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Chapter 3: Blast From The Past

The rest of the reception didn't involve more kisses, much to James' chagrin. But the duo did manage to interact as if everything was utterly normal. When the newlyweds departed from the ballroom, Team Rocket decided to go back to their hotel room.

''We should probably get back to the room, we get up early tomorrow for our flight to Greece'' indicated Jessie. ''Besides, we have a report to make to the Boss.''

''Right.'' James answered.


When the team got back to their room, James was still a little shaken up from the proximity he had shared with Jessie earlier. Sure, they often hugged or slept next to each other, but this was a whole other world for him. Nothing had ever been sexual before. He didn't know what to tell Jessie when she started talking:

''Come here. Let's report to the Boss right away'' she said, while opening the laptop.

The camera feed showed them their boss, always hiding half of his stature in the shadows. ''Did it work?'' asked the digitally modified voice.

''Perfectly'' stated Jessie. ''They ate our words like a Snorlax that just woke up from it's nap.''

''Excellent.'' answered Giovanni. ''Keep up the good work.'' Then, the feed shut down.

James let out the breath he hadn't realized he was holding. ''Ugh. It's nice not to be yelled at for once.''

''I know.'' responded Jessie. ''It's been such a long time since we haven't had a successful mission. We can't screw this up.'' She began to massage her sore neck.

James was silent, not really knowing what to say.

''I'm going in the shower first'' announced Jessie, getting up.

''Ok.'' answered James. I hate this, he thought after she entered the bathroom, If the price to pay to kiss Jessie was this awkwardness, I might've wanted to consider the options. I hope we can get back to normal.

Meanwhile, Jessie was getting undressed, the blue gown hitting the cold tile.

You can't get attached. Not that way. You've managed to get this far without a man, that's not going to change. Besides, you know what happens when you love somebody. They leave. Forever. You can't afford to lose James. Anyway, if he liked you that way, he would've made a move a long time ago, just like the other guys. You know what they want. It's always the same thing…

A little knock on the door pulled her back from her reverie.

''What is it?!'' she screamed without really meaning it.

''Sorry to bother you,'' responded James sheepishly. ''I just wanted to know if you wanted a snack from downstairs.''

''Oh…'' she said through the door. ''Didn't you eat about 80 helpings of food earlier? My God James, how come you're not weighing 300 pounds?'' Jessie continued, not able to suppress a grin.

''That's because you're always making me carry the heavy bags!'' smiled James on the other side of the door, happy to find their banter again. ''Do you want something or not?''

''No, I'm fine...'' Jessie answered. ''Thank you.''

She said 'Thank you'? Was is going on with her? ''Ok then.'' James said.


By the time James came back to the room, Jessie was sitting on the bed, brushing her long magenta mane. Rare were the times he could see her look like that.

''Your hair looks amazing when it's down like this.'' James said timidly, entering the suite. ''Why don't you let it that way sometimes?''

''Because it makes me look gentler.'' responded Jessie continuing to brush her hair.

''Well, exactly…'' started James.

''…and I'm not.'' interrupted the girl. ''We're Team Rocket. We're evil. I'm evil. I'm not gentle, nor nice!''

''I guess.'' said James. ''But I don't think you're evil… I mean, I'm not really. Just because we work for an evil organization…'' James drifted off. ''Yeah, I see your point. I'm going in the shower.''

Jessie looked at him leave. He's not evil. He's just a poor lost boy, stuck in a miserable life with me. A life where I treat him badly to protect myself from getting hurt again…

The woman sighed, got up to put the hairbrush back on the counter next to the sink. She turned off the lights, and left one dimmed for James. Then, she proceeded to lift up the covers, and hop into the king-sized bed. Wow, I got to admit, this is the real deal! So comfortable! I almost feel bad for James who'll have to sleep on the couch… She opened one eye. Nah! I take that back. He's perfectly fine on the couch! She thought to herself, smiling.

When James got out of the shower, he couldn't hear any noise, and figured Jessie was asleep. He made his best not to wake her, he knew better. He quietly unfolded his blanket, turned off the light and prepared to sleep.

But he stopped mid-motion. He looked at Jessie sleeping, so peaceful. Her hard face was relaxed, she seemed innocent; miles away from the bad ass villain persona she keeps giving herself. Man, she's beautiful! thought James, a tender look in his eyes.

''Are you gonna keep staring at me like that James or are you going to sleep?'' asked Jessie without opening her eyes.

Startled and caught, James mumbled something and got on the couch at the foot of the bed.

''Just for you know…'' began James, ''…you don't always have to put up a hard face.''

''Yes, I have to, James. How good of a villain can I be if I'm a big ole softy?'' she answered.

''I mean when we're alone, just us. Or with Meowth. You don't have to pretend when you're with friends. You can just…be yourself.'' he said softly.

When she didn't respond, he took it as an encouragement. ''I've seen glimpses of the real you every now and then. Like when you refused to abandon me on the St. Anne. Or not leaving me with Jessiebelle. Or that time when you dressed like a princess all day… your friendship with that Chansey…'' he drifted off. ''I know you have a good heart, you showed me sometimes.''

Jessie blinked in the dark room. ''Some of us had a rough life James. To get through it, you have to toughen up. If you don't, people step on you, and hurt you.''

James felt his heart sink. ''I know you build this shell around you, it's understandable. I'm just saying… you can lay down the mask when you're with me, I won't hurt you. Ever.'' he stated.

''I can never be so sure of that, James'' Jessie countered. ''I never thought…never mind.''

''What is it? What happened to you Jess?'' asked James. She didn't answer. ''I already know about your mom.'' he continued. ''That's terrible… but, did something else happen?''

He heard her sigh. They were silent for a couple of minutes. ''When my mom died, I went to my uncle's house for a year. He was not a pleasant man.'' said Jessie.

James felt his stomach turn. No! Not this!

''He… wanted to touch me. And when I wouldn't let him do it, he beat me. Several times. And when I was to weak to run away, he…could do anything he wanted with me.'' continued Jessie, speaking with a cold detached voice. ''When I couldn't take it anymore, I ran away. Later, I found out about the tuition I got from Team Rocket. That's how I got into Pokemon Tech, and I met you.''

''Jessie…I'' began James, his mouth dry.

''I told myself I wouldn't trust anyone. Any guy who would approach me, I shut them down. I know what they're after. You know… I developed pretty early.'' She said.

Yes indeed. He thought. Her voluptuous curves came in before he even hit puberty. However, when his hormones started raging…she gave him a few animated dreams. She still does.

''You trusted me, though.'' responded James.

''I thought you were gay.'' stated Jessie, simply.

''What? Hey!'' screamed James, ''But why?'' he asked confused.

''I think it's the hair.'' answered Jessie, trying to suppress a giggle.

''Haha, very funny.'' grumbled James. I oughta do something about that. He thought to himself.

''Anyway, there was this guy, Jordan. You remember him?'' continued Jessie seriously.

''Yes. You went out with him a few months. I remember it ending badly'' James said.

''Yeah, well he was a jerk. Oh, but he was so sweet at the beginning, a true gentleman. He was the last one to fool me.'' Said Jessie, her jaw cringing.

''…did he?'' James began, having the feeling he would not like rest of the story.

''When I told him I wouldn't sleep with him yet, he got really mad. He used his Ivysaur to stunspore me and paralyze me, and…''

James sat straight up. ''Where is that bastard?! I swear to God…''

''He's dead.'' Jessie stated.

James gulped. ''….hum, Jess, you…''

''I didn't kill him, idiot.'' said Jessie, almost rolling her eyes audibly. ''I heard he died in a motorcycle accident no longer after he left the gang.''

''That scumbag got what he deserved. I just hope he suffered…a lot.'' grumbled James under his teeth.

It was the first time Jessie saw this protective side of James. She kind of liked it.

''The rest of my life, you know. You lived every day with me for the past…15 years now. Wow…''

''So you've never had a boyfriend since then?'' asked James, baffled.

''THAT'S ALL YOU GOT FROM THIS?'' snapped Jessie. ''James, I swear, I….!''

''Jessie! I'm sorry. I… don't know what to say. Except, you can always count on me. I hope you know that.''

''James, I've never told anyone about this before. This is me trusting you. And if you ever betray me… you're gonna wish you died from a motorcycle accident.'' she warned.

''My lips are sealed.'' James answered respectfully.

''Now, let's get our beauty sleep.'' ordered Jessie. 'We have an early flight and people to fool tomorrow morning!''


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