So, I do have the first chapter of the sequal written. The sequal is going to be called After Death and it will be a looong while before it is done. But I will be posting the first chapter right after posting this to hopefully tide you all over for a little. Until then and just because, enjoy a teaser (and by teaser, it's the begining of After Death Chapter 1)

Womans response is from: thisisbristol . co . uk/ encouraging-people-break-law /story- 19480707-detail /story. html #axzz2ejPunI6U

When Harry first opened his eyes, he was confused. He wasn't used to waking up on a bench to an impossibly blue sky; especially since the last thing he remembered was a blurring memory of being stabbed and of stabbing someone. He sat up, looking around at his surroundings; maybe he had only been asleep for a little while so Hermione brought him outside and put him on a bench to heal.

His bench was in a field of healthy green grass, which swayed in a gentle breeze, it was a beautiful sight, he's give it that. Unfortunately, it didn't boast a frizzy haired witch. Instead there where many more benches, just like his own holding people just like him – or not, that person has horns and there's someone over there with wings – though considerably less confused looking.

He stood, since they looked less confused they probably could tell him where he was. The nearest person to him was a blonde woman looking ready to work in a government office. "Hello," Harry smiled politely. "Do you happen to know where we are?"

"Instead of reading his press cuttings the Chief Constable, Nick Gargan, would be much better employed reading the Highway Code. In his letter printed on June 28 he states: "And yes, there are some roads on which I would rather see people cycling on the pavement." If he cared to check Rule 62 of the Highway Code he would see that it states, absolutely unequivocally: 'You MUST NOT cycle on the pavement' … How can he justify giving permission to cyclists to break the law?"

"Uhh, yeah, wow, okay. I'm just going to go… over there." Harry quickly scurried back to his bench. "That was scary. Hopefully the next person I try wont rant at me about… something…" He coughed, looking around to see if anyone was paying attention to his flounder. No one was so he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He could do this, he was crazy too; he let out the breath and then he-

-opened his eyes.