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Harry gets sent to Azkaban after his fifth year and only gets taken out after close to two years. Needless to say he didn't come out completely sane. Researching and plotting, he decides his best bet would be to go to a school, one far from Hogwarts. And so that's what he does, he applies and is accepted to a new school. Now all he needs to do is survive the vampires, werewolves, and other dangerous creatures on a daily basis; but then, how is that much different to normal?

Chapter: Prologue

On his fifteenth birthday, Harry J. Potter was charged and sentenced to a life time in Azkaban on trumped up charges that Voldemort supporters whispered in Fudge's ear. They all took great pleasure in putting him to the place best described as Hell on Earth; Doing so with the full support of the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore.

Within the first days Harry lost all perception of memory and reality. Within the week he had no more tears to shed and his throat was raw from screaming that he could no longer do that either. He was close to giving up, but the memories stopped that at least. They reminded him of those who died so he could live, he wouldn't shame them by not living.

It was then that he decided that like Sirius, he would stay as sane as he could. He knew he would be let out, he was the chosen one or other such nonsense, he'd be pulled out when he was deemed needed and/or useful.

So with his new mindset he set about to improve, to learn what he could, and stay sane in the process. He found out that he really was as terrible as Snape thought he was at occlumency but was much better at potions. Of course, mentally going over and experimenting in his head with different potions and ingredients didn't warrant emotion after a while of doing it so that made it a safe subject. He didn't get anywhere in animagus transformation though apart from memorize the process that Sirius had told him. Lot of help that did.

And then about a year into his stay, his magic, a violent swirl of colourless energy, lashed out at a dementor, needing a release from being suppressed for so long. But it didn't kill the dementor, not really, it absorbed it, altered it. His world, drab as it was in Azkaban, faintly gained colour. Not a lot, but some. It took awhile, but eventually he realized what he was seeing, emotions. And on the occasion that the guards physically touched him, he knew he could feel them too.

He wasn't sure how long he had been in Azkaban, time doesn't have much meaning to the inmates there, but he knew there were visitors even before he heard the footsteps. The weather, something usually rather bad, had lightened up, which would mean the dementors' were locked away so visitors didn't have to worry about them. How'd he know that again? Oh yeah, Fudge had come…at some point…and gloated.

He yawned and absently looked to where he heard voices which seemed to be coming closer. Recognizing at least Fudge's voice amongst those coming he decided they were probably coming to see him, he didn't think Fudge had anyone else to visit. He got into an uncomfortable position, made his eyes devoid of emotion, and stared blankly ahead. He heard the footsteps and voices stop at his door and with the dementors away and not taking all the small emotions he let off, almost sustained to the curiosity that burst within in him to find out who the footsteps belonged to. The doors opened and someone walked in and put a hand onto his shoulder. He shivered at the hate he could feel flowing from the person, thankfully away from him, and the red and black swirls that strayed into his vision that lashed out at someone else in the cell. He was glad the emotions were directed away from him or he would have passed out but as it was, he was close to doing so anyway. Whoever was touching him took their hand off his shoulder, which he quickly discovered was to pick him up, unfortunately he couldn't help but pass out from the increase in contact.

Remus started down sadly at the boy, no, man, passed in his arms. He walked passed Albus without even looking at him and walked to the exit holding back the tears burning at his eyes. James, Lily, Sirius, they'd never forgive him for failing Harry.

He spent the trip back to 12 Grimmauld Place ignoring the others and staring ahead in thought and shame. In the Order of the Phoenix's headquarters and consequently Harry's house once Sirius' will was read, people gathered in a bedroom surrounding an extremely malnourished boy passed out on a bed. "So he's crazy is he? Can I-"


"What! He's-"

"No! He is now old enough to claim his titles as Lord Potter and Black, even if he isn't sane, so no, you can't have his money unless you plan to take on the goblins as well as other pure blood families. And no, you can not have any of his belongings!"

Remus glared at Ron who had gone red in anger. Ron and Ginny both opened their mouths to complain when Dumbledore interrupted.

"No, no, Remus has a point you two. We will bring all of Mr. Potter's items in here, hopefully they'll help stabilize his mind, we do still need him, but you will, however, still be getting allowances." The two Weasley's were torn between gloating at Remus for still getting the money or disappointment that they had to give back Harry's stuff. "In fact, we should put everything in here now and I'll give you a bigger allowance to make up for it. I'll meet you at the door when you're done here and we'll leave for Gringotts." The two young Weasley's ran out of the room. "Severus, stay here with young Mr. Potter and give him potions whenever he wakes. I think it'll be best for only a minimal amount of people stay so only you, Remus, and Tonk's will be staying. Good day."

Dumbledore got up and exited the room. Shortly after Ron and Ginny ran in, dumped stuff on Harry's bed, and ran back out. Remus clenched his fists and growled.

"'Bout time, I thought they'd never leave." A raspy voice made Remus and Snape jump, both turned to the bed in shock.


That snapped them out of their shock.

"Lupin, go get food." Remus nodded and left the room. "Potter, drink these." Snape handed Harry vials of potions.

Harry did so without question and silently handed the vials back until he was finished.

"Nasty, I forgot how bad potions taste." Harry made a disgusted face.

"Deal with it." Harry blinked, had Snape really just said that? "That was quite some acting Mr. Potter, you had us all fooled."

Harry grinned. "It's amazing what you'll teach yourself when your locked up and bored for...however long I was locked up"

"Two years. Then what was with the fainting? Or was that an act to?" Remus both answered and asked as he stood in the doorway holding the food he had been sent to get.

"Nope," Harry said eyeing the food and was rewarded with a chuckle from Remus and said food being placed on his lap. Harry immediately dug in with no manners what-so-ever.

Snape's lip curled and Remus couldn't help be slightly disgusted, even after having to watch Sirius do the same.

"So," Remus pulled his attention away from Harry's eating habits, "why did you faint?"

"Hmm?" Harry looked up from the food. Remus repeated the question and Harry swallowed what he had in his mouth to answer. "Oh, I gained empathy during my stay, I can see the emotions swirling around you both but when I touch or am touched I can feel it, and while I'm sure seeing to much will overload me; I know for a fact that strong emotions will cause me to pass out with touch."

Remus blinked. "Empathy?"

"Mhmm, my magic decided it wanted to eat a dementor."

Remus and Snape gaped at Harry as he went back to eating.

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