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Chapter 1, "Meadows of Heaven"

It was just another day of freeloading and boredom at the Thorndyke estate. Sonic was, expectedly, napping in a tree. Amy and Cream were learning how to make rock candy. Amy was finding out how impossible it is to make one with Sonic's face on it. Tails was tuning up the Cyclone when an SOS poppped up on the console.

"Sonic!" Tails called. Five seconds later, Sonic was directly behind him.

"What's up?"

"Someone's calling for help!" Tails was busy pinpointing the coordinates.

"Alright!" Sonic cried, joyful over the break in boredom. "Let's go!"

"I need five minutes to finish tuning up the Cyclone," Tails told him before he had a chance to dash off.

"Okay, I'll go ahead!" And he was going to dash off, anyway.

"What's going on?" Amy stood at the door to the garage, still wearing a pink apron.

"We got an SOS." Tails was already trying to finish on the Cyclone.

"Okay, let's go!" Yay, a chance to go off with Sonic!

"I need to finish tuning up the Cyclone," Tails said yet again. "It'll take four more minutes." Note the change in minutes.

"Okay," Amy beamed. "I'll go get the first aid kit."

"See you guys there," Sonic called.

"Do you even know where it is?" Chris asked, already knowing the answer.

"Tails, where is it?" Sonic instantly asked.

"It's… somewhere in Greece… Corfu*1?"

"Okay, bye!"

"There's an ocean in the way!" Chris called.

Sonic stopped dead. "O…cean?"

"Just wait five minutes," Amy scolded him. "Ella, I'm sorry I'm missing it…"

"It's alright, dear, people in danger come first," Ella beamed. "I'll show you when you come back."

"Thank you!" Amy smiled. "Do a good job on yours, Cream!"

"Okay!" Cream smiled right back. Amy ran off to find the first aid kit, the one kept on standby since something like this ALWAYS happened, and when she returned Cream pointed out that she was still wearing the apron. Laughing and slightly embarrassed, Amy removed it as Tails proclaimed that he's finished.

"Alright!" Sonic exclaimed, jumping onto the wing as our favorite monkey-suited ninja walked in with the phone.

"Master Chris, it's your mother."

"Mama?!" Chris practically dove for the phone like the unloved little so-and-so that he was I don't like him; he's annoying took the phone, and barely got his annoying little voice under control I'm serious. I don't like him before asking, "Mama?" Hello, Ive missed you too!" He listened for a minute, not his strong suit, before putting his hand over the reciever. "Mama's just arrived in town and wants me to join her for the afternoon…"

"You should go!" Sonic called from atop the Cyclone.

"Are you sure?" Chris loved his ever-elusive parents, but he hated not being included in an adventure which doesn't happen nearly as often as it should.

"Sure!" Sonic kindly insisted. "It's just an SOS; we can handle it!"

"Okay, then!" Chris beamed. "I'll see you tonight, then?"

"Yep!" Sonic smirked as Amy climbed into the cockpit, and all three waved as the glass closes. Everyone else waved, too, and they passed Chuck working on a solar panel so that more waves could be exchanged. Then, it was nothing but blue sky and green below.

I had no way of knowing that could have been the last time…

Some time later, not soon enough for Sonic, the Cyclone was above a Mediterranean island, Corfu. Amy is gazing out at it with shimmering eyes.

"It's beautiful," she smiled, transfixed.

Sonic glanced at her from the tail of the plane to respond, but felt a disturbingly familiar heat on his cheeks. Amy was still looking below and doesn't see, so he managed to fight it back down. Not again! Jeez, it's just Amy! He looked below, finding a response to her comment. "Yeah…"

"We're coming in for a landing!" Tails announced. "The signal is coming from those ruins." As they landed, Amy clutched the first aid kit and Sonic jumps off. When the other two caught up, Sonic was standing by the entrance, looking very serious.

"Hey, guys, do you have any idea what this means?" He was pointing at some gray stone structure… Both gasped. Sonic was standing before the wreck of an Egg Carrier. Turned to stone. Amy backed up a good way, eyes wide.

"Eggman's ship?" Tails asked, knocking on it gently. He pulled out a high-tech version of an etch-a-sketch, looking at the readings. "It… it's granite!" Suddenly, Amy screamed.

"Amy?!" Sonic called. She was staring down at something nearby, hands over her mouth, first aid kit at her feet where she had dropped it. Sonic zoomed over to her in an instant. "What's wrong? HUH?!"

"D-Deckoe?!" Tails choked out. "Bockoe?!" Turned to stone like their ship. Tails used his handheld again. "Granite… Like the ship…"

"What could have happened..?" Amy had finally regained her voice.

"Does this mean..?" Tails murmured.

"Huh?" Amy looked up.

"No way…" Tails continued.

"Eggman sent the SOS." Sonic said it with grim certainty.

End of Chapter 1

*1: Corfu: a Greek island with one of the oldest known Greek temples, with a pediment predominated by Gorgons. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

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