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Story Information:

Title: A Passion of Controversy

Rating: T- Hard R

Pairing: Urahara Kisuke/Kurosaki Ichigo (and vice versa) Others that aren't too important, perhaps one-sided others.

Summary: Kisuke knew he should stay away. There were a few things you just didn't do and one of them was falling for your friend's son. Ichigo however doesn't care who his father is nor does he care what others think he should do. Ichigo never listened to anyone, so why start now?

Warnings: M/M, Yaoi, AU somewhat. Spoilers? Er - be up to date with Manga I suppose. Underage Sex(16?) Adult Language, mild violence… if there are others I'll warn ahead of time. SLIGHT OOC, I'm not sure. We'll see where I go.

Chapters: 15-20 -

A Passion of Controversy

(Preface) Innocent Enough

- Why is it Forbidden Fruit always tastes the best? -

It began innocently enough. Okay, maybe not entirely innocent considering the situation and the mess he had thrown himself. But it began with good intentions. The most beautiful scowling strawberry to ever walk through the doors of his shop.

Kurosaki Ichigo.

How forbidden was he? Urahara Kisuke knew exactly how forbidden and off limits Ichigo was. He knew this going into the sensei role to help him achieve his real powers. The controversial method he had used broke down the Shinigami limit and gave Ichigo more power than he could handle in the beginning. Kisuke did everything he could to teach him to control it, he contacted the Vizards when the teenager had left for Soul Society.

It would be no secret when it was revealed that Kurosaki Isshin's only son was perhaps the most powerful Vizard, considering the mixture he held onto. From human to shinigami, and Vizard. His Zanpakuto was unlike any others. This, Kisuke knew even without having ever met Zangetsu.

His own sword had pointed it out when it overpowered them before Ichigo could control its strength. All of this was innocent, even though Kisuke's eyes followed every single movement with something more than a calculative eye from a respectful Sensei.

What is worse, his long time old friend trusted him with the care of his son. His beautiful, redhead son who had the most fiery temper and attitude. It didn't help the fact that his body was also fiery and left Kisuke thoroughly dazed.

Kisuke remained offhanded about these, chalking it up to frustrations and attraction to something so beautiful. How could one not be? Everyone who met some inner working of Kurosaki Ichigo fell on their faces in front of him. They were in awe.

Even Shinji, one of his oldest friends had made the comment a while back that Isshin should seriously look into locking that boy up until he was wrinkly enough to not be so tempting.

He was a danger to all society. Even, he, Urahara Kisuke had fallen into the trap. No one really knew if Ichigo had an interest. Some seemed to have guessed that Rukia held his underlying affections but then those thoughts shifted very briefly to Renji. The way the two acted around one another… it screamed sexual tension. But then Orihime came into the picture when she was kidnapped and he fought desperately to get her back safe and sound.

No one knew what gender Ichigo preferred and he seemed to not offer any answer, not that anyone asked. Although, Kisuke had teased him a few times when they were alone, simply to get a reaction.

But now those who thought they had it figured out were wrong. After Ichigo returned from Hueco Mundo, he returned to his normal aloof self. He trained three times a week with the Vizards and twice a week with him and Yoruichi alternatively, teaching him hand-to-hand combat in case he was ever without his Zanpakuto.

Ichigo was already skilled at fighting with his hands, considering the rough way he grew up due to his wild outstanding hair colour.

It saved him and his cousin a lot of time, considering they didn't have to start at the basics and he was a very quick and accomplished learner.

But none of this mattered when Urahara Kisuke found a moment to observe Ichigo in a silent and hungry fashion. The teen was so easily riled up that he wound up looking more and more adorable every time his cheeks flared red or he got the urge to hit someone over the head.

He was indeed the most delicious thing, Kisuke had ever seen. He would be rather jealous of the person who finally pinned Ichigo down and took him. To have that in their possession? He nearly felt sorry for Ichigo, possession and obsession were a very dangerous thing at the best of times.

Ichigo could drive anyone to obsession.

Shinigami, Arrancar, Hollow, and Aizen included.

Oh, how did he do it? Kisuke wanted to know. He flicked his fan forward and watched the beautiful creature sprawled out on his carpeted floor with a pile of books underneath him. The most extraordinary thing about Ichigo that Kisuke learned over the last few weeks with the Substitute Shinigami over was the fact that he wore glasses when he read.

The glasses made him even more tempting, if that were possible and Kisuke had to wonder how that was possible.

The teen was stretched out and scowling, his eyebrows knitted together in confusion as he stared down at the equations on his paper and book. He was in his gigai, wearing loose fitting dark blue jeans and a tight black tank which showed his toned body rather nicely. He also had ear buds in his ear and his Ipod resting on his left side.

Ichigo had been helping out at the shop in return for the lessons he received and afterwards he would do all the much missed homework there before going home late at night when he resigned to the fate of being annoyed by his family and Mod Soul.

Too many times Kisuke had been about to offer Ichigo a place to stay but then he thought better of it. For one, he didn't trust himself.

Also, Yoruichi had made it clear that he were to stay well away from Ichigo when it came to getting anymore personal then sense/student. To not even step over that line. It was a dire warning from the cat woman who usually wasn't so serious. He'd never heard her act such.

It wasn't fair, Ichigo shouldn't look so good. But Kisuke decided to do the right thing and heed her warnings. Kurosaki Isshin would kill him if he even knew the evil thoughts his genius brain was coming up with that had to do with his so-called little boy.

'I'm sorry Isshin-kun, but I don't see anything little about this 'boy' of yours.' Kisuke said inside his head.

Kisuke had made good on the warning, for a whole year there was no reaction. He kept it as professional as he could, though Kisuke's idea of professional definitely didn't model someone like Kuchiki Byakuya. But it was as good as it could get. Kisuke never touched Ichigo, never teased him like he did other people, and never made him feel sexually uncomfortable like he would have had he not been warned so harshly by his friend.

He kept the Strawberry at arms length.

That was… until that day.