I am extremely sorry for not updating recently I have just lost the ability to write and I hope ya'll can forgive me.

Previously: "Isabella it wasn't a question, it was a demand now get in the car before I put you in the car myself." He growls out the last part, smirking at him I look at him daringly "I dare you."

We stare at each other Carlisle trying to keep his growls under control and me

smiling evilly, he doesn't have the balls. Looking down at where his hands are

quickly I see two large dents where his hands are, aw poor old fart got pissed.

Growling he pushes off the car and comes face to face with me "don't make me do

it Isabella, just get in the car and we will deal with this at home." I lean closer to

him, my nose pressing against his "Piss off old man" I smirk put that quickly falls

away when I am thrown over Carlisle's shoulder and feel the air rushing through

my hair "Let me go" I snarl angrily pounding onto Carlisle's back, and then we stop.

I look around noticing the family standing around me, oh shit we're home "Let go of

me!" he snarls gently pushing me to sit on the couch "Emmett go get my car just

follow my scent" "yes sir" and than emmetts gone the only one that semi-

understands me here, I sit there quietly just glaring at the old son of a bitch "Bella

do u care to tell us what is wrong" Esme says sternly "Not really just ask that old

bastard your married too." Esme growls threateningly and at that moment I know I

crossed a line I shouldn't have. I quickly run towards the door but am met there by

an angry Esme. God lord help me.