Little Brother

It has been almost a year since I met him.

The girl with onyx eyes stopped writing after just one sentence. She wasn't sure whether she should continue it or not. Lately it had been like she couldn't be sure of anything. She wasn't sure anymore if what she had and would done was the best for her.

The girl was beautiful. She was slender and tall for a Japanese girl. Her eyes were as black as her hair, she rarely smile but this didn't make her less beautiful. Tomoe was indeed a very beautiful girl.

She looked down at her diary. She hadn't had written much on her diary lately. Since her marriage...

Yes, this beautiful and intellectual woman was married to a handsome young samurai who was few years below her. Their marriage was not a real marriage or it was legal, but she was still a wife who had her duty to serve her husband. He didn't ask anything for her but she couldn't help but to feel like she needed to take care of him. Maybe... It was love?

They hadn't done it yet. No, it wasn't like she would refuse him if he ever came to her to do it; in fact she actually wanted to do it with him. Again, maybe it was love. But he never did that. Maybe he didn't love her, or maybe he thought it was inappropriate. Or maybe it was because she was here.

That girl, a raven haired girl, a youngest one in this house, she had been living with them since their marriage. Her name was Kaoru, she had been working in the inn where he used to live before he met her. She didn't hate Kaoru, no, Tomoe was far too smart to hate a woman for some shallow reason like... Jealousy?

Why would she feel jealous?

He was her man, her husband. Legal or not. Real or not. They were married and that was final.

Or not.

Tomoe closed the book. She lost her mood to write anything. She stood up and walked to the door, those two were not home yet since she sent them to the village to shop. She opened the door and looked at the orange sky. It was so peaceful...

Tomoe was not a weak woman, but she wasn't that strong. She had been losing many things in the past, this time, the thought of losing something she loved once again was unthinkable.

Her onyx eyes fell on a kid stood behind the tree in front of their hut. The boy was hidden behind the tee, only his head popped from behind the tree, looking at her direction. It was getting darker and darker and it was difficult to see but she knew who was the kid.


The kid smiled as the woman called his name, "Sister!"

The older sister ran to the kid, she didn't know what to feel, she was happy but she was scared too at the same time, "What are you doing here?"

"You never sent us letter anymore," he explained, his face was too happy to deliver the serious matter, "Kagenuma is angry. You should send us information about them!"

"I can't!" she hissed, she was happy to see the kid in front of her, she had missed him a lot but she was also angry to the man who sent him to this place, "When I had a chance I will, but not now!"

He frowned, "But sister, it has been a year!"

Tomoe bit her lower lip, "I know, give me more time, he hasn't fallen for me yet..."

"But it has been a year!" he insisted, "Kegenuma said we can't wait anymore, you can't stay too long with him!"

"Just a little more, I need more time to make her fall for me..."

"Do you like him?"

She widened her eyes, "W-what?"

"You haven't forget our plan right?"

She sighed and patted his unruly black haired head, "Don't worry, I'm sticking to the plan."

He smiled again, happy with the answer, "Good," but then he frowned again, the kid was only twelve years old or thirteen but the way he talked was too adult-like and it made her uneasy, "So, what's the problem?"


"Who's that boy?"

Tomoe and her little brother turned to see a certain red head and a raven haired stood in front of them. She panicked wondering how much had they heard of their conversation. She studied the red head's face but she found nothing. For now, they hadn't been found out and she was relieved.

"Ah," Tomoe smiled, she put her hand on the boy's shoulder, "I'm sorry, this is my little brother. He missed me and came all the way from our aunty's house to this place to see me."

Kenshin looked at the boy who glared at him. He narrowed his eyes but he said nothing.

It was Kaoru who broke the silence few seconds later, "Oh, great timing, why don't you join us for dinner?" She turned to the red headed samurai and beamed at him, "It's alright, right?"

The boy's name was Enishi.

He looked at the tomboy and frowned.

Now he understood what was his sister's problem.

He would take care of it.

Author's note:

Maybe confusing but if you follow the manga maybe you can predict what was it about because it is an AR fanfic not AU... AR is alternate reality where I am messing with the real manga plot, but the main idea was still the same. I am really dizzy when I write this so forgive me if i wrote trash.