Summary: Five girls are in love with Link. Five girls who would be willing to do almost anything in order to win his love...who will get him? And who does Link love?

This story is from five or six points of view each chapter, so get used to it.

Chapter 1: A Knock on the Door

Saria sat on her bed, wrapped up in a ball, thinking of Link as she always did. He was an amazing man. He had saved so many people, and he was the only Kokiri to ever leave the forest...

But there was no hope for Saria. She was still in the body of a seven-year-old but with the spirit and wisdom of a woman. Link had grown up, and while he still lived in Kokiri Forest and talked with Saria as often as ever, Saria knew it wouldn't be long before he left for good. He was often at the palace, talking with Zelda and the King, or at Zora Palace, swimming with Ruto.

After Link had been sent back in time, he had grown up like a "normal" Kokiri boy, or as normal as he could when he was growing taller than the other boys every day. Then, during the days when he had battled Ganondorf and all of his enchantments, Link had been sunk into unconciousness for several days. When he awoke, all was peaceful again. Only the seven Sages and Link himself knew all this.

A sudden knock on the wood beside Saria's door frame made her jump. She turned around and could tell it was Link, even though she could only see his shadow through the white curtain she hung in her doorway. He was the only tall person for miles, after all. "Link, come on in!" she called. "You know you're welcome anytime."

Link walked in solemnly, and suddenly Saria knew what he was going to say. His eyes told her. He stared at her for a moment, and then said, "Saria, I'm leaving."

"What...what do you mean, leaving? You leave a lot." Saria knew what he meant, though. She had been expecting this moment for months now, and had dreaded it for almost as long.

"Saria, I'm not a Kokiri. I'm a Hyrulean. And I've come to the decision that I should look for a home for myself in Hyrule Castle Town. I'll come and visit you often, but...I just can't stand living here permanently. You're the only person who even tolerates me, and I'm too old for all of you..." Noticing the hurt look on Saria's face, Link quickly added, "Except for you, of course. You're a Sage, and you're so mature..."

It was now or never. If Saria could please him enough, she knew he would stay with her forever...

"Link," she said, trying to make her voice mature and not high like it normally was, "I've been thinking."

Link gazed at her in the way that made Saria's knees weak, and said, "What else is new?" Winking, he said, "Just kidding. What did you want to say...?"

"Link, I feel trapped."


"I'm not getting any bigger. I'm stuck as a child forever, and I hate it. I'm a Sage, and I'm more mature than anyone in this forest, and it's like I'm a woman stuck in a girl's body!"

Link stared at Saria thoughtfully. "Saria, I feel bad for you. I think I know a way to make you feel more grown up, though..."

"How?" Had Link somehow managed to read her mind?

"I'll take you with me to Hyrule! You could stay with me for awhile, and I could take you to some of the stores and stuff...what do you say?" So perhaps he hadn't read her mind. And his idea was absurd.

"Link, I'll die if I leave the forest, remember? Kokiri are trapped here their entire lives! And it doesn't help that we live forever as long as we stay in the forest..."

"No, you won't die, Saria! You've been in the Temple of Light, right? And you've been other places with the Sages, like the night I beat Ganon, and you never died! Why would that change now?" Saria stared at Link, her excitement increasing by the minute.

"You''re right! Is it because I'm a Sage?"

"I have no idea. But then, that would make sense. It's a sort of higher calling that takes precedence over your Kokiri limits. Pretty cool, huh?"

"Yes!!! Let's go right now!"

Link laughed. "Slow down there, Saria. Don't you need to pack?"


"I guess not. Let's get going, then! It'll be sundown soon, and I don't want to have to fight off Stalchildren..." Saria shuddered at the strange name she had never heard before, and then ran after Link as he climbed quickly down her ladder and headed for the exit of Kokiri Forest.


Malon unpacked the milk as quickly as she could, shuddering in the sudden oncoming of cold. It was bad enough to have to milk all the cows herself, but to have to deliver the milk to the palace every day, when she could be training horses? It was all too much. Her stupid, lazy father...

No, that wasn't fair. His laziness had always been a problem, and Talon knew some of the consequences, such as when Ingo had thrown him out. But that was over now, and if Malon had more responsibilites as she got older, she could live with it. She was fifteen, after all.

Wrapping her shawl around her more tightly, Malon hurried away from the castle, trying to avoid the guards who whistled and jeered at her whenever she was in hearing range. It wasn't her fault that she was getting older, and it especially wasn't her fault that the guards couldn't control themselves.

"Hey there, Carrot Top. What's the big hurry for?" The guard by the front gate was probably the worst of them all. He was the oldest, about twenty-eight or twenty-nine, and he never let Malon go in peace. The best thing to do was to act civil toward him and give him straight answers.

"It's getting dark, and it's really cold, and, well...I'm tired. I need to get home." Smiling sweetly but not at all suggestively, Malon turned from the man and began to walk at her clipped pace again, when he reached out and caught her arm.

"See that gate tower right there?" Malon nodded slowly; she had never really noticed it before.

"Well, inside is a nice warm torch. It gives off light, and heat, and I'm thinking maybe you and I could go inside there and get warm. Plus, there's this really great way of getting warm that I know know what I mean?"

"That's a nice offer, but I've got my shawl and everything, so I'll be fine..."

"Then if you'll be fine, why do you want to leave so much?"

"My father will be worried about me..." Malon's voice trailed off. The guard still had a tight grip on her right arm, so tight it almost hurt.

"Your father? That's a good one." Turning away from her, the guard called, "Hey! Eddie!" Another one of the guards turned toward the two of them. The guard holding her arm yelled, "Do you think this here girl's father will be worried about her if she doesn't get home soon?" The guard named Eddie laughed. "Of course not, Michael! He's a good-for-nothing drunk!"

Malon was suddenly filled with rage that she had never known before, not even when Ingo had taken over the ranch and kicked her father out. Using all the strength she could muster, Malon shoved the guard away from her and started to run.

In no time at all the guard caught up with her, panting heavily, his eyes full of anger. "Look, bitch," he said, looking as though he would hit her, "you could be put in prison for what you just did to me. But if you'll just come with me into the tower for a coupla minutes, I'll forget the whole thing. Sound good?" Malon, shaking with a mixture of fear and anger, spat in the man's face.

She was instantly knocked to the ground, and then half-dragged, half-pulled to the stone tower, though she put up a good struggle the whole way. The guard shoved her inside and closed the door behind him.

There was indeed a large, glowing torch, and a ladder leading up to the higher grounds of the castle. Desperately, Malon tried to climb up, but the tower was so small in diamater that the guard barely had to reach out his arm to grab her.

"Just a second, wench. This'll only take a minute, and then you can go."

"Do you want me to get pregnant?!" Malon screamed desperately, trying to think of a way to escape.

"Naw...I don't really give a damn if you do." The guard smirked at her, then yanked her shawl roughly away from her. Malon screamed, louder than she had ever screamed before, but the guard just laughed.

"The only people who'll hear you are the other guards, and none of them give a shit about you, wench." The guard pushed her skirt up hastily and began to remove his armor, his spear pointed at her all the while.

Think, Malon, think...she couldn't think of anything to do, and she felt so helpless...

The guard had finished undressing the lower half of his body, and he pulled her close to him, forcing to breathe in his scent, a mixture of sweat and grass and stone...

Suddenly, a light bulb went off in Malon's head. "I'll tell Link if you do anything to me, you, you..." But words could not describe her rage at the guard. His eyes were suddenly fearful, and he dropped Malon on the ground. Everyone knew how close Link was to the princess, and how much influence he had on the king. But as Malon was leaving, he said, "Don't think I won't get you eventually, wench. Link isn't going to live forever."

Whirling around, Malon demanded, "What's that supposed to mean?" But the guard just pointed his spear threateningly at her, and Malon left, full of confusion.

Ruto dove cheerfully from the waterfall in Zora's Domain, whistling to herself as she fell. Link had come to visit three days ago, and she was always happy for at least a week after his visits. He was so handsome, and she was his fiance, after all...well, technically. Originally Ruto had backed off because she thought Link had his eye on Zelda, but now she was beginning to realize that he actually had his eye on her, and he only didn't want to marry her right now because he hadn't known what he was agreeing to when she had given him the Zora's Sapphire when he was seven and she was eight.

Sighing, Ruto pulled herself up out of the water, thinking about Link's gorgeous hair, which she lacked...he was so unlike her, yet so similar. And he was all she thought about, day and night.

"Ruto!" Turning around, Ruto noticed Brandon, another Zora, coming toward her with a smile on his face. Sighing, Ruto smiled back. Brandon was desperately in love with her, or so everyone said, and Ruto just had no interest in him whatsoever.

"Ruto, I was thinking...would you like to go to Lake Hylia with me? We could swim around and stuff..." The hopeful look of anticipation on Brandon's face broke Ruto's heart.

"I'm kind of tired, Brandon...maybe tomorrow?" Brandon's entire face lit up.

"Okay!!! I'll see you tomorrow!" And off he swam.

Sighing, Ruto climbed back up to the top of the waterfall. When would he ever learn that her heart belonged to only one certain man?

Nabooru sat in the soft desert sands, listening to the wind and the stars and wishing Link were there. He didn't visit her all that often because he lived so far away from her, and she missed him terribly.

I'm the most attractive woman in this entire desert, Nabooru thought, and I'm surrounded by what? Women! It would have been funny had it not been so irritating. The only other man who had been around had been Ganondorf, and Nabooru had despised him and thought him disgusting and repulsive. Ganondorf, on the other hand, had seemed to like Nabooru, which had caused a few problems.

Who could blame him?, Nabooru thought, smiling to herself. I am gorgeous, after all. Tossing her red hair, Nabooru stalked to her temple home. She hated being the leader of the Gerudos and constantly having to watch over everything, and she hated being the Sage of Spirit, because the temple was so far from everything else in Hyrule. If only she had some men didn't even have to be Link, with his stunning brown hair. Just someone who could pleasure Link never did. He was much too inexperienced for someone who was his age. Fifteen years old! Honestly, she would have to teach him a few things next time he came...until then, she would have to deal with her solitude.

Princess Zelda sat in her bedroom, surrounded by fountains and flowers, trying desperately to send a proper letter to Link. She wanted to tell him about her father's decision, to have him marry her...she was so excited she trembled as she wrote.

She could hardly believe her good fortune. Her, Link's wife! She could imagine the wedding already...her, in a light pink wedding gown, and Link, in a...ugh, a green tuxedo. Imagine that! Giggling, Zelda yelled for Impa. Impa would just have to compose the letter for her.

But still, she couldn't stop dreaming of Link and her, together forever...

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