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Kaoru never did catch up to Hikaru. He made it to the parking lot just in time to see his family's limo driving out of the school. He sighed deeply.

"Need a ride?" A cool voice said from behind him, Kaoru jumped and turned around.

"Kyouya? W-What do you want now?" Kaoru asked.

Kyouya closed his eyes and pushed up his glasses. "If you didn't want the use of my family's limousine, all you had to do was say so." He said, and turned around to go back in the school.

"No! Wait!" Kaoru called, Kyouya stopped and turned around. "Thanks, that could be helpful." Kaoru muttered, the dark haired teen smirked, and called for his driver. In seconds the Ootori limo pulled up in front of him, and the driver opened the door for Kaoru.

"Thanks again." He said to Kyouya. He sighed.

"Just go, Kaoru." With that Kaoru closed the door, and the limo started driving towards the Hitachiin manor.


Kaoru was jumpy the entire ride. But once the limo slowed to a stop in front of his house, he was hesitant. Surely Hikaru was still mad at him. What was he going to do when he saw them. But slowly Kaoru made his way out of the limo and up the steps towards their room.

Once he was at the door he became even more hesitant. He probably stood frozen just barely touching the doorknob with his fingertips like that for at least ten minutes, until he finally built up the courage and swung the door open in one quick movement. To be met by a completely empty room. Kaoru frowned, he had to admit he was a little disappointed, he was standing back there like an idiot for nothing? He figured that Hikaru just told the driver to take him somewhere else. But then he saw Hikaru's school bag on their desk. Which meant that his brother was most likely somewhere in the house…But, what was that on top of his bag? Kaoru walked over and picked up the piece of paper. It had Hikaru's handwriting on it.

My love, Kaoru

I've always had this one great friend

Who knew me right away

It was funny how he understood

All I had to say

He listened to my problems

He listened to my dreams

We talked about love and life

He'd been there too it seems

I never once felt judged by him

He knew just how I felt

He'd seemed to just accept me

And all the problems I'd been dealt

He didn't interrupt me

Or needed to have his say

He just listened very patiently

And didn't go away

I wanted him to understand

How much he meant to me

But as I went to tell him

Something startled me

I put my arms in front of me

And went to pull him nearer

And realized my one true friend

Was a mirror

-Hikaru Hitachiin

The piece of paper shook in Kaoru's hands. He could feel hot tears spring up in his eyes. He couldn't look at the poem anymore. He couldn't take it. Kaoru dropped the poem written by his brother and sat down on the cold floor.

Kaoru didn't know how long he sat there, he knew it was a hell of a lot longer than he was standing at the door earlier. It felt like hours until he realized; Is Hikaru gone? That woke him up. He sprang to his feet and ran to the door. If Hikaru was going to run away, Kaoru had to have his say in it too. He practically tore the door off its hinges only to almost run into the person just outside it, Kaoru took an automatic step back.

"Hikaru." He whispered.

"Kaoru?" Hikaru asked, he couldn't help but be concerned by the tear marks on his brothers cheeks.

"Hikaru." Kaoru repeated louder this time. Hikaru's eyes widened, as he pursed his lips and turned to leave.

No. Kaoru thought, "Hikaru!" he yelled and grabbed the back of his brothers shirt to pull him inside their room again.

Hikaru barely had any time to respond before he felt himself being turned around, his back hitting against the now closed door, and Kaoru's lips pressed against his. His eyes widened even further and he pushed Kaoru off him.

"I'm sorry." Kaoru said looking straight at him, Hikaru's eye brows furrowed.

"You're sorry? Look you don't have to act like you feel the same way, just to make me feel better!"


"Don't! Just… stay away from me, its better. We'll get separate rooms, and different schedules, or whatever, I just-"


"What?!" Hikaru finally looked at Kaoru head on, and saw everything in both their eyes. Pain, longing, love.

Kaoru just looked at him for a moment before taking a step forward again. "It isn't an act."

That was all he said. That was all he need to say, before he wrapped his arms around Hikaru's neck and kissed him again. And this time Hikaru didn't pull away. Instead, he wrapped an arm around his twins waist and put the other hand on the back of Kaoru's neck, pressing their bodies together. He ran his tongue across his brother's lips. Kaoru parted his lips in response, and Hikaru slid his tongue inside Kaoru's mouth. Kaoru let out a soft moan.

"I love you." Hikaru breathed out once they separated.

"I love you too." Kaoru answered with a small smile.

And they continued where they left off.

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