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The reason I like this idea so much is that Ranma finally has a chance to see what has happened in his life. He had so little time to adjust to the changes because a new one keep popping up and off balanced him again and he has to adjust to the new one. This is a continuation

I am a pro-Ranma person and therefore a Knight of Da Wild Horse.

This a good hard look at Ranma and if there is any True Financee Akane lovers there or any other Fiancée lovers, STAY AWAY FROM HERE AND DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER.

This will be an alternate story with match ups other than any of the traditional fiancees, if any. I will try to keep them in character, but this is my interpretation of their actions.


This is my opinion (both manga and anime) that each was too much of an extreme for many of the characters. In this story, I will combine them into more balanced characters.

This arc would be a crossover of Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, OMG and plus bits of other anime too.

I actually don't know who would end up with him. In this, I feel that at least in the original manga that there was an inequity among the fiancees. I intend to level the playing field for everyone.





A small creature was wandering in through the open door. No one took notice because of the wedding.

"She's a sweet girl... sometimes she's a violent maniac." The words that Kasumi had said when Akane had clobbered him with the table spread through one Ranma Saotome's mind.

He was also tired, so very tired. Tired of trying to save everyone's honour when they did nothing to help. Tired when they were in their own selfish fantasy world that meant only THEIR honour was important. Tired of his life in general.

The defeat of Saffron had taken its toil on him with the miraculous resurrection of Akane Tendo with the waters of Jusenkyo. The sudden marriage plans by their parents had taken everyone, especially him, by surprise. With the encouragement from the others, especially his mother, had had consented to marriage.

He was both glad and miffed when he learned that Saffron was reborn to the egg and that the Phoenix had the power, but not the control he should have had with his flame when he killed him. Still even with the incomplete transformation, Saffron, himself, was more powerful than anything the Musk or the Amazons could muster.

At that point in time, he just wanted it over with. He was tired of his chaotic life and wanted a more normal one.

When the others had crashed the wedding, the peanut gallery of Tatawaki Kuno with a real katana and Kodachi Kuno in a black wedding kimono had arrived.

It happened.

He was with Akane. They talked at first and then had an argument, like always, as he was denying that he said all that mushy stuff. That stuff still made him uncomfortable. What surprised him was that she said they didn't have to go through with the wedding, but ominously warned him that that marrying her was the best thing for him. He didn't understand it at the time. To him, it was a vague threat that even his danger sense was warning him about, but dismissed it because of the occasion and that he thought he loved her.

This was supposed to be a happy occasion.

He was surprised when he saw Shampoo, Cologne and Mousse with Ukyou Kuonji and Konastsu Kenzan taking up the rear actually through the front door and looking around for him.


When he saw Ryouga Hibiki came through the wall, Ryouga accidentally smashed Tendo Soun, Akane's father, and the casket he had in his hands away. He was shocked when he saw the words Nannichuan written on it then he was overjoyed. He would finally be over his curse. Well, Ryouga, Mousse and his father came at it too.

At the time, it was surprising that Ryouga and Mousse wasn't trying to kill him, but they would tell him afterwards that Ryouga wanted Akane to be happy. Ryouga grudgingly accepted that Ranma may be that person, besides he had Akari Ryuu, Raiser of Sumo Pigs, now. Mousse wanted him to marry Akane because Shampoo would be free to marry him. Mousse and Shampoo had gotten closer or at least Shampoo acknowledged Mousse's feelings for her and didn't bash him. Genma was just getting it for himself. Konastsu wanted Ranma to marry so that he would have only have Tsubasa as a rival.

For almost the entire time he was in Nerima, everybody knew that he had tried to get rid of the curse. Even though he would have done almost anything to get a cure, even he had a limit. Secretly, he was resigned that he would be a woman at least part of the time and was trying to adjust to it even before Saffron. The main reason was that too many times when he almost had a cure, it backfired on him and made his problems worse. If that wasn't enough, it usually made Akane mad at him and that cascaded into more trouble from her family, his family and his rivals.

As they were running for the casket, he had seen everybody's expression from the corner of his eyes. With him, Ryouga, Mousse and Genma going after the casket, he could everybody was surprised except Soun and, more to the point, Akane that there was actually a barrel of Nannichuan water.

It was at that point that many things came together in his head, a turning point and his world started to fall apart as suddenly the casket was deflected by a chair towards Ukyou and Shampoo. The creature had pushed the chair over.

It struck him as he was chasing the water that the warning that Akane had given him made sense. He felt hurt that Akane had known about the casket and didn't tell him about it when she knew how much he wanted it. At the same time, he was angry that Soun and Akane who chose this occasion to do it in. It put them in a bad light in his opinion because it would have been in their possession since they came back from Jusenkyo, but chose not to tell anyone about it. They could have everyone at anytime, but chose not to. In the light of the situation, he was truly disappointed in Akane. If she truly trusted and cared about him as he did about her then why she would have told him without resorting to warning like threat. He could have gotten cured, heck, everyone could have gotten cured. Did she really think that the cure would get him to marry her?

That didn't happen.

When he ran to get it, Ryouga, Mousse and Genma Saotome, his father, followed him. As they fell and tipped over, they were horrified when Happosai intercepted it. What really made him angry was when Happosai drank all of the water, smashed the casket and then muttered, "Blah, only water? Where's the special saké?"

Then it all blew up in his face.

The scene froze him for a second with thoughts of stringing up Happosai for what he did. He didn't carry out his thoughts because, at that moment, a crying Ukyou ran to him and blubbered through teary eyes, "Why are you getting married?" Behind her was a silently crying Shampoo.

At any other time, he would have panicked, but not now. As his brain started going into overdrive after all of the shocks. He had his chance to tell her that he thought her as... his thoughts became a jumble.


Right now, he could say he liked Akane a lot, maybe even...

Right now, he could say that he liked her, Ukyou, only as a friend...

Right now, he could say that he wouldn't be breeding stock for their chauvinistic village. He had seen what had happened to men and boys with even his short stay there.


Right now, he could picture Akane when she helped him in the cheerleading fight with Mariko Kunjou.

Right now, he could picture Ukyou trying to kill him when she met up with him.

Right now, he could picture Shampoo chasing after him to kill him in his female form.


Akane was the only one not pressuring him into marriage...

Ukyou was always the 'cute financee' and worker for her restaurant...

The Amazons was always trying to get him through tricks and potions for breeding stock...

As he was about to admit to himself that he loved Akane, a couple of stray thoughts made themselves known as his anger cooled...

He was miffed about Akane not telling him about the Nannichan water...

He knew that Ukyou would never do that to him, she helped him out a lot of times as they searched for a cure...

He knew that despite everything, the Amazons DID help out a lot even going so far with the instant Nannichuan, even if he had to go out on a date with Shampoo...

He then had to wonder why the Amazons didn't offer him the water to marry Shampoo? Was there something about the curse that he should known about?

He even wondered why they didn't just take him at the beginning if Cologne had more advanced knowledge than him... Certainly, they could easily have done so as Cologne was that much more powerful than him in the beginning...

It seemed strange to him that Ukyou and Shampoo were only now gaining his trust. They weren't involved in any schemes recently and were actually seeing things from his perspective. He had a good long talk with them before the Saffron Incident and they were appalled at the things that his father had done and what kind of mess he was in. After that, they were actively trying to help him sort out his problems.

Even as those thoughts came, against his will, other images passed through his mind...

Seeing Akane turning her back on him or manipulating her father to use his Demon Head Technique to get him to do what she wanted like eat her cooking when she 'improved' it and didn't bother to taste it herself. Yelling at him to fight her for real and when he knocked her down in their subequent sparring matches, she always ran to her father and got the Demon Head treatment for CHEATING by hitting a girl, namely her. Of course, his worthless father came along and called him a unworthy martial artist for hitting his fiancée and a girl. Even his mother, Saotome Nodoka, sided with Akane as she called him unmanly for hitting her. It seemed that he wasn't supposed to hit her, even when she pulled out her mallet in a sparring match.

Seeing Ukyou who had a kind ear for him at her restaurant and stuck with him through thick and thin when others had refused to listen him when Akane was mad at him.

Seeing the Amazons who, even with their own agenda, gave him good advice for his problems, unlike his family or anyone else.

Even more images came into his mind...

The images of Akane stomping away from him from his place on the ground after he defeated an opponent who had challenged the Dojo and the Heir spiralled in his head. It was apparent to him that Akane and both their fathers simply ignored that the challenge was to the Dojo Heir, who was her, and dragged him into it on his honour when she was about to lose and then after it became HIS responsibility. Every time they said it was because he was Akane's fiancée and therefore a pseudo heir and had to defend her and the honour of the TENDO Dojo. When they did that, it was plainly wrong. They would try to push him into it by threatening or intimidating, but only when the challenger agreed did he actually engage in the fight and most did after Soun's Demon Head Attack. What was worse was that Akane didn't seriously object to this interference until he had won and the challenger left. After, she proceeded to berate him and then tell HIM to mind his own business because she was a martial aritst and Heir to the dojo. Both the idiots, her father and his father, would back her up and say that the Dojo was practically hers.

He shook his head. Images of his ten torturous years sped through his cranium. He had been beaten, starved, deprived of almost any human contact, and went through insane training to get to his level. He earned every one of his skills and had the scars to prove it, only to have Akane turn her nose up at him as if he was now beneath her because of the Dogi Suit. With her actions, his opinion and respect for her plunged because she was using something she would have fiercely called cheating, dishonourable, etc. for anyone else. He could now see his actions as a desperate person who wanted to justify that the ten years of hell were not wasted.

The Images of Ukyou giving him a shoulder to cry on when the others pounded, literally and figuratively, on him and his honour. Many times, she would put aside her own pursuit of him to help him out, even though she did go with the cute fiancée gig later.

The images of the Amazons' laughing faces when they told him that the Kiss of Marriage or Death wasn't mandatory. The Kiss was only for prestige and a way for them to get an opponent to fight harder. They explained to him that it was the only reason why Akane was still alive when she was given the Kiss of Death for accidentally defeating Shampoo. They could have killed her at any time with spells, poison, ambushes and so on, but that didn't happen. On the other hand, they told him the Kiss of Marriage was a very serious matter with a huge loss of honour if they didn't get their male. The first strike was getting a Jusenkyo curse. The second strike... let's say there would never be a third strike, ever.

He tried to have positive thoughts about Akane and the images he got was Akane smiling at him and sometimes being nice... before changing to smacking him or yelling at him when he was just talking to any girl, not to mention a legitimate fiancée. What really got him annoyed now was that she always called him a pervert with his bimbos or that she said that she was saving the new girl's honour from his perverted ways after she punches or punts him into LEO. His dates with the other fiancées were mostly tricks and to get a cure. After, the everyone else harps on him that he was 'unfaithful' to Akane or that he was a pervert who wanted to go out with his bimbos. Contrast this when she accetped and went out with Ryouga, who is not her financé, for a 'date' when he asked and no one objected it to her. They just forced him to stop the date by saying he was her fiancé and should do something about it because it was a stain on HIS honour. They knew that he would get the fallout from that action.

He took a deep breath, but knew that Ukyou and Shampoo who didn't pretend to misunderstand him or the situation like everyone else or by a certain tomboy. Even if a new fiancée pops out of the woodwork, they don't smack him or belittle him when it wasn't even his fault. They know whose fault it really was.

He was getting confused. He wasn't really good at this mushy stuff.

But... in truth, the answer he got was one of trust and that was the heart of the matter.

Even he knew that Akane was jealous, yet blamed him for her own insecurities whether it was real or not by slapping, yelling, punching, kicking or just ignoring him. Most of these times, their families would get involved in either trying to get them back together by getting him to apologize to her and 'beg' forgiveness, even if she was the one at fault.

As he snapped out of his thoughts, he found that he wasn't the only one who was affected by crying females. Cologne comforted Shampoo. Ryouga and even Mousse, who could hear Ukyou, paused as they felt helpless of what to do and for once didn't blame him. Over the time they got to know her, they both liked her. They could always talk to her. In that pause they were helpless as he was and knew instinctively that only Ranma could help her.

In any other circumstances, he would have no clue what to do, but what he knew as that Ukyou needed him the most out of everyone. He did the only thing he could do. He hugged her, trying to comfort her.

At first, Ukyou resisted then she started bawling out and that made Ranma feel as guilty as ever. Ryouga and Mousse moved away. It was an emotional moment and they didn't want to seem unmanly.

Of course at that point, Akane saw what Ranma was doing.

At HER wedding.

The most unspeakable thing.

Hugging one of the women who crashed her wedding in her eyes.

She was seeing red as she focused on the two people and marched right over. People parted as they saw her red battle aura spring into life.

He knew what would be next. Despite them both saying that they loved each other, she was still a spoiled brat. She would start yelling that it was his fault that this happened. It always happened. Yes, later she would put the blame on the right people and made amends... sometimes, but it annoyed him to no end that she still had that stuck up attitude when he first came to the dojo. Blame Ranma first.

Akane yelled to the heavans, "Ranma, you jerk! This is my wedding! How dare you invite your bimbos to it!"

Ranma could see from the corner of his eye that Nabiki, the middle Tendo sister and the one who brought in all the money to the family, cringe at the yell and knew that who was really to blame, but he said nothing. He and Nabiki had grown closer. He actually did help her in her money gathering events that lead to her dropping her more 'questionable' activities. Surprisingly though, they did share some interests. They both loved ice cream and mangas. He read a lot of fighting mangas such as Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Naruto and others. He got hooked on them when he was in China with their version of a fighting story. It was the mangas that he had much of his inspirations and was directly respoinsible for his use of the Hiryo Hyou Toppa (Flying Dragon Ice Breakthrough) after he wanted to get variations of the attack after his fight with Herb when he used the Hiryü Körin Dan (Flying Dragon Descent Bomb) at the last second.

As he focused back on Akane, the words came back to him what Kasumi said to him the first time he was knock out by her. Akane was a sweet girl, all in all. The problem was that she had a very bad habit that when she formed her first opinion of you, no matter how ludicrious or wrong, it stuck like others he knew. It turned her into a violent maniac and was especially prevelent when she was angry like now. Even now, when she knew that he couldn't have done what she said since he was just dragged here by Akane's father, his father and mother, there she goes again, blaming him. Another part of the problem was that people agreed with her, even though they knew she was wrong or only heard her side of it, which compounded the problem because he was starting to see Mr. Tendo start his Demon Head Attack on him. It galled him that no one said anything when Akane later went out with Ryouga and even Shinnosuke and then yelled at him for see Ukyou, a legitimate fiancée. He knew it didn't do any good until she cooled down.

Ukyou took out her giant spatula and Shampoo took out her bonbori.

That was enough for Akane as she slapped Ranma. Everything narrowed for Akane on Ranma and Ukyou. If that wasn't enough, she then knocked Ukyou and Shampoo's weapons out of the way and slapped Ranma again on the other cheek when Ranma pushed her from him and then yelled at him, "Ranma, you jerk!! This is MY weddin..."

That sentenced died a very slow and painful death as she saw a katana sticking out of Ranma's chest and slowly followed it back to the raving Kuno then froze. What she couldn't see was that the blade had exited through the other side. The twist that Kuno did next with his sword tore at everyone there as twisted it to inflict maximum damage when he removed it.

Moments passed that felt like an eternity and it seemd to everyone that there were in an old fashion B movie.

The scene where Ranma was sliding to the floor.

Then their was darkness for him

Cologne and Happosai were trying to stem Ranma's blood as tears streamed out of their ancient eyes. Kuno was raving about how he vanquished the evil sorceror and freeing both his Tigress Akane Tendo and his Pig Tailed Goddess as well as his Bubbly Amazon and Okonomiyaki Goddesses. Shampoo, Ukyou and Kodatchi were enraged as they put a beatdown on Kuno then punted him into LEO.

Everyone else was in shock.

It was only broken by a mother's heart wrenching scream of pain that came from her shattered soul. Genma ran to his wife when she slumped down as tears ran down his eyes. Soun snapped out of his stupor when Kasumi also screamed and tried to comfort her. Surprisingly, tears started falling from Nabiki's eyes as well.

What took everyone by surprise occurred when tears started falling from Kodatchi's eyes as she stared at the sword wound and then fainted.

As time slowed, a lot of thoughts had sunk in the other's thick skulls.

What Akane didn't realize was that Kuno was there with Kodachi when she slapped Ranma when he was with Ukyou.

What Akane hadn't heard, in her rage, Kuno's yell as it was behind her, call his attack. Kuno had been committed to the attack as she smacked Ranma.

What Akane didn't realize was that Ukyou and Shampoo didn't take out their weapons to battle her. She stopped them from coming to Ranma's defence.

What Akane didn't realize was that it wasn't she who he was looking at when she came over. Her second slap had to stunned Ranma again as he gave her a hurt look. Her interference was enough to give Kuno the opening for him to make the successful strike.

What Akane now realized was that she may be responsible for killing Ranma.

What no one would know until later was that there will be a reckoning and now take the toll on everyone.

Time resumed.

Everybody froze until Cologne yelled, "Call an ambulance!!"

Chaos erupted as people converged on Kuno who was now yelling that he has killed the Foul Sorcerer Saotome.

As Ranma shook himself awake, he looked up and saw a girl on an oar.

He met her before... Botan... when he went through the Neko Ken and the various other insane training methods that his old man did to him. He had also seen her with a gaijin girl with black hair, pale skin and an ankh, who told him that she was Death. He remembered that each time she gently pushed him back into his body and kept saying that it wasn't his time yet. When he told his father about it, his father thought he was delusional and doubled his training.

He looked back down at himself, but not in shock. He knew that it was likely a fatal hit in the chest as it cut his left lung, just missing his heart by mere millimeters. On the whole, he just shrugged. It was better this way, this time everyone's honour will be intact... well except his and he can die in peace.

Botan didn't say anything as she looked him. The sadness in his face told her the entire story, but was surpised when it lit up a bit. She stayed here because he was here. It seemed that he wanted to see, at least, if his death made any difference to the people he cared about after seeing Death and her telling him that it was time. It did and now he could rest in peace.

She could wait.

Some time later

Somewhere in Nerima General Hospital





The steady rhythm of the patient's heart was comforting to the lone occupant. Nabiki Tendo, the Mercenary of the Tendo Clan, was sitting quietly in the sterile room next to an unconscious Ranma. She was nursing her hot tea that she had gotten from the cafeteria.

She sighed as those thoughts were far away as she looked upon the once energetic young man with all those tubes stuck into him. The unnatural stillness of Ranma had a morbid effect on her. It reminded her of when she had visited her mother. She couldn't get her mind over the fact that the Invincible Ranma had almost died. Sure, sometimes he was sick from Akane's cooking or beat up a bit from his rivals or other challengers or fiancées and yes Akane also, but this was the first time that he was actually in the hospital for a prolonged period of time.

She looked around the room and then sighed. It was touch and go for a while when he accidentally changed into his female form and back again during it. The trouble hadn't stopped there. When Ranma was resting in his room, others came over with their own problems and promptly dumped it on him. When she thought about it, it occurred to her that Ranma wasn't the actual source of chaos. Everyone else around him was. He was just the recipient of their chaos.


As she looked around her, she knew that he had gotten a better and more secured room before the fiasco that destroyed his old room in the other wing. She still shook her head when she remembered the sequence of what happened. It was so typical.

That had been two week ago with no change in his condition.

She was still in shock as she shook her head as thought how all of this went wrong. How all of what was supposed to be a happy time turned tragic. How her baby sister had still chosen to blind herself to say that Ranma was still a pervert after all that he had done and been through because of her. She shook her head and finally faced the facts that she failed.

She saw that everything that happened had advanced Akane's standing as head finacée. It was Akane who was kidnapped so that Ranma had to save her. It was Akane who everyone defended. It was Akane who everyone helped.

Heck, she took the last six months to teach Ranma to be better in school and life for Akane's sake. It appalled her that, at the time, she didn't even worry that Ranma had no idea what sex was, althought it did make her think of the incident when Ranma saw Akane's panties and honestly commented on it without batting an eye. It really changes her perspective about the 'pervert' comment that Akane loved to use on Ranma.

The only good that came out of that was Ranma's grades and vocabulary drastically improved; yet everyone, especially Akane, wanted him to change back to being the jock. She guessed that since school was the one place that Akane actually outshone Ranma then it was wiser for him not to beat Akane. They both talked to the teachers and it was agreed that his grades would be consistently lower than Akane until it was time for the true marks would be recorded.

She sighed. When she got down to it, who defended him against others? Even if it was more for self interest, it was Ukyou who did it. When Kasumi asked Akane to stop hitting Ranma.

What did Akane do?

Akane promptly broke her promise and smacked him within a very short time when she simply lost her temper with no consequences. What made her feel sad was that she never attempted to followed up and have Akane curb her temper and her resorting to physical violence or belittling him after. Everything would have been better if she had. To her eternal shame, she got so used to the abuse that she that thought of Akane treatment of Ranma was 'normal', even knowing how he was raised.

She failed everyone, but especially herself. She had taken responsibilities of the finances and did many things in the name of her family, but when the true test came when Ranma first came here, she 'dropped the ball' and fostered Ranma on Akane. Now this happened.

Just inside the room was another uninvited guest, a System Bug, had come from a portal that it created. System Bugs, as everyone knew in Heaven and Niflheim were creatures that screwed up the running of the Ygdrasil System. Unknown to anyone else, after the Great War that sundered his first children into Heaven and Niflheim, Kami-sama Himself developed the them to balance the running of the Universe. Also, despite appearances, they were very intelligent, well some were at least, as they knew the role they play.

The System Bug was in Ranma's room for a particular reason. As Ranma had suspected, his life was a plaything of higher beings and they were the source of chaos and he was merely the regulator. Ironically, he was the very source of order in this myst of chaos since everything would have blown up without him intervening. What the young pig tailed man didn't know was that both powers above and below were equally using him for entertainment. He had a high potential and a direct descendant from a First Class god on his mother's side and a First Class demoness from his father's side. Still, for the life of him, the bug couldn't understand why they wanted Ranma to be married to Akane. Sure she was a descendant from another goddess, but so where her sisters, the okonomiyaki chef, the Amazon and even crazy girl. Yet, the latter four girls weren't given any leeway to court Ranma.

Nabikii was startled when a nurse came in. She had long platinum blond hair and a shapely figure that Nabiki was a bit envious about.

"The nurse smiled, "It's time for Ranma's bath." Nabikii blushed and walked out of the room.

As the door closed, the System Bug hopped onto Ranma's chest, it just waited because he knew that the Skuld, the scourge of the System Bugs, would come and try to debug it. It knew that it's mission was about be fulfilled when it saw a swirly thing in the hot tea that Nabiki had on the table next to the desk. The meddling of the other powers had to stop now as they were trying to control every aspect of Ranma's life from the Seppukku contract to Nekoken and the running from the wolves to his life in Nerima and his battles with Herb and Saffron. They stopped Ranma's free will and that was a big no no in Kami-sama's book.

Right on schedule, the swirl came and a girl that looked about 12 years old came out. "Where is it?!" Skuld was frantically looking for that particularly annoying bug. It had eluded her for the last two years and now she had it cornered.

"Skuld! What are you doing here?!" the nurse asked in a panicked voice. She was here to make sure that Ranma didn't die on her. He was too entertaining. She was appalled that her favourite, Akane, had almost killed Ranma. They were 'destined' to be together.

"Urd, I finally found that pesky bug. It's in this room!" Skuld said, but before Urd could reply, she spotted the bug on the chest of the boy in the bed and yelled, "There you are!!"

At the same time when the Bug was hit, Ranma suddenly flatlined.


As the debugging took place, a strange thing happened. All the magic, all the meddling, all the chaos that was generated by the things in his life had come to bear fruit in Ranma's body. With the surge from Skuld's debugging hammer, the high level magics and spells that had affected his life and his previous lives exploded, completly engulping Ranma. All Skuld could say under Urd's glare was, "Oops!" They were astonished as they saw Ranma's body start to float and then vanish.

At the same time, Nabiki rushed into the room at the sound of the explosion. She prayed that Ranma wasn't at the center of this mess, he was still unconscious. Surely, the higher powers weren't that cruel to the bo.. No. With all of the crap that he went through, he was definitely a man and very old before his time. In the back of her mind, she wondered what would have happened if she was the one picked.

Author's note:

I know, Akane was in a bad light, but not too bad. She was just a spoiled brat. Ranma isn't really much better, but at least he does have good reason as to why he is that way in his WAY too interesting life.