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Carlisle pov:

Esme and I stand at the window of our living room watching our newest daughter. Her name is

Isabella but she prefers to be called Bella. She's playing basketball by herself, everyone decided to give

her, her space for the time being. But that doesn't mean that we can't watch her. Like any other day in

forks it's raining, so it's nice for Bella to be playing basketball. Esme lays her head on my shoulder as she

continues to stare out the window. "I'm worried about Bella, Carlisle." I look away from the window to

look down at Esme who is looking up at me. "Why dear?" "She's just so quiet, and she always looks so

sad." I rub her back as I think "Maybe dear she's shy that's why she's quiet. Bella may not be sad she

might be thinking." Esme sighs and looks back at the window. "Maybe you shouldn't have changed her

Carlisle." She stands up straight looking back and forth "Where is she?" Esme ask in a panic as I look

back out the window "I don't know." Esme and I both walk to the door, looking outside. No Bella, Crap

where could she have went. "We have to find her." Esme takes hold of my hand and we walk down the

stairs to the lawn. Catching Bella's scent we follow, heading towards the meadow. Why would she go


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