Romance. Passion. Communication.

That's what I want in a relationship. A pure, healthy, happy relationship. Unlike my parents. Who are as of right now, screaming at each other so loud, it's making the walls quiver.

I'm an only child, which makes this so much harder. I mean I'm only fifteen. I shouldn't have to hear Renee and Charlie go at like a bunch of mountain lions.

I'm sitting on my bed, trying to get some quiet time to read, but it's hard. Even though I would go to reading for my first escape, it's not working. I know they're getting a divorce, it's obvious. But sometimes it's hard to expect for me.

Before I know it, I feel tears burning my eyes. You'd think after doing this for so many nights I would be used to it.

I slowly lay down on my bed and let my tears fall onto my pillow. Sleep takes over me before I know it.


I slowly open my eyes. I sit up and look around my dark room.

My clock reads two thirty in the morning. The house is quiet, no fighting parents.

I sit in my thoughts for I don't know how long until a noise alerts me to the corner of my room.

I quickly look and see a dark figure of a man. I look away thinking I'm just seeing things, but when I look back, he's still there.

I open my mouth to scream or yell or do something but before I can he is standing in front of me holding my mouth.

I freeze and take a good look at him. He's inhumanly beautiful with bronze colored hair and pale skin. His hands are ice cold and he smells… I can't even explain it, it smells so good. But what got me to really notice him was his bright red eyes. They frightened me to the core.

Noticing that I need to do something I start thrashing around.

"Shh, little Bella, we don't want to wake your parents now do we?" I stop moving at the sound of his amazing velvet voice. But it had an edge, a commanding edge.

I stare wide eyed at him, how did he know my name?

"You want to get away from here, so I'm going to take you away." He says. I shake my head.

"I know, I know little Bella, but I'm doing you a favor and don't worry you are going to repay me." He chuckles as I start thrashing and trying to get away from him but it's no use, he has inhuman strength.

He suddenly stops chuckling and I'm all the sudden pinned underneath him.

"I said I'm doing you a favor, you are going to be mine and it will be a lot of fun." He says darkly, breathing on my neck. I squirm to get away from him.

"You better get used to doing as I say, besides if you don't you will just get punished."

Then we were flying. I was on his back and we were zooming through the dark forest.

We stop at what looks like a large dark mansion. He doesn't say anything to me, he just flips me off his back and into his arms. Holding me bridal style. He zooms into the mansion, going through halls and up stairs and into different doors.

Finally after a long time we are in room that looks like some sort of medical room, it has medical supplies and a long metal table. It has two other men in here, in lab coats. I scrabble to get a way from the scary men by pressing myself to my captor.

He ignores me and walks me over to the table and lays me down on it. He then proceeds to put my hands and feet in the leather cuffs attached to the table.

I suddenly feel self conscious, laying in sleeping shorts and an oversized tee shirt, spread on the table.

I keep my eyes on my captor as the men come over and stand next to him. The men look the same, blonde hair, pale skin and red eyes. I quiver on the table.

"Same as always?" One of the men asks.

"No, I still want a check up, but I want this one branded." My captor says. Branded? I start to silently panic on the table, I haven't said a word this whole time and I don't plan to.

"Branded? You actually chose a pet. You? You never do, well this one is very attractive. She smells good too." A pet!? God, where am I?

"I know and she is going to be all mine. I'm going to stay here while you do it, is that okay?"

"Sure Edward." Edward, it fitted him.

Edward stayed with me while the men all went into different corners of the room. He leaned down and looked me in the eyes.

"I am very proud of my little pet; you are being very corruptive and quiet." He praised me while petting my hair, as if I were a dog. I just stared at him with tears in my eyes.

The men all came back. Both with something different in their hands. The first of the men stepped up and gagged me.

The other one had a knife, my eyes widened at the sight. But instead of chopping me up, he cut off my clothes. Then he slowly, painfully slowly cut of my bra and panties. By now I was sobbing into my gag.

"Oh we haven't even started yet." The man said that was cutting off my clothes.

"Come on, Mark stop scary the girl." Said the man who gagged me.

"I'm just telling her the truth Tim." Mark said chuckling. Mark stopped chuckling and went to go and touch between my legs but then he stopped mid-air and looked at Edward.

"She's a virgin, I checked when she was sleeping one night." He's been in my room before?!

"Okay good." Mark kneeled down on the floor and picked up and bucket filled with water and soap. He picked up a sponge out of it and started washing me. Tim went up near my hair and started brushing it. It was silent expect for the occasional small talk between the men. It was like they didn't have a naked girl cuffed to a table right in front of them.

When it was over, Tim disappeared and came back with a iron thing that looked just like a branding device I've seen on horse shows. The end was bright orange. Hot.

I cringed away from it while Edward grabbed my hand and Mark held me down.

"I want it on the left thigh." Edward said darkly.

Tim positioned it and quickly pressed it to onto my thigh. I screamed into the gag. More tears running down my facing. Burned skin. I tried to scream at them to stop into the gag but it just came out muffled.

I didn't even notice he had stopped until he disappeared behind me. Mark let go of me and disappeared too. I just sat there breathing heavy and sobbing.

"So far so good, I'm impressed pet, I thought you'd be difficult. You will sleep in my bed tonight." Edward whispered into my ear. So it's a reward that I get to sleep with him. Wonderful.

Mark came back and taped a piece of cloth onto my brand. Then he unhooked me and stood me up.

Tim came back and made me lift my legs up while he pulled panties on me. He then slipped a white, childlike dress onto me. It felt comfortable to be actually wearing something. Tim then took my gag off, and then turned me to face Edward.

"Did we do a good job?" He smirked.

"Perfect." Edward said, roaming his eyes over my body. I felt dirty and he didn't even touch me in the most private ways. Yet. Tears rolled down my face.

Edward picked me up again and we took off. Another hall, more rooms, and more stairs. I didn't even see any people.

We finally made it into a large room. With a big golden bed in the middle of it. He placed me onto the bed and then sat down next to me.

"Awe pet, don't be sad you're with me now. Now just go to sleep and I'll see you in the morning" He pushed me back to lay down and then laid down next to me. Tears rolled down my face as I closed my eyes.

When will this hell be over?