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Chapter 1.

At sixteen years old Mitarashi Anko was one of only two village pariahs in Konohagakure no Sato, or 'Village Hidden Among Leaves'. As she walked down a semi-deserted street she heard yet another villager call her a whore before leaving with a sneer on their face. This wasn't anything new to her. Everyday she was called a whore, a monster, or a traitor because her ex-master, Orochimaru, had chosen to flee the village and become a missing nin. Most days she wished he had taken her with him, while on others she simply loved scaring the villagers and playing up to their thoughts of her. She wore a surprisingly soft black, custom made, metal-mesh body glove, which left nothing to the imagination, a tan mini-skirt, which bordered on indecent, and a tan trench coat, which reached her feet and barely covered her large breasts. She wore no bra and didn't even bother to shut her coat as as she walked down one of the many streets of Konoha. Her purple hair was flipped up in the back and held with a medal band. She also wore her hitai-ate, which showed that she was a shinobi of Konohagakure, proudly across her forehead. Aside from this she only wore a pair of silver metal shin guards and a pair of black combat boots. All in all her appearance led people to believe she really was a whore even when she had done nothing to earn the title.

As yet another person glared at her before walking away, she couldn't help but let her mask fall for a split second. Ever since Orochimaru had been discovered doing inhuman experiments on other people he had fled and left young Anko to face the village by herself, and even though she was loyal to Konohagakure, everyone hated her and simply waited for 'that traitor's whore' to flee the village like her master had done. So to make it through the day she was forced to wear a fake smile as she walked through the village. The only real smile she ever offered was when she scared the villagers badly enough or the sadistic smirk she often wore during the times she was called in to work on a 'friend' of the villages.

Unlike the second pariah, Anko was a full trained shinobi and held the title of Tokubetsu Jounin(Special Jounin) for her skills in torture, interrogation, and poison use, so most of the villagers were to scared to ever try to attack her. The VERY few times they had tried she had killed; many of them were killed because Mitarashi Anko is a sadist and enjoys inflicting pain on others and messing with their minds while still others were killed for something they said or done during the fight. Most of the shinobi believe that this is her way of getting back at the villagers for treating her the way they do, while still others simply believe she is crazy as hell. Anko herself is inclined to believe that both sides are right. Let it not be said that those skills were the only thing keeping the villagers at bay. Everyone knew that she was also a combat specialist who was very well versed in different types of snake jutsus.

Sadly, unlike Anko the second pariah was little more then a small four year old boy who had no means of defending himself. As Anko walked towards the center of the village, Uzumaki Naruto ran for his life as yet another mob of shinobi and villagers chased him down. Naruto was very small for his age from living on the streets his entire life and only eating what others would threw away. His once bright blond hair was matted with mud and dried blood from a previous beating that he had yet to wash out, and his bright blue eyes that should have shone with a child like glee only showed just how lonely he really was. His small bloodied feet left small patches of blood on the ground as he ran because he had never owned a pair of shoes in his life. He wore a very large shirt that was so mangled and torn that it gave Anko a run for her money on how much skin it showed. He also wore a pair of ripped shorts that were tired around his tiny wast with a long piece of rope. His only possession in the world was clutched in his right hand as he tried to out run the angry mob. This possession meant the world to Naruto. It was a badly ripped teddy bear he had found in someones trash. This bear was his only friend and companion, it never beat him or called him names and for that Naruto loved it. Most parents wouldn't let there children within twenty feet of the thing as it smelled worse then anyone could possibly believe and held all sorts of bugs and mold, yet still Naruto held onto it with ever thing he had.

As he tiny legs began to tire, Naruto felt a sharp pain as a villager reached out, grabbed hold of his hair, and snapped his head back with a hard yank. "I've got you now you little shit!" shouted the villager before he smashed his fist into Naruto's tiny face.

Naruto let out a whimper as the man throw him by his hair into the group of villagers and shinobi while his mouth and nose and mouth began to bleed from the punch. "Please don't." he begged as the blood filled his mouth to the point where it was forced to run his chin. Before long it was near impossible for anyone to see anything but red surrounding the lips and chin of the boy as the bleeding from his nose and mouth finally slowed.

"Shut up demon!" shouted one of the few shinobi in the group before he kicked Naruto in chest and stomach as hard as he could. This causing Naruto's stomach to heave and his merger lunch to spill across the ground before he curling into a tiny ball so that he could at least protect his stomach from any future beatings. Without any other warning the group began kicking and punching his small, whimpering form while the ones that couldn't get to him themselves seemed content to cheer on those that could.

As Anko walked up to the mass of villagers and shinobi, she couldn't help but wonder what was going on, and when she kicked something that had been left in the road she began to feel sick. At her feet lay a small ratty teddy bear that had its left arm ripped off. She, like everyone else, knew very well whose this was and now knew who was in the center of this group and when a small cry reached her ears Anko's blood ran cold before it began to boil. With very little effort, Anko leaped into air and into the center of the group. Tears welled up in her eyes as the small boy latched onto her leg and pulled himself under her coat as he quietly cried for them to stop. "Leave now before I kill every one of you!" she hissed.

Everyone took a step back when they saw just how angry she was; they all knew that no one lived for very long if they pushed Mitarashi Anko to far, and by the look in her eyes she was very far over the edge.

"Look, the traitor's whore is protecting the demon!" sneered a young, and very stupid, Chuunin ranked shinobi.

Anko gave a twisted smile that would cause even a battle hardened ANBU to shudder. "You are going to die!" she said in a creepy sing-song voice before flying through a few hand seals and shouting. "Sen'eijashu!"(Hidden Shadow Snake Hand)

As two large, black snakes shoot out of her sleeves and sank their fangs into the mans neck and shoulder, all anyone heard was a slight whimper and the beginnings of a sentence before the man fell over dead and the snakes disappeared.

"Anyone else want to die?" she asked happily as she pulled out a pair of kunai. Everyone watched as her eyes flashed with excitement and her tongue ran over her lips before they all lost heart and fled.

Once everyone was gone, Anko looked down between her legs as Naruto held onto her legs and trembled badly. She then saw that even after the beating he had taken, he was holding onto the left arm of the teddy bear. Anko quickly spun on her feet and sat down on the ground before pulling the boy into her lap. When she felt him stiffen and tremble even more she cooed in such a soft voice that anyone who knew her would have fallen over dead from the shock of hearing it. "There now. I'm not going to hurt you."

The small boy simply curled up in her lap and shook like a frightened animal before whispering. "P-Promise?"

Anko smiled and ran her hand over his greasy, dirty, blood filled hair and said. "I promise. Look, I even saved your bear!"

Naruto looked up and saw her holding his bear and cried. "Kuma-chan!" Before grabbing it and hugging the nasty thing tightly to his chest.

"You named your bear 'bear'?" asked Anko lovingly as she rubbed his back gently while inside she was amazed that all of his cuts and bruises were already healing. She figured that it had to do with the reason everyone hated him.

Uzumaki Naruto was the vessel for the greatest of the tailed beasts, and the one responsible for nearly destroying Konohagakure and killing most of their shinobi population. Anko knew that Naruto wasn't the demon that most everyone else thought he was and for that they try to kill him and mistreated him. The saddest part was that Naruto had no clue why they treated him the way they did, because after the Yondaime Hokage had sealed the demon inside of him at the cost of his own life, the Sandaime Hokage had been forced to make a law forbidding anyone of speaking of it to the younger generations. Sadly, this included Naruto.

The only reason Anko knew about it, all the facts that is, was because of her job. As a torture and interrogation specialist she learned many things from many people that she wasn't supposed to. She had been alive when the Kyuubi attacked and would have helped fight it if it hadn't been for the fact that she was still a week away from graduating from the academy. She, like everyone else, thought that Naruto was the demon reborn until the Sandaime Hokage sat her down with her first subject, who happened to be the first person to ever attack the poor boy. After that she had known that if Naruto was the demon he would have finished what he started long ago and would have never let the villagers treat him the way they did. Sadly, Naruto was Naruto and how could a four year old defend himself against shinobi and villagers that were much older and stronger?

"W-Who are y-you?" asked Naruto softly as he looked up at Anko with bright blue eyes.

"My name is Mitarashi Anko, and you are Uzumaki Naruto." she cooed gently. She paid no mind to the villagers and shinobi that were glaring at her as she sat in the center of the street. She then slowly began to wipe away some of the blood covering his mouth.

"W-Why a-are y-you being n-nice to me?" he asked fearfully.

"Because you have done nothing wrong." she said calmly before adding. "And because I am like you."


"I am hated by most of the village for no reason, just like you. I have to deal with their name calling and glares, just like you." she answered.

"Why do they hate you? You're really pretty and nice!" he said, this time without a stutter and in a much more cheerful tone. This amazed her to no end. How could anyone seem so happy after such an attack? How could anyone seem so happy after living the life he had been forced to led?

"I used to be a student of an evil man. He betrayed the village and became a missing nin and everyone thinks I am the same." she said sadly.

"What's a missing nin?" asked Naruto.

"It's a shinobi who leaves their village without permission." she answered with a smile.

"What's a shinobi?" asked the boy.

Anko couldn't help but laugh as he asked question after question. "Being a shinobi is very complicated, Naru-chan. By definition a shinobi is an assassin or spy whom is highly trained for stealth and combat." she said calmly.

"You mean you kill people?" asked Naruto nervously. He found it hard to believe that the one person who had been so nice to him killed people. Ironically ignoring the dead body not far from them.

"That is where is gets complicated. Yes I kill people." she admitted. "But mostly I do it to protect those I love and this village. I'll admit that I have killed someone for the simple fact of I wanted them dead. There are shinobi out their that will kill anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. They simply love killing people. While others will only kill when they have to or when their village is threatened. Do you understand?"

"I think so." he said softly. "So your not a bad person, you're just getting rid of the bad people?"

"Close enough." Anko said with a light laugh.

"Um... Anko-nee-chan(older/big sister)?" asked Naruto nervously.

"Yes, Naru-chan?" she replied.

"A-Are you going t-to leave me?" he asked quietly.

Anko had to strain her ears to hear him but none the less she did hear him. "No, Naru-chan, I'm not going to leave you. Why don't you come back to my place with me?" she offered. She couldn't help but smile as Naruto's eyes light up brightly and he nodded his head quickly. Anko lifted him up so that she could stand before taking him by the hand and leading him away from the village.

Naruto became confused and worried when they came to a huge fenced in forest that had a large warning sign on it. "I don't think we're supposed to go in there." he whispered softly as he moved inside Anko's coat and hugged her leg. He might not have known how to read but even he understood the skull and cross bones very well.

"But I live in there. This place is called 'The Forest of Death'. Now, don't be scared." she said as Naruto began to tremble slightly at the name. "I'm not going to let anything hurt you, my little Naru-chan. We will be at my place before you can say 'ramen'!"

"What's rame..." started Naruto before he and Anko disappeared in a puff of smoke only to reappear in the middle of the forest in front of a large tower. "Wow!" he cried excitedly as he looked around them and saw that they weren't where they were. "How did you do that?!" he asked.

"That was a ninjutsu called 'Shunshin no Jutsu'(Body Flicker Technique). You learn it once you earn the rank of Chuunin but if you're good then I'll teach it to you sooner." she offered as she lead a now bouncing Naruto into the tower and up to her floor.

Anko was the only one who actually lived, or wanted to live, there so the Sandaime Hokage had given her her own floor towards the top of the tower to turn into an apartment after her parents died. This, along with the training rooms and forest, meant that Anko had a very isolated place to live and train while not having to suffer because of the isolation.

"Does anyone else live here?" Naruto asked as he walked up yet another flight of stairs.

"No. Most think I'm crazy for living here.... Well, ok, I may be a little crazy but normal is so boring!" she stated while Naruto simply giggled at her.

"Anko-nee-chan, can I be a shinobi?" he asked.

"Of course you can. In fact, I'm going to train you myself." she answered.


"Yes, really. I'll turn you into a Hokage!"

"What's a 'Hokage'?" asked Naruto.

"A 'Hokage' is the strongest shinobi in the village. They control all of the other shinobi and send us out on mission and such. The Sandaime Hokage is a very nice man. I'll take you to meet him soon." she explained.

"Oh.... well I'm going to be the greatest Hokage ever!" he vowed as he pumped his tiny fist and bear into the air.

"Big words coming from someone with a teddy bear." teased Anko.

"Shut up Anko-nee-chan. Kuma-chan will help me become Hokage and then she will be my most trusted adviser!" he stated firmly.

Anko was a little shocked at the fact that he knew what an 'adviser' even was but the fact that he was planning on making his teddy bear his 'most trusted adviser' caused her to laughed loudly. As she laughed she couldn't help but wonder when the last time she had laughed like this was.

"Anko-nee-chan, why didn't you just do that flicker thing to your room instead of making me walk up these stairs?" asked Naruto weakly as his pace up the stairs was beginning to slow.

"Poor little Naru-chan." she teased before lifting him up onto her shoulders. "That better?"

"Yep!" he said happily as laid his head down on top of hers.

"And to answer your question. I have traps set up in my apartment and if I tried to, 'do the flicker thing' as you called it, I would set them off. People can leave doing it but not enter." she explained softly before she felt Naruto's head nod against hers. She didn't say anything but she was having a hard time not gaging at the poor boys smell. She knew he hadn't been given a chance to bathe in a long time, if ever, unless one counted being thrown into a puddle as a bath.

Finally, she had made it to her floor and as she opened the door and stepped in, Naruto's head shoot up and looked around. Contrary to popular belief, Anko's home was pretty normal. There were no implements of torture laying around, and blood wasn't sprayed all over the walls. There was a couch a pair of over stuffed chairs and a few tables. The kitchen was a normal everyday kitchen with a stove, sink, refrigerator, and cabinets. There was also the few odds and ends that Anko had placed around the rooms, a few pictures of some of her friends, and a few bookshelves filled with different scrolls and thick leather bound books on many different topics.

As Naruto was lowered to the floor his callused feet made contact with the soft tan carpet that covered Anko's floor. This feeling was amazing to him as he was used to walking over rocks and glass in his bare feet.

Anko noticed the dreamy smile on his face as he wiggled his toes in her carpet and couldn't help but give a dark, humorless laugh. The poor thing probably thinks that carpet is Kami's gift to man. She thought as the boy squatted down and ran his fingers over the soft material. "Naru-chan, how would you like a bath?" she offered.

"Do I smell?" he asked softly as he hung his head and looked at the carpet.

"Yes you do but it's not your fault. Why don't you come with me and we'll get you cleaned up?" she said gently as she reached her had out for him to take.

Naruto simply nodded his head and took her hand before he was lead down a small hallway and into one of the four doorways which turned out to be a bathroom. As he looked around he saw a very large bathtub in one corner of the room and a small shower in another. There was also a sink with a very large counter top and a huge mirror on the wall and a toilet. Like the other rooms, this one was also filled with some of Anko's personal items as well as a lot of candles.

As she started to run the water in the bathtub, Anko turned to Naruto and found him looking around the room with the same wonder written across his face that he had in the other rooms. "Now, do you think you can wash yourself?" she asked calmly while inside she was hoping he could. She was only sixteen years old and it seemed like she had just became a kaa-san(mother), and when Naruto shifted uncomfortably she sighed and said. "Come here."

Naruto walked up to her and soon found himself standing naked in front of his new 'nee-chan'. She then lifted him up and placed him into the warm water. Naruto sighed happily as the warm water began to wash away the caked on dirt and blood from his body.

As she began to scrub the boy she couldn't help but say. "I swear you have more dirt on you then any Iwa nin I've ever met."

"What's a 'Iwa nin'?" asked the boy before he was dipped under the water.

"'Iwa' is a shortened name for 'Iwagakure no Sato' or 'Village Hidden Among Rocks'. An 'Iwa nin' is simply a shinobi from Iwagakure." she explained absently as she continued to scrub away the filth from the small child.

"Where's that?" asked the inquisitive blond.

"It's in Earth Country. Iwagakure is one of the five great shinobi villages. They specialize in earth-based jutsus. In the past we have had many wars with them and in one of those wars is when the Yondaime Hokage gained the name 'The Yellow Flash of Konoha'." she stated proudly as she began to wash his hair for what seemed like the hundredth time. She was amazed, and disgusted, by the amount of dirt and blood the boys hair held, and each time she washed it, it seemed to get longer and longer. Most of the hair was still matted down and it was already down to his neck.



"Can I stay with you?" asked the boy pleadingly.

"We'll see, Naru-chan." she said softly.

It took two hours and ten different baths before Naruto was finally clean, but now that he was he felt better then he ever had in his short life and it showed as he smiled brightly at his 'nee-chan' as she dried him with a large fluffy towel before exiting the room for a moment. She returned shortly after with one of her old shirts, which seemed to be very old since it looked no different then any other shirt a villager would wear and didn't show any unnecessary skin. As she slipped the white button up shirt over his head she pulled his tiny arms through the sleeves and watched in amusement as it fell down to his ankles.

"Come with me." she said as she took him by the hand and led him into her bedroom.

This room, like the others, would have shocked anyone. It was painted in a light blue color, as apposed to the white paint of the rest of the apartment, and contained a large bed, a dresser, and a large closet where Naruto noticed there were many metal-mesh body gloves hanging up.

"Come on Naru-chan." Anko said softly as she gently tugged his arm before leading him over to the bed.

Anko slid into her bed and sat up against the head board as she lifted Naruto up into the bed and sat him down in between her legs, facing out. Reaching to her bedside table, Anko grabbed a brush and began brushing his hair which now fell to the middle of his back and was as bright a yellow as any flower she had ever seen. It took a long time before she was able to brush out all the knots and tangles but when she was done she started to feel envious of the small boys hair.

"Done." she said happily as she slid down in her bed and pulled Naruto into her arms.

"Thank you, nee-chan." Naruto said softly as he fell asleep.

"Your welcome, Naru-chan." she said to the sleeping boy before closing her eyes and falling asleep herself while holding Naruto tightly to her chest.

As the sunlight pored into her room, Anko was woken by the sound of Naruto's soft snores from underneath her coat. Normally she would have taken it off but last night she had been tired and fell asleep in it. She gave a light chuckle as the demon vessel snuggled in even closer to her and resumed snoring. What am I going to do? She asked herself as she laid in bed and thought about Naruto. She stayed like this for a few more hours until Naruto began to stir. She watched as Naruto crawled out from under her coat and arched his back and stretched. Just like a little fox. She thought with a smile as the boy yawned silently before smiling brightly at her.

"'Morning, Anko-nee-chan!" he said happily.

"Good morning, Naru-chan." Anko replied softly. "Why don't we get something to eat and after I'll take you to go see the Hokage?"

"Ok!" shouted the blond before he jumped off of the bed and ran out of the room.

Anko took the time to take a quick shower and change before she walked into the kitchen to find Naruto waiting for her. "Anko-nee-chan, where can I get a coat like yours?" he asked happily as Anko lifted him up to sit on the counter as she began making a quick breakfast for the two of them.

"Well, if you want we can go get some cloths before we go and see the Hokage." she offered.

"I-I don't have any money." he said quietly as he hang his head.

Anko walked over to him and place her hands on each side of him on the counter and said. "Naru-chan, you are four years old. No one in their right mind would expect you to have money. When we go out later I'll buy you some cloths. Ok?"

Naruto looked up at her and smile before wrapping his arms around her neck and hugging her tightly. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, my little Naru-chan." she replied and with that she turned back to the food and resumed cooking.

Naruto watched with wide eyes and a lot of drool as Anko finished the meal and set a plate of food in front of him, she had moved him to the kitchen table when the food was almost done. As Naruto lifted some eggs into his mouth he moaned and said. "This is really good!"

I would think so after having to eat garbage. Thought Anko as she watched in awe as Naruto ate every single bit of his food in the time it took her to finish her third bite. She then noticed that Naruto began to rub his stomach and figured that he wasn't used to eating that much and had given himself a stomachache. "Next time you shouldn't eat so fast." she said with a smirk.

"I don't want a next time." he replied pitifully while Anko couldn't help but laugh at the boy. "Anko-nee-chan, where is Kuma-chan?"

"Kuma-chan is in the laundry. She is very dirty and needs to be cleaned, and also I need to sow her arm back on." explained Anko. She had really wanted to throw the thing away but knew she couldn't do that to Naruto, so she planed on washing it as best she could and sowing it back together.

"Good. She needs to be clean if she is going to be my top adviser." stated Naruto firmly while Anko smiled fondly down at him.

"Since your old 'cloths' were nothing more then rags. You are going to wear that shirt until we can get you some new cloths." she said.

"Ok." said Naruto simply as he swung his little legs back and forth as he sat beside Anko waiting for her to finish her food.

Before long Naruto was in the arms of Anko as she ran across rooftops towards the store she wanted to take him. "You know, the people who run the store we are going to are good friends of mine and they have a musume(daughter) who's about your age." Anko commented calmly.

"Do you think she'll play with me?" asked Naruto excitedly as Anko continued to race across the roof tops of homes and businesses alike.

"Who wouldn't want to play with you?" Anko asked him as if it were obvious.

Naruto simply smiled and waited for them to arrive at the shop. He didn't have to wait long before they were standing in from of a two-story building with a sign that read 'Imaki's Weapons' hanging above the door. As they entered it was plain to see that this story was purely a shinobi store, seeing as all they sold were shinobi weapons of all kinds and shinobi clothing of all sizes.

"Kenshin, Emi! Get out here, I need your help with something!" Anko shouted once she saw that no one was watching the front.

"Anko, shut up!" came her reply while Naruto giggled at her and Anko simply shot him a smile.

"Hi!" came a bright voice from behind them.

Naruto jumped and spun around to find a young girl about his age standing there. The girl was wearing a pink traditional style Chinese shirt made of silk(a cheongsam). She had rich brown hair and equally dark eyes. Her hair was pulled into two separate buns and her eyes seemed to shine with happiness and contentment. She also seemed to be carrying a large assortment of weapons. Too large if you asked any normal citizen of Konohagakure, even some of the shinobi would agree as well since the small girl was barely five years old.

"Hello." said Naruto shyly as he moved into Anko's coat and hid behind her legs.

"Tenten, I want you to met Naruto. Naru-chan, this is Imaki Tenten. Her parents run this store." introduced Anko as she tried to coax Naruto from behind her. Just as she began making progress, a large man walked into the room.

"What do you need, Anko?" the man asked. He looked like a hulking male form of Tenten from what Naruto could see, which wasn't a lot because he had moved back behind her legs when the man entered the room.

"I need an outfit for Naru-chan here." she said softly as she gently pulled Naruto out from behind her. This seemed to work as long as she held his hand.

"Is that..." started the man.

"Yes Kenshin, this is Naruto. Naru-chan, this is Imaki Kenshin, Tenten's tou-san(father) and the best blacksmith in the whole village. His okusan(wife, when referring to someone else's) Emi used to babysit me and when my parents died she become a very good friend." said Anko.

Naruto looked at the tall muscular man and said. "Hello."

"Well Naruto, what kind of cloths are you wanting?" Kenshin asked.

Naruto smiled and pointed at Anko before saying. "I want to look like Anko-nee-chan!"

"You can't wear a skirt silly!" said Tenten with a giggle.

"I didn't mean that! I want pants but the rest like hers." he said with a faint blush.

"Why would anyone want to look like Anko?" asked a brown haired woman as she walked into the room and smiled at Anko and Naruto.

"Because Anko-nee-chan is the greatest shinobi ever! Plus she's really pretty." said Naruto loudly while Anko patted him on the head fondly. She was happy to see that he was opening up more to people.

The woman looked at Naruto for a few moments before looking back at Anko and asking. "How much did you pay him to say that?"

Anko growled and said. "Shut up, Emi."

"Well, lets get you dressed." said Emi as she and Anko took Naruto by the hand and began to shuffle through the stacks of cloths.

They soon found that when Naruto had said that he wanted to look like Anko, he meant it. Every article of clothing had to match hers exactly or he wouldn't touch it. Before long Naruto was wearing a pair of very baggy tan pants with more pockets on them then he knew what to do with, a pair of black combat boots, a black metal-mesh shirt, a pair of silver metal shin guards, and a long tan colored trench coat, which was easily his favorite part. The last thing they did was tie his hair back into a low ponytail. The only thing missing was for him to get a forehead protector but that would have to wait until he became a Genin. They also told him that he would have to cut his hair to look like Anko but he said, quit loudly, that he was fine with that if it made him look more like his 'nee-chan'.

"There. Now you look just like you 'nee-chan'." said Emi happily while Anko and Naruto smile brightly at that. Ever since they had met yesterday, both of them had smiled more in the short time they had known each other then they had in their life before they met. "Now, why don't you go find Tenten-chan and play while I talk to Anko?"

Naruto nodded before hugging Anko once more and running off to find the small girl.

"How did this happen?" asked Kenshin as he brought in a large bottle of saké and three small dishes.

At the thought of the memory, Anko quickly downed two dishes full of saké.

"That bad?" asked Emi softly.

"Worse. I found him in the middle of another mob getting kicked and punched. When I finally chased everyone away he was covered in blood, bruises, and cuts. If any good came from him being a vessel it's the fact that he heals VERY quickly. After I spoke with him for a bit, I took him back to my place and spent around two hours washing him. He had dirt and blood everywhere from Kami knows when. You should have seen his face when he first stepped foot on my carpet." said Anko with a sad, humorless laugh towards the end. "I swear he must have thought that it was the greatest thing ever. Then there is Kuma-chan."

"Kuma-chan?" asked Kenshin.

"His teddy bear." she replied.

"He named his teddy bear 'bear'?" asked Emi with a smile.

"That's what I asked, but Kuma-chan isn't just any bear. She is going to be his most trusted advisor when he becomes Hokage!" said Anko before the three of them burst into peals of laughter.

Meanwhile Tenten was outside teaching Naruto how to throw a kunai.

"Now pull it your arm back....good. Now throw it as hard as you can and try and hit the red dot." she advised as she pointed across the yard at a row of humanoid dummies.

Naruto looked at the practice dummy and saw the red dot right between his eyes. He simply stared at it for a few more moments before launching the kunai as hard as he could at the dummy, and as it hit home, Naruto and Tenten were shocked that it tore right through the bullseye and out the other side of the dummies 'head'.

"Wow!" whispered Tenten in awe.

"That was so cool!" Naruto shouted excitedly.

From there, Tenten and Naruto began to let loss a hail of kunai and shuriken upon the poor defenseless dummies. Naruto found that he could throw up to five kunai and have them all hit dead center while nine out of ten at least hit the target. He wasn't anywhere near as good with a shuriken but he didn't let that stop him from trying.

"You're a natural with projectile weapons. You HAVE to come over some more and play with me." Tenten pleaded as they walked back inside.

"I will if you really want me to." said Naruto shyly.

"You bet I do! None of my friends like weapons very much so it's nice to have one that does." she said happily. "Plus, when we get older me and you can spar all the time!"

"Ok." he replied softly as the two walked up to the three older people.

"Did you have fun?" asked Anko as she pulled Naruto into her lap.

"Yes, we practiced throwing shuriken and kunai." he answered with a smile.

"Is he any good?" Kenshin asked his daughter.

"He's amazing! His very first throw with a kunai hit the dummy right between the eyes and went all the way through its head!" she explained happily while Kenshin, Anko, and Emi looked at a now blushing Naruto in shock.

"Can you do it again?" asked Anko.

Naruto hopped down from her lap, took hold of her hand, and drug her to Tenten's backyard where the training dummies were set up. As Naruto walked off the distance he wanted, the other four stood back and watched him. Finally, Naruto reached a distance he was comfortable with and pulled out a kunai that Tenten had given him before turning and facing the dummy. Naruto stared the dummy between the eyes just like he had done the first time before throwing the kunai as hard as he could.

The three older shinobi watched the kunai rip through the dummies 'skull' and out the other side before they finally let their jaws drop. They were amazed with the fact that he was so accurate yet so powerful with his throws. Tenten of course simply cheered her new friend on like she had done before.

"You had better have that boy training very soon or you are never allowed around here again." threatened Kenshin before his kanai(wife, your own) slapped him hard on the arm and hissed.

"He is four years old! Let him have a childhood and if HE wants to train then fine."

"He wants to be a shinobi. That I already know. I plan on teaching him everything I know as soon as he WANTS to begin training." said Anko softly as a way to appease the irate okusan and also inform Kenshin that she did plan on training him. "Now, a more important question would be, when do we start planing a wedding?"

Kenshin and Emi looked over at their musume, who was talking excitedly to Naruto while flailing her arms everywhere. Naruto began to blush under the praise but still he smiled happily at the excited girl.

"It's a bit early for that. We can start talking 'weddings' in 30 or 40 years." said Kenshin while giving the typical 'tou-san' answer.

"Try telling her that." said his kanai with a smile. "So, was clothing the only thing you two were out for?"

"No. We are going to see the Hokage next." Anko replied.

"Any reason?" Kenshin asked.

"There may be a few. I'll let you know how everything turns out later." Anko answered, who sounded a little nervous before adding. "Well if we're going to get in to see him then we need to get going."

"True." agreed Emi with a small smile.

"Naru-chan, it's time to go." she called over to the blond boy.

The two were finally able to leave after Naruto gave Tenten his tenth promise that he would be back. As they began walking towards the Hokage Tower, Naruto was talking a mile a minute about Tenten and everything she taught him. Neither paid any attention to the glares they were getting from the villagers, and the worried looks the shinobi were giving Naruto. They saw him dressed like a mini-Anko and were getting worried that there would be a second one, and to them Konohagakure could only handle one sadistic lunatic.

Right before they reached the tower, Naruto and Anko passed a small park that was popular with the main clans of Konohagakure. They felt that it was safe to bring their children here because it was so close to the Hokage's office and there were shinobi of every rank coming and going at all times of the day.

"Nee-chan?" asked Naruto shyly as he tugged on Anko's coat to gain her attention. When he saw her looking at him he asked. "Can we go play?" As he pointed to the many swings in the park.

"I tell you what, why don't you go play while I speak with the Hokage for a little bit and I'll come find you after I'm done? I might even come get you early so you can meet the Hokage." she offered gently.

"Ok!" said Naruto happily before he hugged her legs tightly before running off towards the swings.

Anko watched with a smile before turning back to the tower and continuing to walk.

Just as Naruto was about to reach the swings he heard a slight whimper. He knew that sound better then anyone so he quickly looked around to see who needed help. He soon found a group of three older boys standing around a small, dark indigo haired girl while they pushed her to the ground and called her names.

"You white eyed freak! You think you're so much better then us because you're a Hyuuga, don't you?!" shouted one of the boys as he pushed the girl to the ground again.

"P-Please s-stop." said the girl softly as tears ran down her face.

After seeing this, rage overwhelmed Naruto and with a feral growl he took out his kunai and charged the boys. As he reached them, Naruto jumped into the air and kicked the one he had seen pushing the girl as hard as he could in the side of the head. Everyone in the park stopped at the sound the collision made and watched as the boy was knocked off his feet and flew a good five feet before falling limply to the ground.

"Leave now before I kill every one of you!" he said, repeating the words he heard Anko use when she saved him the night before.

By now the boy he had kicked had finally regained his feet and was stalking towards Naruto. Seeing their friend back on his feet seemed to give the other two added courage so they too moved towards Naruto. As the first boy tried to punch him, Naruto dodged to the side and slammed his kunai into the back of his hand. This shocked everyone around them. They had just seen a four year old boy shove a kunai throw the older boys hand without even blinking.

"I told you to leave." hissed Naruto as he ripped his kunai out of the boys hand.

"Y-You.... G-Get him!" ordered the boy as he cradled his bleeding hand against his chest.

The other kids in the playground, and a few adults, watched as the two other older boys moved towards Naruto, but the blond boy never gave them a chance. With two swift kicks to a very sensitive area, the boys collapse to the ground and cried. Let it not be said that one needs years of training to take down someone larger then oneself.

Seeing that the boys were done, Naruto turned back to the Hyuuga and asked. "Are you alright?"

"Y-Yes." stuttered the girl softly as she took Naruto's offered hand and rose to her feet. "T-Thank y-you."

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto. What's your name?" he asked as the three boys began to crawl away from them.

"H-Hyuuga H-Hinata." she replied as she nervously tapped her index fingers together.

"Do you want to go play on the swings with me?" asked Naruto with a bright smile.

The shy girl only blushed and nodded, but that was all Naruto needed as he grabbed her hand and pulled her over towards the swings. Sadly, they were never given the chance to actually swing as one of the boy's kaa-san(mother) started running towards Naruto with a large stick.

"Um... I better go, Hinata-chan." said Naruto quickly before running from the mammoth woman. Luckily for him the woman was VERY out of shape and gave up the chase just as she reached the swings.

As Naruto ran towards the Hokage's office as fast as he could, he couldn't help but wonder if the pear eyed girl would ever play with him again. Any further thought was interrupted as he rounded a corner and headed straight into a smirking Anko.

"Naru-chan, what's wrong? Is it another mob?" asked Anko worriedly.

"Y-Yes." he said as he gasped for breath.

Anko didn't wast any time as she quickly picked up the boy and ran back towards the Hokage's office where they were quickly let in by his secretary.

The Sandaime Hokage was a little shocked to see Anko walk into his office with a little, blond haired, male version of herself in her arms. "You look worried, Anko?"

"There was another mob, Hokage-sama." she answered with a sigh as she sat down heavily into one of the three chairs across from the Hokage while Naruto sat in her lap and looked at the man with interest.

"Anko-nee-chan, you told me that the Hokage was the strongest shinobi in the village. This guy is so old." he said finally after staring at the man for a few moments.

Instead of being insulted, the elderly Hokage laughed at this while Anko hid her face behind Naruto and giggled. "Naru-chan, this man may be old but he is very strong." she said softly.

Naruto stood up in her lap and pointed at the Hokage and shouted. "Ok jii-san. When I grow up I'm going to be the Hokage and when I do I'm going to send you to a old-peoples home!"

At this declaration the Hokage smiled at the boy and said. "When you're ready to take the title of 'Hokage' from me then I'll give it to you without any hassle. Now, Naruto, do you like staying with Anko?"

Naruto sat back down and looked at Anko for a moment before saying. "She's my 'nee-chan'. I love staying with her."

"Naruto, how would you like to live with her from now on?" asked the old man.

"Can I really?!" asked Naruto as hope shined brightly in his bright blue eyes.

"Anko, wishes to adopt you." answered the Hokage.

At this, Naruto jumped to his feet and threw his arms around Anko's neck and began to cry. Anko smiled happily and wrapped her arms around his tiny waist and hugged him tightly. "So is that a yes?" she whispered.

"Y-Yes." he said as he wiped his runny nose on his coats sleeve. "Will you be my 'nee-chan' still, or will you be my 'kaa-chan'(like mother but less formal, think mommy)?"

"Nee-chan. 'Kaa-san' makes me sound old." said Anko as she scrunched up her nose at the thought of being old.

"Will me name change?" he asked.

"Only if you want it to. Would you rather be Uzumaki Naruto or Mitarashi Naruto?" she asked calmly while inside she knew which one she wanted him to pick.

"I want to be Mitarashi Naruto!" he shouted excitedly while Anko smiled happily at his choice.

Before they could do anything else, a familiar mammoth of a woman stormed into the office as she drug her musuko(son) in behind her, ignoring the shouting guards and secretary. The woman stormed right up to the Hokage's desk and shouted. "I demand that you do something about that dem... that thing right this minute!"

The Hokage must have gotten this a lot because all he did was sit back in his seat, entwine his fingers in front of his chin, and asked in a calm voice. "May I ask what he has done?"

"That little monster stabbed my baby boy with a kunai for no reason!" shouted the woman. "And when I tried to catch him he ran off!"

At this Anko looked at Naruto, who was standing in the chair with his arms wrapped around her neck, and said. "I thought you said there was a mob."

Naruto snickered a little and whispered loudly. "I thought you said 'blob'." This got a laugh out of Anko and the corners of the Hokage's mouth to twitch.

"Naruto, why did you stab this young man?" asked the Hokage.

"He was being mean to Hinata-chan!" accused Naruto.

"You little liar! My musuko told me he was playing quietly with his friends when YOU ran up and stabbed him!" the woman yelled.

By now Anko had had enough of the womans shrill voice so she said. "If you don't shut up or at the very least speak in a normal tone, I will slit your throat."

The woman blanched before she sat down quietly in the chair furthest from Anko.

"Miss, I happen to know what happened at the park because I have ANBU watching it at all times." said the Hokage calmly while the boy paled and started looking nervous. "I happen to know that your musuko and two of his friends were bullying Hyuuga Hinata before Naruto showed up. After he told them to leave your musuko attacked him."

"Good job, by the way." whispered Anko with a sadistic smirk.

"Thanks." Naruto whispered back.

"And while Naruto might have held off on stabbing the boy, he did nothing wrong." finished the Hokage.

The boys kaa-san shot her musuko a look that made him sink into his chair even further before turning back to the Hokage and saying. "Please excuse me, Hokage-sama." She then stood and dragged her musuko out of the office by his cut hand.

As the doors shut the Hokage sighed and shook his head. "Naruto, I did see the fight and I was wondering if you would like to enter the academy early."

Naruto's eyes light up with excitement but Anko quickly stepped in and said. "No thank you."

"But why?" whined Naruto.

"Don't whine Naru-chan." Anko said softly. "And I want to take you on as an apprentice until you graduate. This way you can go to the academy like you normally would but you would be my student until you become a Genin."

"Can we start now?" asked Naruto as he jumped up and down in the chair.

"As soon as you want." she answered. "Now, go wait for me out front."

Naruto hugged her before running out of the office.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" asked the Hokage as he handed Anko the adoption papers and a second stack of papers to make him her apprentice.

"Yes. He needs someone as much as I do." she said softly as she started signing the papers. "Besides, you saw the way he was dressed. He wouldn't even touch anything if it didn't match my cloths and as for teaching him. My style is a very demanding style to learn but I think he will really excel at it."

"Are you going to teach him everything?" he asked calmly.

"As his master... mistress... whatever, I can teach him anything I feel he should learn." she said a little defensively.

"Anko, I didn't mean it like that." said the Hokage with a small smile. "I meant are you going to teach him jutsus well past Genin and Academy level? Also, you would be his mistress."

"Sorry." she said sheepishly. The Hokage was one of the only people who was ever kind to her so she had the utmost respect for him. "To answer your question. Yes, I plan on teaching him as fast as he can learn and I don't plan on holding anything back because of age or rank."

"Could this be because you want him to excel at the academy?" asked the Hokage teasingly while Anko's cheeks flushed a little.

"Maybe a little. He will be in a class with many of the heirs and heiresses of the major clans. If I don't teach him then he will be going into the academy at a disadvantage." she explained while the Hokage nodded his head and agreed with her reasoning.

"Also, he would suffer without anyone around to help him. I understand Anko and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask." said the kind, elderly Hokage.

"Then I'll be looking for you when I need a babysitter." she joked as she finished signing the papers and left the office of a now slightly worried Hokage.

As she exited the tower Anko found her new touto(younger/little brother) outside pretending to be in the middle of a large battlefield. She couldn't help but laugh when Naruto was 'killed'. "You know, most kids imagine themselves as the hero but you have yourself dieing early in the battle." she teased as Naruto jumped to his feet and ran up to her smiling.

"But I was fighting off an army of evil Hokages!" he stated as Anko took his hand and began walking back to their apartment.

"Why were they evil?" she asked.

"They kidnapped you and wouldn't give you back." he explained.

"So you died trying to save me?" asked Anko as she smiled.

"Of course, but once you train me to be a shinobi I'll be able to save you and live!" he said proudly.

"A worthy goal." she teased as she patted him on the head fondly.

As they started to walk past a small stand an older man shouted. "Anko! When are you going to stop by again? You know we need the business!"

Anko smiled at the man before looking down at Naruto and asking. "Are you hungry?" When Naruto nodded his head quickly, Anko led him into the small stand and lifted him up into one of the chairs around the counter. "Teuchi, you old fart, how have you been?" asked Anko while the old man smiled at her and Naruto giggled at the name.

"I'm as good as can be expected, but the more important question is who is this?" he asked as he looked down as Naruto.

"It is Mitarashi Naruto, my new touto!" she said proudly.

"Naruto huh?" said the man as he studied Naruto for a few moments. "Tell me Naruto, do you like ramen?"

"What's ramen?" he asked with a confused look.

The man looked about ready to have a heart-attack before shouting. "Ayame! Start boiling water!"

He then walked away muttering things like 'has never had ramen' and 'I'll show him'. This confused Naruto even more until Anko said. "Naru-chan, Teuchi owns and runs this stand which is a ramen stand. After I bugged him enough he started making dango and sweet bean soup as well but the man swears that ramen is the cure to all problems. His musume Ayame, who's about 12 years old, helps him a lot and makes very good dango, which is my favorite food along with sweet bean soup."

"Is ramen good?" asked Naruto.

"Yes it is and Teuchi makes some of the best ramen you will ever have." she stated firmly.

A few minutes later the old man came back with a large bowl of beef ramen and a large plate filled with dango. "Here you go." he said as he set the food in front of the two.

Naruto stared at the bowl filled with noodles and broth before taking a tentative bite. As the noodles and broth filled his mouth, Narutos eyes went wide before he shivered and began shoveling the food into his mouth.

Anko watched and laughed as yet another person was made into a ramen addict by Teuchi's ramen. Shaking her head slightly Anko began to eat the sweet tasting dango in front of her and before long the two had eaten everything within arms reach, most of this was done by Naruto.

Just like at breakfast Naruto had eaten to much, to quickly and was now holding his stomach and groaning. "I thought you said that you weren't going to do this again?" asked Anko who seemed to think that this was all very funny.

"Ramen...good." he mumbled while Anko and Teuchi simply laughed at the blond boy while Teuchi's musume, Ayame, gave him a sympathetic look.

Anko stood and took out some money for the food but as she was about to lay it on the counter Teuchi stopped her. "Technically you never ordered anything so I can't charge you. Besides, with the way he ate that bowl of ramen, I believe that he will be coming back frequently." he said with a smile.

"Thanks Teuchi." said Anko as she put her money back in her pocket before picking up Naruto and placing him on her shoulders. "Ready to go, Naru-chan?"

"Yes." he answered softly as he laid his head on hers like he had done the night before.

As they started back to they 'apartment' Anko began thinking about Naruto's fight with the older boys. She knew for a fact that the boy he had stabbed was in the shinobi academy and it was more then likely that his friends were as well and the fact that Naruto was able to beat them without a mark to show for it made Anko even more excited to begin training him.

"Naru-chan?" she asked.

"Yes, nee-chan?"

"What exactly happened with the Hyuuga girl?" she asked calmly.

"I was getting ready to start swinging when I heard someone whimpering. When I looked around I saw three older boys knocking Hinata-chan down and calling her names, so I ran over there and kicked one of them on the head before telling them to leave. When they didn't, the one I kicked tried to punch me so I moved and stabbed his hand with my kunai. He then told the other two to 'get me' so I kicked them between the legs." said Naruto happily while Anko couldn't help but smile sadistically at the last part. "And when me and Hinata-chan were about to go play on the swings that fat lady started chasing me with a stick so I ran."

"Well, as soon as you want to we can begin your training." she said while her own excited gleam in her eyes.

"What will you teach me?" he asked.

"The first thing we will be working on is teaching you to read and write. After that I will start teaching you the basics of my taijutsu style, some of the academy ninjutsus, and some basic poisons. Once you learn those I will start teaching you my snake and poison ninjutsus." By the time Anko was done speaking Naruto was literally bouncing with excitement. "Normally you would also learn weapons but you seem to be very good with kunai already so, while I might teach you to use a katana, those will more then likely be your main weapons."

"Can we start when we get home?" asked the excited blue eyed boy.

Anko gave a quick smile at the word 'home' before saying. "As soon as we get home I'll start teaching you to read."

The rest of the walk was spent talking about what he was going to learn and of his two new friends. Anko couldn't help but wonder if he was planing on making any male friends; not that she minded any. Once Naruto became a teenager most of his male friends would stare at her chest and then she would be forced to kill them so this saved her some paperwork.

As the two made it to the fence surrounding the forest, they saw a women who looked slightly older then Anko leaving. The woman had shoulder length, black wavy hair, ruby red lips, and deep crimson eyes. She wore ceremonial bandages that covered her waist, torso, and shoulders while her metal-mesh undershirt had one solid red sleeve that covered her right arm and her left was left bare. All in all this woman was strikingly beautiful. But not as pretty as my nee-chan. Thought Naruto as the woman and Anko walked towards each other.

"Anko! You should hear the rumors going around about you! They're saying you have... a... kid..." she started before trailing off once she finally noticed Naruto sitting on her shoulders.

"Kurenai, this is Mitarashi Naruto, formally Uzumaki, my new touto! Naru-chan, this is my best friend for many years Yuuhi Kurenai." said Anko while smiling at the shocked look on Kurenai's face.

"Hello." said Naruto happily while the poor woman could only wave back weakly.

"We were just about to head inside so I could teach Naru-chan here how to read and write. Do you want to come to?" offered Anko.

Kurenai nodded dumbly as she continued to stare at Naruto before following them back to their apartment. Once they were there, Anko sat down with Naruto and began teaching him how to read and write simple words. She was amazed at the speed Naruto seemed to pick everything up and as it began to get dark outside, Naruto fell asleep at the table with is face propped up in his hand.

"Naru-chan, why don't you go to bed? We will start again early tomorrow morning." offered Anko.

Naruto nodded before standing, hugging Anko tightly, and running off to Anko's room where he fell asleep as soon as his head it the pillow.

Kurenai, who had been silent the entire time, finally asked. "Are you going to tell me what is going on?"

Anko sighed and went into the kitchen where she got a small bottle of saké and two small dishes before walking back into the living room and sat down opposite Kurenai around the low table. She then pored them both a drink before saying. "Last night I was out walking when I found Naruto being beaten by a not so small gathering of shinobi and villagers. After I killed one of the shinobi and scared off the rest I took Naruto back here to clean him up and give him a place to sleep. This morning I went to see the Hokage and adopted Naruto and took him on as my apprentice. It's only been one day and he has all ready caught on to my sadistic nature."

"What do you mean?" asked Kurenai who had understood everything but the last part. She was also a little shocked that she had taken the small blond as her apprentice.

Anko laughed and smiled fondly at the memory before explaining. "Earlier today when I went to the Hokage's office I left Naruto at the park near there. Before he could even make it to the swings he found a few Academy boys picking on the Hyuuga heiress. Naruto kicked one of them in the head before stabbing him with a kunai when he tried to punch him. He then kicked the other two in the balls before taking the Hyuuga over to the swings to play. He was soon chased out of the park by the kaa-san of the boy he stabbed and when I met him he said that there was a 'mob' chasing him. Imagine my surprise when a single woman showed up with her musuko to yell at him. When I asked him about it he said. 'I thought you said blob'."

At the end of the story Kurenai and Anko were both laughing loudly while Kurenai was a little worried about having another 'Anko' around. Anko might have been her best friend but even she thought that Anko was crazy as hell.

"Are you sure about this, Anko?" asked Kurenai seriously.

"Yes. Him and I both need this." Anko replied softly.

Kurenai simply nodded her head. She knew how hard it was for Anko and Naruto, not from first hand experience but from the fact that she was the only one willing to listen to Anko when she felt like talking, so she knew well everything the villagers did to her, or said to her. When is came to Uzumaki Naruto, however, she knew nothing and had struggled to keep it the way. Kurenai was not trying to be unkind or unfeeling, but she knew that it would break her heart to hear some of the things the village did to the poor boy. She knew that even Anko knew very little of his pain because she at least had a family, friends, a chance to grow up a little where as Naruto had been a pariah his whole life and had never had a friend or loved one to talk to until now.

"Well I for one am happy for you." Kurenai stated before raising her dish in a toast to the two of them. Once she downed her saké she added jokingly. "But did you have to dress him like you?"

Anko shook her head and smiled. "I never had a choice. I took Naruto to Kenshin and Emi's this morning and he stated quite firmly that he wanted to be just like me, minus the skirt of course."

"Did he and Tenten get along ok?" Kurenai asked.

"The best of friends. Tenten taught Naruto how to throw a kunai and then we found out that the boy must be a prodigy with the things. He can throw a kunai clean through the head of a practice dummies head from over 20 feet." Anko boasted.

"Impressive." agreed Kurenai calmly while inside she knew that she was going to have to listen to the 'proud kaa-san speech' every time Naruto succeeded at something.

The two were interrupted by a soft voice from the hallway. "Nee-chan?"

Anko looked and found Naruto standing in the hallway with tears in his eyes. "What is it Naru-chan?" she asked gently.

Naruto didn't say anything but ran to her, jumped into her arms and hugged her tightly.

"What's wrong?" Anko pressed.

"I-I w-woke up a-and t-thought t-that you l-left me." said Naruto quietly as he curled into a tiny ball in her lap and cried.

Kurenai watched as Anko whispered reassurances to the small boy while running her hand gently over his back. She was shocked and amazed at the fact that Anko could be a caring kaa-san figure and not just some crazy, sadistic, psycho woman they all knew she was. But if she were to be honest with herself even she wanted to comfort the crying child.

"I think I'll head home." she said softly to the two.

"Good night Kurenai." said Anko as her friend stood and walked towards the door.

"Good night Anko, Naruto." she said before walking out of the apartment and disappearing in a puff of smoke.

"Naru-chan, why did you think I left you? Do you really think that I would adopt you only to leave you again?" asked Anko as she stood and carried Naruto back into her room before laying him down and sliding in beside him.

"N-No, but o-one time a villager p-pretended to be n-nice t-to me and when I followed h-her i-into an alley she s-stared h-hitting me." cried Naruto as Anko pulled him even closer to her and held him tightly.

"Well I'm never going to leave you, Naru-chan." she said gently.

"Y-You p-promise?" asked the demon vessel.

"I promise." she vowed. "Now get some sleep, Naru-chan. Tomorrow I want to start you on taijutsu and continue on your lessons in reading and writing."

Naruto nodded sleepily as he rubbed his blood shot eyes one finally time before closing them and finally falling asleep.

"I promise things will be different." Anko said softly as she too closed her eyes and fell asleep.