Team Rocket Undercover(s)

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Summary: Jessie and James have to pose as a married couple for a new mission assigned by Giovanni. ^_^

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Chapter 1: New Mission

"Eeh! I don't wanna go to the Boss' office!" James screeched.

"Stop whining James! We don't even know why he summoned us to come!" Jessie snapped.

"Well if I recall our last visits, plus our most recent failures, it can't be anything positive!" Meowth said.

The trio sighed and slowed their pace a bit. Still, they reached the counter at the entrance of Giovanni's office and his receptionist told them he was ready to see them.

The three members of the team walked slowly into the dark office only lighted by a luminous stray showing their boss' upper body up to his chin, sitting behind a huge desk, while his hand stroked the fur of a Persian.

"You wanted to see us, sir?" asked Jessie, trying to keep her voice steady.

"Yes" Giovanni spoke. "I see now that this team has had a three-year history of constant failures." The trio lowered their heads.

"But, when I look back, your team was very successful. I suppose that Pikachu task is something you can't handle", the Boss stated.

"Boss, we'll keep trying. I know we'll be able to succeed…" said Jessie, mostly trying to convince herself.

"No need." The Boss cut her. James gulped audibly.

"No need because…" Giovanni continued, opening a file on his desk. "…because I'm giving you new assignments."

The trio sighed, visibly relieved. "Thank you, sir. We won't disappoint you this time", Said the red-headed girl.

"You better not. This is your last chance." Giovanni said in a sharp tone. "Now Meowth, you will be given a new assignment. Follow Amanda here, she'll explain what you will be doing."

A door in the back opened and woman wearing a black team rocket came in.

"Youse mean I'll be separated from these guys?" Meowth asked, looking sad.

"Yes. I have a special new assignment for Jessie and James. If you all succeed in the task I will be giving you, I might consider a reunion, but for now, I'm separating you. Now, leave the room, I need to talk these two in private."

Meowth followed the woman out of the room and shot a last glance at his friends before the door closed upon him.

"Good", said Giovanni flipping through the papers on his desk. "Now, Jessie, James, here is your next mission. Remember Chuck and Mindy?"

"Of course", immediately responded Jessie. "She was a friend in Team Rocket, until she and Chuck got fired two years ago for not respecting the code. I'm actually invited to their wedding next week."

"Exactly." said Giovanni. "Now, I want…"

"Not respecting what code?" interrupted James.

"The Team Rocket rule that forbids romantic relationships between partners", Jessie answered. "They fell in love and were kicked off."

"Oh." Let out James, sounding a bit disappointed.

"Yes", Giovanni continued, looking slightly impatient. "They were fired, but they still have precious information about the organization. They were said to have captured the legendary pokemon Entei, without informing me. Also, they were developing a research at the time, and kept most of the results. We didn't feel the need to ask for them back then because we didn't think it was advanced, but today, we have reasons to believe it was.

"What was the research about?" interrogated Jessie.

"They were trying to enhance Pokemon abilities and attacks by 80 %, by injecting natural elements corresponding to their element. This would of course work only for types of elements we can find in the nature, but still it would be an extraordinary discovery for Pokemon science." Giovanni replied.

"Oouuhhh! Entei!" James shouted.

Jessie rolled her eyes. "So where do we come in?" she asked.

"I need for you two to reunite with Chuck and Mindy, gain their trust, and find about if they divulged any information about Team Rocket to the authorities. Learn about Entei and where they are keeping it, and also find out about their research and transfer all the results to our database." Giovanni said.

"And how can we possibly accomplish that task? They won't trust us anymore." Jessie pointed out.

"I know", replied the Boss, "that's why you two will pretend to be married."

James had the biggest eyes he could ever pull out and he wasn't blinking.

"Wh… erm…ww…what?" was all Jessie managed to blurt.

"It's the perfect cover." Giovanni responded. "You will go to their wedding together, pretend that you got fired from Team Rocket too, for the same reason, got married a year ago, clandestinely, so that's why they haven't heard about it. You can gain their trust that way, by being in the same situation. Become their friends again, they you'll ask your questions."

"I'm not sure this is…" Jessie started

"That's your task", cut off Giovanni. "I've managed to learn their honeymoon destination. It's in Athens. Of course you will go there with them, pretending to go as your vacation, since it's your one-year anniversary. The tricky part will be to make it sound convincing as a coincidence. But I'm sure you can manage that. Any questions?

"…Hum… when…" James began

"Like Jessie said earlier, the wedding is in a week. That's the lap of time you'll have to prepare yourselves to portray your roles in a credible way." Giovanni answered. "The hotel rooms for the wedding as well as the trip are all set. If you need extra equipment, just ask Linda, she'll provide for anything. Also, I want a report every two days. So, if you have no further questions, here are your weddings rings, and you may leave."

"Thank you, sir. We won't mess up." Jessie said, taking the rings.

"I hope for your sake. This is your last chance. If you screw this up…let's just say you'll regret it, or you won't even have time to…" Giovanni warned

James gulped again, then, he and Jessie stepped out of the office.

The rockets walked in silence for a while. When they reached Jessie's room in the headquarters, she spoke:

"Listen James. This might be awkward, but we have no choice. So I say we just act out the mushy married crap when we around the people we have to convince, and just don't talk about it afterwards."

"Sounds good to me." James answered. "Jess, we are amazing actors, we will be able to pull this off perfectly." He said, trying to reassure her.

"We are amazing actors." Jessie stated with an almost imperceptible smile. She regained composure, and talked seriously: "We have to make a list of all the stuff a couple that's been married for a year would say or do to each other in public. The nicknames, handholding, everything. We have to look in love."

I don't have to pretend that, thought James to himself. "Ok pumpkin." He said.

Jessie quickly lifted her head from the piece of paper she was writing on. "What was that?"

"…Erm, well you just said we had to have nicknames, I just came up with one for you…You don't like it?" James asked unsurely.

"Oh. Sure, it's ok, I guess", responded Jessie, "…Sweetie."

James smiled. He knew it must be hard for Jessie to just get that word out her mouth.

"This sounds weird" Jessie said.

"We'll probably get used to it if we call each other by those names for a while and it won't seem so weird in a couple a days." James suggested.

"I hope you're right." Answered Jessie. She gave the lavender-haired boy the paper.

"Come up with some stuff to what I've written there. If you find other things, just write them down too. See you tomorrow to practice our…act." Jessie said, trying to suppress a yawn.

"Ok. Goodnight Jess." James said with a smile, taking the list. He walked to his room.

Man, he thought, This is gonna be interesting.

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