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Is What You Have Really What You Want?

----Prologue: Meet Suzaku----

"Okay, I'm off!" Running out of his house, green eyes shining, brown curls swaying as the wind followed through them. Waving good-bye to his foster parents, or that's what they call themselves, one Suzaku Kururugi ran off to another day at school.

If you looked at him and thought he was just another average teenager, well, you would be right. Suzaku lived in a nice house close to his school. His parents, Lloyd and Cecile, though they may not by his biological parents raised him as though he was their own. Aside from a few of Lloyd's crazy-for lack of a better word- "projects" Suzaku assisted in, he was happy being with them nonetheless.

Suzaku ran down the street letting the faint sounds of their good-byes fall far from his ears. His face lit up as his school came into view. He attended the best academy in all of Area 11, or as it was known Japan; Ashford Academy.

Ashford was prided on arts, education and sports. So, it was no wonder when he got accepted, he felt right at home in the sports department. Though he didn't have the greatest grades of the student body he was the most athletic. Every sport team, no matter how strenuous or crazy (mostly due to Student Council President Milly's whim), Suzaku was captain. You name it, he was the on it. As he entered the campus, he was greeted by classic morning calls.

"Hey Kururugi! Great game yesterday."

"Thanks but it was a group effort," Suzaku replied.

Since he was the best athlete, you can already guess he was so popular.

"Kururugi-senpai~! Good morning!"

He waved back. "Morning!"

"Have a good day, Suzaku-san."

"Thanks, you too." Even if he was popular, he never let it get to his head. He made sure to be polite to everyone that greeted him and help those who needed it. Suzaku may have needed help himself but that was always a problem. He had every girl charmed by his manners and good looks. They almost had a riot when they heard he needed an after-school tutor. He had grown used to have a different one appointed every so often. If one lasted more than a week, there were…

…accidents that Suzaku, being the kind-hearted fellow he was, didn't want to happen. The raging fangirls aside, there was only one girl he was thrilled to see.

As he walked to his classroom, he looked around the room for a familiar head of soft pink hair. Once he spied his target, he took his seat right beside her. She was to busy talking to other classmates to pay any attention to his arrival. That was the way he liked it. He set down his bag and leaned on her desk.

"Good morning, Beautiful. And a good morning to you, ladies." As he waved to the giggling group of girls, his gaze fell on the seated girl, one Euphemia li Britannia, his girlfriend.

Though Milly Ashford was the daughter of the Academy owner, she was nothing in comparison to Miss Euphemia. Euphemia li Britannia was president of various smaller private clubs such as the art club, the traditional English tea club, flower arranging, and drama club. Aside from being involved in many school activities, she was also the daughter of the richest man in the world, Charles vi Britannia. Some were even convinced she was a princess in disguise. Despite her proper upbringing, she still maintained the same down-to-Earth attitude as Suzaku. And as one would already guess, she had the same amount of popularity, too.

The two exchanged casual pleasantries.

"Good morning, Miss li Britannia." Suzaku replied.

She gave a light, airy giggle. "And a good day to you, Kururugi-san."

The two were the hottest couple of the entire school. Even if there were incidents with Suzaku's tutors, Euphemia remained unscathed. In total disregard of her lineage, no one would dare harm her. She was just to pure and angelic that even giving at her a bad look would instantly have you walk up to her with a formal apology. So when they announced their courtship, no one opposed them. Instead, there were talks about them being married after they graduated; all of which were false.

"And how are you today?"

To which she graciously replied. "Just fine. I trust you are having a good morning as well?"

The tanned teen nodded. "As always."

Once his classes were over, Suzaku would proceed to the current sports practice. Even if they ran together, Suzaku always made it to practice full of energy and enthusiasm. All coaches swore that he was the answer to their prayers.

"Oi, Kururugi! Run all defensive drills from 12-32!"

Wiping the sweat from his bow, the chocolate haired brunette led every maneuver with determined leadership and excellent precision.

"That's it! You on the right, help strengthen the right side."

All of his teammates that were exhausted until he arrived gained a second wind after seeing their star athlete give his all.

To conclude his already full day, Suzaku still managed to make his tutoring lessons. Unsurprised to see a different tutor, Suzaku made her feel comfortable and continued with his lesson.

With a close of the book and a, "Okay that's enough for today." Suzaku was done.

He replied with a head scratch and "Thanks for today. I'm sorry to have you take time to stay and help me."

"Oh no Kururugi-san. The pleasure was all mine. "Though I don't know why you need help. You're so smart." That on the other hand was something he wasn't used to. All his tutors told him the same thing. But being levelheaded, Suzaku knew better. Even with all the extra and frequent help, Suzaku's grades still never made it past a 'C' average. It was enough to let him stay on the teams but Suzaku wanted –more urged- to do better.

All in all, Suzaku's life was perfect. So much so people started to question whether or not he even had a flaw. Everyday to Suzaku was even better than the last.

"Man, another great day," he yawned as he got read for bed. He laid there, hands folded behind his head, drifting off to see. As he stared out his window, Suzaku couldn't help but relive his blessings.

He had great caretakers.

He went to the greatest school this side of the globe.

He was a star athlete in a school that had a lot of them.

He was dating the most amazing girl in school.

Everything in his life as perfect.

"Perfect...I have everything I could possibly want. My life is complete as if this moment. And yet, I'm not entirely happy about it."

And this was not the first time he's thought this. Once he entered his junior year, Suzaku started to wish-

"-that something interesting would come along in my life..."

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