Chapter Fifteen

- Time After Time -

"We shall return to Soul Society," Byakuya said inclining his head. "Our mission has been completed. Arigato Urahara-san, Kurosaki-san."

"Eh?" Ichigo blinked as Kisuke waved him off.

"It's been a pleasure!" the blond sing-songed.

Ichigo could tell that was a lie, but the two accepted it.

"Rukia will stop beating me up for the closet," Renji whistled.

Ichigo snorted. "My poor closet… there better not be any Chappy the Bunny pictures or I'm going to kill someone!"

Byakuya's eyes glittered but the rest of his face was expressionless. "I couldn't imagine her doing such."

"Really?" Ichigo furrowed his brows. "Last time I left her in my room by herself she drew funny raccoons and plastered them on my wall with hidden messages."

Renji barked in laughter.

"Unique tastes."

"Unique?!" Ichigo yelped. "Unique don't even describe it, especially when I have to look at them and pictures kept cropping up wherever I turned."

As the two bid good-bye and stepped through the Senkai Gate back to Soul Society, Ichigo shifted until his back was pressing in against Kisuke, he leaned his head and smiled when the man's arm looped around him.

"You look tired," Kisuke commented as Ichigo lazily flicked the hat off his head.

"I am. I had finals today and then I came home to hear about dead infants," he said darkly.

"I'm sorry," Kisuke said pressing a kiss to his cheek. "I didn't want to keep you from the conversation."

"Ai, ai, I know," Ichigo said sighing. "I just wished it had been anything other than this. I mean if those babies survive how will they be treated? Like tools of war, it's a sick process."

"Yes," Kisuke agreed. "It's very sick. All we can do is be patient and find a solution to stop it."

Ichigo nodded and closed his eyes.

"Why don't we go and lay down?"

Ichigo smirked. "Is that your way of saying you want to crawl on top of me and have your way?"

Kisuke chuckled and squeezed Ichigo tight. "Well, I might molest you unless you really want me to be a good boy."

"I don't mind you may exhaust me to where I sleep all night."

"Oh really?" Kisuke kissed Ichigo's cheek and nibbled along his earlobe.

"Mhmm." Ichigo shuddered in response to Kisuke's touch. "I don't usually get so tired."

"Last few weeks have caught up to you."

Ichigo nodded. "Living world things that I ain't used to."

"It's not my fault your dad walked in on us at the wrong time."

Ichigo grumbled. "What was he doing here anyway?"

"I'm unsure; I think we gave him a heart attack though."

"It's been nearly a month since he finally agreed to accept it after nearly killing us, you would think he'd be used to it by now."

"Old habits die hard?"


"Although, I think anyone would have been shocked to find us in the position we were in," Kisuke hummed.

Ichigo's cheeks colored and he cleared his throat. "Yah, I - er - think that was a bit much. Least we weren't having sex."

"You were still naked…" Kisuke said wistfully.

"I had my socks on!" Ichigo protested.

"And that eased your father's mind so well."

Ichigo sighed and rubbed his eyes. "I'm going to bed!"

"Can I come?" Kisuke sulked when Ichigo left his arms.

"Double question," Ichigo said smirking and gliding out of the room.

Kisuke scrambled up. "And I don't get an answer! Ichigo-chan!" He found Ichigo waiting in the hall, his chest smacking into the boy's back. He slipped his arms around Ichigo to keep them up. "Hi," he said childishly.

Ichigo laughed. "Hi there, I knew you would do that."

"Ichigo-chan!" He nuzzled Ichigo's neck and bit down mischievously.

Ichigo sighed and tilted his head. "Are we ever going to make it to the bed?"

Kisuke shrugged without speaking and instead continued to nibble and bite up Ichigo's soft and delicious neck. He tugged on the earlobe and pressed kisses to his cheek before claiming Ichigo's waiting lips.

Shifting in Kisuke's arms, Ichigo deepened the kiss as their bodies reacted to the intimate contact. Ichigo was pressed up against the nearby wall, their destination completely forgotten.

It was a good thing that everyone was out for the afternoon. Ichigo shuddered when Kisuke's fingertips glided up his shirt and his aroused groin rubbed into his through tight fitting jeans. Ichigo moaned into Kisuke's mouth; the friction between his jeans and skin was maddening and his lover knew that.

Kisuke left Ichigo's swollen kissed lips for his creamy neck once again and bit down against the snappishly sensitive skin. Ichigo immediately fell victim to his touch and his exhaustion was replaced by strong arousal, which was a much better trade off, Ichigo thought. He tugged at Kisuke's robes and glided his fingers between the robes teasing the muscled flesh behind it.

Kisuke was just about to take their hallway perusal to a whole new level when there was a clearing of throats causing both to start and glance over to see a very horrified and uncomfortable Soi Fon and an eye rolling Yoruichi.

"Don't you have any decorum?" Soi Fon scowled.

"This is my house," Kisuke reminded the smaller girl making her blush. "You walked in it without knocking," he said completely calm despite the deep breathing and slightly flushed cheeks.

Ichigo shifted, his face went from desire to its usual mask.

"What is it you're here for, Yoruichi-san?" Kisuke asked attempting to be cheerful but failing miserably for once. He wished that they would give them some warning ahead about when they would be arriving.

She held up a folder. "The contract."

"Ah, I'll contact the Vizards later and we'll go over it."

"I think we should do this now, your fun can wait," Yoruichi said smirking.

Kisuke sighed and took the folder. "Very well, Yoruichi-san. Ichigo?"

"Yah, I'll call Shinji," he said leaving the room.

"Kurosaki doesn't like me very much does he?" Soi Fon asked.

Kisuke whistled as Yoruichi attempted to deny it. "Ichigo has a problem with authority. He doesn't like it and when it goes too far his point is always proven," Kisuke explained.

"Which is why you were nearly killed, Kisuke," Yoruichi said with a frown.

Kisuke ignored that remark; once again he entered the meeting/dining room. Even though Yoruichi accepted them she didn't like it, that much was obvious. He really should have gotten to his rooms with Ichigo and placed a barrier up. Honestly, people could be so rude these days, he thought darkly. He sat down cross legged and unconsciously slipped his hat back on.

"Hm, let me take a look at this." He had a feeling that he would be in the company of these two for a while.

It took a half hour for all the Vizards to arrive and it was luck that they were in the area. Ichigo and Kisuke had made some tea and snacks ignoring the stares they got from Soi Fon and Yoruichi.

"Let's see that dumb ass contract!" Hiyori's not-so-dulcet tones called out.

"Don't go ripping it up until we've had a chance to look at it!" Shinji reminded.

"Yah, yah, yah," Hiyori snorted. "It ain't gonna be any good anyway. But I'll let ya waste your time."

Hachi smiled. "Hello everybody, do we need privacy?"

"I don't think that's necessary any longer but thank you, Hachi-san," Kisuke said cheerfully to the large Vizard. "Have a seat and we shall get started."

"Up for a fight tonight?" Shinji asked grinning widely as he sat near his orange-haired friend.

"Maybe," Ichigo said smirking. "We'll see."

"This was made by both Ukitake Jyuushiro and the Captain Commander," Yoruichi said as Shinji flipped it open.

"With a lot of yer own input, right-o?" Hiyori asked darkly.

"Not really," Yoruichi said.

"Yah right," she said pouring a cup of tea. "Hey orange, hand me a banana loaf!"

Ichigo rolled his eyes and did so. There was no point in arguing with her considering she was on his side.

Lisa hummed and took a strawberry one. "I wonder what's actually in there for us?"

"There's plenty! We made it fair," Soi Fon protested.

"We'll see about that," Kensei said thanking Kisuke for the tea.

Love and Rose sighed. "I can't believe we're getting into this again," Rose said shaking his head.

"Me either."

Mashiro was poking Kensei randomly and the pirate-like Vizard was doing his best to overlook her. She was ignoring the other stuff around them as though she didn't care whether they entered the Soul Society or not so long as she could harass her favorite person.

"I'm going to beat your ass, if you don't stop!" Kensei growled lowly.

She stuck out her tongue and pushed up her nose with her finger. "Nnn."

Ichigo snorted, leave it to Mashiro to supply entertainment.

For hours they went over the contract, Ichigo was pressed against Kisuke's shoulder. There were over a dozen things that they disagreed on which promptly caused arguments between Soi Fon and the others while Yoruichi frowned at them.

"The whole meaning behind our decision goes back to the authority," Shinji said as pleasantly as possible, but Ichigo could hear the strain. "I will not allow one old man to tell us what to do."

"You sound like Ichigo!" Yoruichi said sighing.

"So what of it?" Shinji asked. "It's true. Never again, Yoruichi. Take out the Disciplinary Act. We have a right to choose our own form of punishment for our Vizards."

Ichigo took the Captain section. "I'm a Vizard so why am I being suggested as a Captain?"

Yoruichi straightened. "You would be the go-between. You would have immunity toward the laws that do not affect the Vizards. Having you as a Captain would slowly help the rest of Seireitei adjust to the idea of integrating the Vizards in the first place."

"Ichigo is a Vizard!" Hiyori reminded. "What do you think you're trying to pull on him?"

"Nothing," Yoruichi said honestly. "We believe that Ichigo would be the best Captain, especially for Division 3. Kira is a good guy and he's been emotionally deceived by Ichimaru. It would help a great deal if someone he knew and trusted was his Captain. Kira doesn't know me, he's too young, and he doesn't know Kisuke. Ichigo would be perfect."

"It's up to this orange, if he wants it or not. If you're trapping him--"

"We're not!" Soi Fon growled. "It says right there if you read it that Ichigo would fall under the Vizard's Law. He would have immunity."

"It just won't be common knowledge to the Gotei 13," Yoruichi said. "Although I personally don't think any of the captains will protest. In fact I believe they would all agree; it's their subordinates that could be the problem."

"If Kisuke accepts I'll accept," Ichigo said simply. He was getting a headache and his exhaustion was coming back.

"My decision will be made by the Vizards," Kisuke said.

"Take out the Disciplinary Act and we'll talk again," Shinji said snapping it closed. "That's our final decision this time."

Soi Fon growled lowly as Yoruichi sighed. "Four hours and this is what we come up with?"

"Take it or leave it kitty!" Hiyori interjected. "We ain't takin' yer way of punishment. We already went through that once before. We will not ever be subjected to that Nest ya'll call confinement."

"In not so many words, I agree," Kensei said. The rest of the Vizards gave a nod and Ichigo found it amusing that both Yoruichi and Soi Fon looked as though they wanted to knock their heads on something.

"Very well," Yoruichi said taking the contract. "I'll send this back and see what the Captain Commander has to say."

It was with those final words that Ichigo found that he and every Vizard were standing on the edge of the Seireitei.

Shinji was beaming, but he was the only one. The others had their arms crossed and stared around the area that they had all been familiar with at one time.

Ichigo and Kisuke arrived rather late, Ichigo had to talk to his dad and promise that he would not be gone permanently. He'd always be around; Kisuke still had a shop to run.

They were escorted one by one to the Captain Commander's Division and found all the Captains lined up in a row along with the Vice-Captains.


"Ichi!" There was a zoom and Ichigo was nearly gutted around the waist by a pink haired little girl. "Ichi! You're here, you're here! Ken-chan has been waiting for you," Yachiru squealed with delight.

"Oh shit," Ichigo whispered getting a chuckle from Kisuke.

"Yo! Ichigo, you owe me something!" The hulking mass of muscle with bells in his hair came up behind Yachiru who was clinging to Ichigo's robes.

"Yah? What's that, Ken?" Ichigo asked dubiously.

"A good fight!" he said laughing wildly.

Ichigo knew that was coming.

Ukitake welcomed everybody and Kyoraku stepped out of line as his Vice went running into Lisa's arms. "I am glad to see you are well and as beautiful as ever, Lisa-chan!" he said taking off his straw hat and pressing it to his chest.

"Captain!" Lisa said smirking and hugging Nanao whose usually cool composure had been lost completely. "I see you're still the same."

"You again," Mayuri grunted from the line. Nemu ducked her head.

Kisuke leaned around Ichigo, hand still on his waist. "Why Mayuri-san! How are you?"

"You are still truly the most unpleasant man I have ever met," the man said without blinking.

Kisuke's smile seemed to have brightened even more. Everyone had something to say when a light eyed blond stepped around Ken's large frame.

"Captain Kurosaki?"

"Er-" Ichigo started at that and looked at the rather depressed looking man. "Eh, is that what I am now?" he asked scratching the back of his head.

Kira smiled and when he did it actually lit his features up making him less somber.

There was a snap on the hardwood floors causing everyone to look over at the hunched Captain Commander. "We can have a reunion later. There is much to discuss; take your positions, Vizards and new Captains come forth."

The meeting lasted over two hours; the Vizards were given dark red Haori with a Kanji fourteen on the back.

Ichigo got one of both but his Captain Haori had a blood red Kanji for three instead of the typical black that everyone else wore. He also had another Kanji on his shoulder for fourteen. It was long sleeved and before Ichigo was shown the Captain's chambers Kisuke handed him a box which held a silk red and black sash and fingerless gloves to match.

When they were alone in Ichigo's very bare Captain's Chambers, Kisuke slipped his arms around Ichigo's waist and pressed his chin on his shoulder. "What are you going to do to this place?"

"Don't know, any ideas?"

"I have a few," Kisuke said nuzzling Ichigo's ear.

"Why aren't you at your Division?"

"Because you're not there."

Ichigo laughed quietly. "Why did you come back, Kisuke? Honestly."

Kisuke hummed for a moment as he nosed Ichigo's neck. "It has absolutely nothing to do with the Vizards truthfully. Yoruichi-san would be very upset if she knew that my decision depended entirely upon you."

Surprised, Ichigo turned in Kisuke's arms. "What does that mean exactly?"

"Do you think I could let you stay in this world for weeks and weeks at a time without having you with me? Do you know how long it takes to get an approved Hell Butterfly to take you to the living world if you don't have a personal gate?"

Ichigo smiled. "You didn't want to be alone."

"That's right, Ichigo. I've been alone for a very long time, I won't let you go now."

"I'd be pissed off if you did," Ichigo said sharply. He flicked the hat as usual allowing it to tumble to the floor. Kisuke's blond hair fell directly into his eyes. Ichigo pushed the pieces back. "Thank you."

"Don't," Kisuke said kissing Ichigo's chin. "I'm greedy and selfish. There's nothing to thank me for."

"Sure there is," Ichigo said smirking. "I wouldn't take you any other way."


A/N: I apologize if the end sounds abrupt. But this is my first UraIchi and I didn't want to keep it going in case I couldn't finish it. I have a ton of plot-bunnies that won't leave me alone. One such is a future AizenIchi fic. I'm already on Chapter Three (It's not posted). Thank you for all the responses.