second JONAS album and had it laminated!" Macy blurted. She quickly slapped her hand over her mouth.

"She's joking," Stella explained. "Right, Macy? Macy?"

With her hand still pressed against her mouth, Macy nodded vigorously. Stella reached over and pulled her hand down. "I love you!" Macy blurted.

Stella placed Macy's hand back over her mouth. "Let's just leave that there."

All three brothers nodded. "That sounds like a good idea," Joe agreed.

The five of them sat in silence for a moment, Macy still covering her mouth to avoid embarrassing word spillage.

Stella checked her watch. "You guys, I totally forgot, I'm...tutoring someone during lunch today. Gotta go."

Macy looked at Stella desperately and shook her head wildly. Ignoring Macy's silent plea to stay, Stella grabbed her purse and left.

"You know what, I have to go too," Joe said. "I forgot that…I'm the one Stella's tutoring. See ya."

Macy waved with her free hand.

"I have to go too," Nick said. "Because…I'm full. And I don't like the smell of cafeteria."

Kevin's palms were now clammy and damp. He had the opposite of Macy's problem. When he got nervous, he couldn't think of anything to say at all.

He cleared his throat. "Um, I think it's safe to uncover your mouth now."

Macy thought for a minute, then shook her head.

"It's okay," Kevin assured her. "I don't think you could really say anything worse than the thing about the laminated JONAS picture with your school ID photo shopped in."

Hesitantly, Macy pulled down her hand. "What if I told you I had dreams about you and your brothers almost every night?" she blurted, the second her mouth was free.

"I'd say that was…flattering," Kevin said, his voice unnaturally high-pitched.

"You're trying not to hurt my feelings," Macy said. "I know your lying voice."

"Okay, I'm slightly freaked out by the dream thing. And the photo shopped ID thing. And the hundreds of pictures of JONAS in your locker," Kevin admitted. "But I'm flattered too. I mean, I think it's pretty cool that our number one fan goes to our school. Most people around here think we're nothing special. Some people even booed when they played one of our songs at the fall dance. They think that just because we're famous we're suddenly…I don't know…arrogant or something."

"To be honest, I think Joe is a little arrogant," Macy replied, before cringing at her own words.

"What?" Kevin replied, stunned.

"I mean, not because he's famous. Stella says he was kind of cocky before JONAS hit it big."

"What?" Kevin said again.

"Well, he kind of has the right to be. After all, he is the cutest out of the three of you."

"WHAT?" Kevin said a third time.

"None of this is coming out right, is it?" Macy asked. "Maybe I should go back to covering my mouth."

"I can agree with the part about Joe being full of himself, but he is not better looking than me," Kevin said.

Macy looked down at her tray, hiding her thoughts.

"What?" Kevin repeated again.

"Nothing," Macy replied. "I think I've said enough."

"Oh, now you can keep your thoughts to yourself? Come on, I want to know what you were thinking," Kevin urged.

"Okay, I was thinking that you were starting to sound a little cocky yourself," Macy admitted, with the tiniest hint of a smile.

"Oh I was, was I?" Kevin asked, smiling back. "Well aren't you gonna tell me that I have the right to be cocky because I'm so good-looking?"

"Okay," Macy replied, her smile breaking into a grin. "You have just as much right to be cocky as Joe does, if not more, because you are the best guitar player."

"Thank you. And you're right. I am."

"Okay, now you're starting to sound a little too cocky."

They both laughed, and Kevin found that her laugh was quite pleasant. Not the laugh he usually heard from her, the high-pitched JONAS fan giggle. This was a sweet laugh, that reminded him of music. In fact, as he listened to her laugh, he started unconsciously writing music in his head.

"Are we having an actual pleasant conversation here?"

Macy's eyes widened. "We are! I can't believe I'm having a real conversation with a JONAS and not going totally fan girl crazy!"

"Neither can I."

"When Stella told me you were gonna eat lunch with me today, I was so freaked out. I couldn't believe you wanted to sit with me."

"Well, why wouldn't I want to sit with you?" Kevin asked. "We're friends, right?"

"Frie—" Before Macy could even repeat the word, she fainted into her untouched mashed potatoes.


Kevin carried the unconscious Macy to the nurses office to be revived, and was surprised to find Stella and his brothers waiting there for him.

"We figured she'd probably faint," Nick explained.

"Frankly, I'm surprised she lasted as long as she did," Joe commented.

"So, you ready to start this list?" Stella asked, holding up a pen and a yellow notepad.

Kevin laid Macy down on one of the beds and took the pad and pen from Stella. Using Nick's back as a writing surface, he scrawled, "Reason # 1: She's too obsessed with me."

"Obsessed with you?" Joe said, reading the first item on Kevin's list. "That's not a good reason, man. She's not obsessed with you. She's obsessed with the band. If she's obsessed with anyone in specific, it's me, because I'm the front man and I'm the best looking."

Nick raised an eyebrow.

"Right," Kevin said. "Joe, you should know that your biggest fan thinks you're a little arrogant." He slapped his brother on the back. "You might want to work on that."

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