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Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin were both in their rooms, listening to music on their bed. Why? Both of the twins thought as they continued to sweat. Why today of all days did the air conditioner have to stop working? Today! The hottest day of the week?! At least according to the weather at least. For the two boys it seemed as if it was much hotter than the news had claimed it would be.

The brothers had tried everything to try and beat the heat. They had swam in their indoor pool, had frozen treats, and even put ice down the other's shirt. But the massive heat wave overcame all their attempts. Especially when they tried to get some fresh air, the broiling sun sent the twins running back into their mansion. So they decided to go back to their bedrooms, lie down and bake.

Even the window is jammed. Hikaru thought as he continued to stare at the large glass window on their wall, it was closed all the way shut, mocking them, taunting them with the only source of cool available in the room and it was not cooperating very well. The elder twin rolled over on his stomach and wiped the sweat off his forehead with their sheet before getting up.

"I'm going to try opening that stubborn window again." He said, Kaoru the youngest simply nodded. When Hikaru got to the window he took a deep breath, gripped the handle- that would've been used for opening the window if it would- tightly and pulled. Nothing happened, he tried a few more times all with no results. "Ugh. This window just will not open, Kaoru!" Hikaru said with a grunt and yet another pull.

"Here let me help you." Kaoru said getting up.

He got to his brother seconds later, and put his arms around Hikaru gripping the handle. Hikaru gulped, half of Kaoru's body was pressed against him, and the other half was dangerously close, the positioning only made Hikaru sweat more. Kaoru's mouth was about one inch from his brothers ear.

"Okay ready?" He whispered, almost seductively Hikaru noticed, but maybe he was just getting paranoid. "One, two……three!" They both tensed as they pulled, but Hikaru couldn't help but feel a little bit guilty as to the fact he wasn't really doing the best he could, he was too distracted by the warmth of Kaoru's bare skin against his own. The window still wouldn't budge.

"Master Hitachiins?" A female voice asked, the twins still pulling and completely surprised both let go of the window handle much too quickly and fell on top of each other. Hikaru's mouth was just inches away from Kaoru, a temptation that was almost overbearing.

"Yes?" They said together once they had stopped breathing so hard. Kaoru noticed that Hikaru didn't move to get off of him. Though Kaoru couldn't complain. Their two identical maids were still staring at them both their heads tilted to the side.

"What exactly were you two doing?"

"Um, we were trying to open that window. It's broken you two, go get someone to fix it." Hikaru said sharply waving his hand, still not getting off of Kaoru. One of the maids walked over to the window, a confused expression on her face.

"Uh, master Hitachiins it isn't broken. It's just locked, you simply lift this lever here, and there." She said opening the window without any effort. A cool breeze blew through and combed through Hikaru's hair.

"Oh." The twins said in unison.

"Will there be anything else?"

"No." The two maids walked away together simultaneously. Kaoru looked up at Hikaru once they were gone.

"Uh, Hikaru? You mind?"

"Oh, sorry." Hikaru said sitting up. Kaoru noticed even though they had a breeze there was still sweat plastered to his twins forehead. He wiped it off his brother's head with his hand. "Thanks Kaoru."

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