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-9 years later...-

"...and finally, Lelouch vi Britannia, the young new C.E.O. and president of the Britannian Knightmare Corporation, has announced tonight, he will starting a new branch out of Knightmare, called the Black Knights. It has not released what exactly they will be doing specifically, but we-"


"Ridiculous. I make an announcement of what we might be doing, and the masses are being fed lies already." The young president set the remote on his desk and looked over the files he was just given.

A roll of golden eyes and a toss of her green hair over her ear, his secretary, C.C. was giving him an unconvinced look. "You should expect some news coverage, Lelouch. You're the most talked about man in all of Japan." She pointed to the newspaper with his picture on the front. "From the way you usurped this company from your father's hands without breaking a sweat to the waves of adoring female fans, it's a wonder they haven't stopped talking yet." She sat on his desk and filed her nails. From behind his dark sunglasses, she knew he was giving him a dark look. "Yes, Lelouch? Something on your mind?"

He put his chin to rest on his gloved hands. "Ms. C.C., there is still 90 minutes left until you can leave. Until that time, I strongly suggest you call me by the proper name."

She huffed as she stood back up. "Stop calling me that. It makes me sound so old."

He said nothing, just smirked.

She turned and went out the door, back to her desk. Once she reached it, she touched the intercom back to his office. "Lelouch, Suzaku's here."

He let out a low growl as he looked to it. "C.C., I told you-"

The door opening caught his attention as the familiar head of dark brown curls walked in. "No, you don't have to, C.C. I can let myself in. Hey, there."

Lelouch pushed all his papers aside and raised his hands to his temples in frustration. "Does everyone on my payroll have to refer to me in a familiar manner?"

"Well, what do you expect when your secretary and personal bodyguard know about your personal life?" he laughed as he walked over to him. "Besides, it's almost time to leave for the day. Shouldn't you be taking off you disguise?"

"Dammit. I hate it when he makes a point." The dark bespectacled man bit his lip as he watched him. "This disguise is important for me. You do realize I can fire you at any point."

Suzaku shrugged. "Go ahead. But that'll give us less time together. You'll be swarmed with fangirls in no time."

"All I have to do is take off my gloves and show them the truth." He toyed with his ring finger on his left hand.

"Yeah, but then that will entice the reporters to find out who you're married to. Then that'll be bad publicity."

The glare that was previously given to his secretary was now aimed at the man in his office. "I hate you."

"I love you, too." He leaned in and gave him a kiss, which was reluctantly returned. Pulling away, the taller man grinned brightly. "You know, the guys asked me funny questions, today."

"Oh? Do I even want to know?"

He chuckled as he leaned on his desk. "They asked me if my wife got jealous of me spending my nights with my boss. I told them she didn't mind. When I did see her, she was more then happy to see me. then they were wondering when they got to meet my wife." He held up a gold ring. "They were curious as to what she looked like."

Lelouch looked to him, finally taking off his sunglasses. "And what did you say?"

"I told them she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Soft dark hair, violet eyes, and very pale skin." He walked over and hugged him. "And she was a tiger in bed." This retort earned him a smack in the head with a rolled up newspaper. "Ah, I was kidding!"

"I know. There was a fly and I was smacking it," the raven said as he pulled off his gloves. He looked to the ring on his finger, thinking about that day and smiled. "Maybe they'll meet me one day."

A low chuckle reached his ears. "They're never gonna believe me when I tell them who I married."

The pale man stood and looked him, bringing his arms to his lover's neck. "Lelouch vi Britanna isn't married. Lelouch Lamperouge, on the other hand, is."

"That's right." Suzaku wrapped his arms around the other's waist, bringing himself closer. "But I prefer 'Mr. Kururugi'."

"I do, too." He leaned in and kissed him, lovingly.

A smile found its way to the tanned man's lips. "Mmm, I love you, Lelouch."

"I love you, too." He rubbed his cheek on Suzaku's. "Now, I can become your husband again."

He nodded. "Yes, not that I don't like the business attire."

Violet eyes shined slightly. "Its thanks to that that I can go out in public and not be followed. If I wear a disguise in the business world, I don't have to in the real one."

His partner nodded and kissed his neck. "And I'm glad for it."

A blushed crept on Lelouch's face. "Ah, idiot! Not here...I'm still at work. And C.C.-"

"You always keep the blinds closed, so it doesn't matter. And she already knows about us. Remember, she found us college? She was asking for your notes and she walked in on us. We were about here..." He pulled him closer, nibbling on his neck. He let a hand roam across the smaller frame and began to untuck the shirt.

The young president moaned softly at his husband's advances. He reached over and pressed the button on his phone.

"Yes, Lelouch?"

"C.C., you- you *moan* have the -ah!- company card?"

He could hear her smirk. "As always."

Suzaku chuckled as he rubbed Lelouch's stomach, and pushed the shirt up, exposing the raven's chest. He leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth.

The owner jumped at the touch. "Dah! G-go and buy a pizza..."

"Any size?"

The brunette chuckled some more as he bit softly on the hardening bud, enticing even more moans. He rubbed his other hand down, toying with the belt buckle on Lelouch's pants.

"A large..."

She giggled to herself on the other end. "You sure about that?"

Removing the belt, a tanned hand unfastened the pants, slipped down underneath them and the underwear and started to massage the hardening erection.

"AH! Make that *moan* an extra large..."

"Yes, sir. Thanks, Suzaku." She heard him reply with a "yeah..." "See you tomorrow, then."

This was the code between them. He would let her go and buy pizzas in order to let him and Suzaku be alone. The larger the size, the more time they need. Extra large usually meant, "Go home early." Lelouch couldn't stand how she knew what they were doing. Just this week, he told her to buy 5 extra large, 12 large, 10 medium and 48 small. This was the only way he can pay her to keep quiet without giving her a raise. Though in his mind, it was basically the same. Why did he keep her around?

"Oh, and before I forget, there's a new suit in the briefcase under your desk. Leave your old one in there." She said quickly before leaving.

And there it was. She knew what they were doing and when so she always took his old 'used' suits to the cleaners and gave him new one. He couldn't very well fire her after that.

Suzaku looked to him as he wrapped an arm around him, pushing him higher on the desk. "You should start paying her in pizzas, love."

He moaned as he pushed into him. "I wouldn't have to if you kept your pants on."

"Technically, yours are the ones off." He rubbed him harder as he laid him down on the desk and crawled on top of him. His other arm let his lover go and began pushing his pants off, tossing them aside.

Lelouch shivered at the touch, deep moans jumping out of his throat. He pulled the brunette into a kiss, tangling his fingers in his hair. He softly pushed his hips into the - by then - expert hand.

Intrigued by his sudden interest, the bodyguard rubbed his tongue along the pale lips, forcing its way in. He moaned as he let him his member go, pulling the boxers down. "What happened...to the briefs, Lulu?"

"I...kept losing them... remember? If you...want me to wear them,...then you buy more..." he moaned in between the kiss. Which, in all honesty, was the truth. Since they've been married, they never failed to spend each moment together. And when things got intimate, Lelouch always seemed to loose his underwear. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that a janitor must have found at least 2 pairs of briefs. At least with boxers, he couldn't loose them as easily.

"Don't I always?" was the reply. Once Suzaku had stripped the body below him of the most of his clothes, he started to unbuckle his own pants.

Letting go of the locks of hair, Lelouch reached down and finished helping him remove his lover's pants.

Thankful for his hands being free, the tanned man spread his pale legs, stroking them softly. Suzaku moaned in the kiss, wrapping his arms around Lelouch's hips.

Pushing down his pants and underwear, Lelouch pushed into him. "Suzaku..." he brought his arms up and hugged the other's shoulders

"Ngh...Lelouch..." He lowered himself between his legs, rolling his hips into his. Once he was in, he began to thrust into him. Every move he made was quick and pushed with great effort. He felt Lelouch's entrance tighten around him and gradually loosen as he moved.

Moaning loudly, the pale man wrapped his legs around his husband's hips, pulling his closer. Arching his back into him, he broke the kiss and clung to him as they moved. "-zaku, harder..."

He didn't need to be told twice. Almost at once, the brunette began forcing himself to move, slamming his hips into him.

"AH!" Lelouch had to cover his mouth as Suzaku repeatedly hit his sweet spot. How in God's name did he always know where it was?!

Suzaku grinned to himself as his went back to kissing at the pale neck under him. He nibbled at it, making the moans even louder.

"Ah, oh god..." The raven held onto him with one hand and moaned. "S-Suzaku, I-I'm close!"

"I know... I am too."

Kissing him, Lelouch felt his entire body spasm with pleasure as he spilt himself on both him and his lover. He let him go, certain his nails made at least a scratch or two on the tanned back.

Almost immediately, said lover gave one last push as he himself came inside of the pale body. Spent, he looked down to the aftermath on his husband's face and kissed him. "You look so enticing when you're exerting yourself."

Lelouch chuckled. "I've got to stop teaching you words you can use on me later, babe."

Nodding, the tanned bodyguard pulled himself out, looking at his partner. Suzaku pulled his boxers and pants back on as he helped Lelouch sit up.

"I think I need to get a new desk soon." The raven rested his head on the other's chest.

"Why? What's wrong with this one?"

Amethyst eyes looked to him with a "you-can't-be-serious" look. "Certain people like using it for a bench."

"Ah, I got 'cha." The brunette sighed as he looked to him. "Ready to go, Love?"

"Yeah, let me redress." He stood up and grabbed the case from under his desk and put his old clothes in there. "Yes?" he asked as he felt the brunette's gaze on him.

"Nothing, I was just thinking."

Lelouch turned to him as he pulled the pants and shirt on. "About what?"

Suzaku gave a big grin and hugged his waist. "Tomorrow, I don't have to work."

Catching on, the raven turned and hugged him. "Ahh, that's right. You have a date. Make sure you treat your wife to a nice dinner."

"Oh I intend to. I need my boss' permission, first." He nuzzled his face and kissed him.

Lelouch smirked at him. "I suppose I can arrange that."

Looking at him, the brunette smiled. "I love you."

"I love you more." Both of them leaned in closer and tightened their embrace, kissing the other lovingly.

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