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"Hey, Sasuke," said the white-haired ninja. "There's going to be a storm tonight."


"How about we make a little bet? We do some target practice, and whoever misses has to sleep out in the rain tonight." Suigetsu grinned.

"Don't listen to him, Sasuke!" said Karin.

"Be quiet," Sasuke ordered. "I accept the bet."

Sasuke got out a kunai. And Suigetsu held up his finger as if it were a lethal weapon (which it so is).

Juugo placed a giant target on the floor. One of those wooden targets archers use for practice. Sasuke threw his kunai, right at the center. Suigetsu pointed his finger, a water bullet hit the kunai. And the entire target split in half.

"I say we make this a little harder," said the sharp-toothed ninja.

Before anyone could blink, Karin was standing fifty feet away from Sasuke and Suigetsu with an apple on the head. "Oh hell no! How did you get me into this?!"

Sasuke threw his kunai, hit the apple. Juugo replaced the apple onto Karin's head. "I knew Sasuke wouldn't miss!"

Then it was Suigetsu's turn. He grinned and covered his purple eyes with one hand as he pointed at Karin's direction.

Karin noticed a streak of silver rushing towards her. It made a hole through the apple on her head. She sighed in relief. She was nervous that Suigetsu might do something stupid. Then she noticed the second streak heading right for her face.


"Sounds like you have to sleep out in the rain tonight," said Sasuke.

"That was so worth it."

It was just some random thing I made up.

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