by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or it's characters.

Summary: Desperate for grandchildren, and her sons happiness, Yui takes matters into her own hands and uses Eva to create grandchildren using Shinji's, Rei's and Asuka's DNA.

Author's Notes: This idea came from 1v2, someone who apparently likes my writing style and suggested this idea for a possible write-up.


Chapter 1
Pilot Parents

In the vast expanse that was the mind scape of Evangelion Unit 01, the brilliant and beautiful Yui Ikari floated through the LCL filled world as if it were water itself. Her mind tinged as she felt the familiar presence of her loving son.

Shinji is here. Yui thought as she flew through the vastness of Unit 01e of Unit 01 and came to the area where she could see her beloved son preforming yet another synch test. It had been three days since the battle against the Seventh Angel, and after being repaired, the Eva was now being tested.

As she watched her son preform his synch test, floating around him like a ghost, she felt a stab of sadness go through her.

I wish there was some way I could help him. He seems so lonely. She thought as she watched her son concentrate on his test. It's a family he really wants. Yes, I can see my Shinji being a better father than Gendo. And it's not that I wouldn't mind some grandchildren. Let's see.... she thought, peering into her son's mind. ...he likes that Rei girl.... and he likes Kyoko's daughter.... though judging from these memories Asuka probably wouldn't want to have a child with my son. And he has feelings for his guardian, Misato, though not of a romantic nature. Hmm? What's this? They're doing a synchronization test with all three pilots using Unit 01? This could be my chance!

Having spent years inside the Eva, Yui had been able to master manipulating the environment to her will. Yui focused on the Eva and the LCL that surrounded and filled Shinji, carefully extracting his DNA from his exposed hair and skin.

The process was a slow one, and Yui was thankful for the rather long time required for a synch test. But eventually, Shinji was done, and the entry plug was reset for the next occupant.

That occupant was Rei Ayanami.

However, once she got in the entry plug and Yui was able to connect to her, she gasped when she realized exactly what she was.

She's a genetic clone of myself and the Angel Lilith? Yui gasped. Damn it, Gendo, what the hell were you thinking?!! At least he hasn't done anything of a sexual nature with her, but... how will she be able to give Shinji a child.... unless I can change that. she thought again as she peered deeper into Rei's mind. No real emotional attachment to my husband... no 'physical tampering' that I can see. No blocked memories or anything.... and she has deep hidden feelings for my Shinji. Excellent.

As with Shinji, Yui managed to slowly extract the necessary DNA from Rei, via her exposed hair and face, but also left a small genetic marker within her DNA which she hoped would have unique consequences for the girl. Once again she was grateful that the synch tests took a while. When she had all that she needed, it was time for Rei to be finished.

The last pilot, one Asuka Langley Sohryu, got into the entry plug after Rei and began her own test. And as she synched with Unit 01, Yui looked into her mind as well.

God! Such an ego. I didn't know Kyoko's daughter was so proud... even without her around. But... there is potential. Strong, intelligent, fearless.... to a point. She is attracted to Shinji, but appears to be in denial about it. Guess we'll have to do something about that. She thought.

Like Shinji and Rei, Yui extracted the necessary DNA from Asuka, ending when her own time limit with Unit 01 was finished.

Holding the three DNA strands close to her, Yui waited patiently until everyone was gone for the night, before preforming an experiment of her own.

Manipulating the necessary DNA parts to manifest themselves into the parts she needed was easy. It was the last critical stage that she took her time preforming.

Alright then. One part male sperm cell.... one part female egg.... mix them together.... and voila! Instant baby! Yui said as the extracted DNA samples were brought together to preform the very task she desired. And now for the other one. One part male sperm cell.... one part female egg... mixed together... add just the right amount of hormone's... and wham! Baby number 2! Yui smiled as she held up the two glowing spheres as if they were crystal balls, one blue and one red, to indicate which mother they had come from. And thanks to the advanced biological environment provided by EVA 01, my grandchildren's development will be faster than normal.

(NERV, Two Months Later, four days after the Tenth Angel battle)

"Are you sure this is necessary, Ritsuko? I mean it's Saturday!" Misato whined as she trudged into the Synchronization Training Center of Central Dogma, with three teenage pilots behind her.

"Yes I'm sure, and I don't care if it's Saturday! If I don't get a day off, you don't get a day off, Misato!" Ritsuko hissed at the woman.

The three Bridge Bunnies were at their consoles ready to preform the necessary tests.

"Then why did the rest of us have to come here?" Asuka whined, equally upset at being in at NERV when she didn't have to be. "I mean... it's only baka-Shinji's Eva that's acting glitchy."

"So what is the problem here, Ritz?" Misato asked.

"For the last two months, every time Shinji synched with his EVA, the Magi has been gradually detecting a change in the life-support system. As if there were more than one person inside the EVA whenever Shinji was inside. The last test confirmed a definite additional presence, though there is none to speak of." the faux-blond explained.

"So? Maybe the system's glitchy." Misato interjected as Shinji brought her a cup of coffee. "Thank's Shinji-kun."

"The system isn't glitchy, Misato! We've ran a dozen computer systems checks this month alone. There isn't any way we're wrong about this." Ritsuko said.

"But you don't know what the problem is!" Misato shot back.

"That's what Shinji is going to find out for us." Ritsuko said, instructing Shinji to then get his plugsuit on and get in his Eva.

Shinji did as ordered, not seeing much reason to argue with a superior officer.

However, about half-way into the first hour, the EVA started to convulse, like it was about to throw-up. The electrical systems spark and all communication with the EVA is lost.

"What happened?" Misato asked.

"I don't know, ma'am! We're working on the problem!" Makoto shouted as his hands danced over the controls.

Two minutes later, the audio starts to work.

"Shinji? Shinji-kun? Are you alright?" Misato shouted into the mic.

(Uh... yes, Misato. I'm fine. I think.) Shinji replied through the speaker.

"You think?" Asuka asked.

(Uh... can you guys see me on camera?) Shinji asked.

"No. The video signal's scrambled." Misato said, turning to Ritsuko who was apparently working on the problem alongside Maya. "Why? Is something wrong?"

(You could say that.) Shinji said, right before...


The group looked at each other in surprise. Even Rei looked shocked.

"Shinji? Was that.... a baby cry?" Misato asked.

(Yes.) Shinji replied.

"Not your best impression, baka." Asuka said.

(That wasn't me, Asuka. Shhh. Shhh. It's alright.) Shinji said.

"Ikari-kun, who are you talking to?" Rei asked.

(The two babies in here with me.) He stated.

"Eject the plug. I'm going down there!" Misato said to Makoto as she ran out.

"I will accompany you." Rei said, following the woman.

"Hey! Wait For Me!" Asuka shouted as she ran after them.

Shinji's entry plug is ejected from the Eva as everyone arrives at see what is going on, only to gasp in shock when they see Shinji Ikari emerge.... with two babies in his arms.

(Ritsuko's Lab)

"What do you mean you don't know?!!" Misato snapped at the woman.

"Misato, for the last time, I don't know!" Ritsuko said, giving the baby girl a physical examination on the exam-table.

"You're a scientist. Aren't you supposed to have a theory?" Misato asked.

"Immaculate conception." Ritsuko said, not looking up at her friend.

"Ha. Ha." the purple-haired woman weakly chuckled.

"You asked. But if you want a better explanation, leave me alone and let me get on with this examination." Ritsuko said and then went over to a small table that had several instruments on it.

"It's nothing that's going to hurt them, is it, Ritsuko-san?" Shinji asked, standing behind the two babies.

"I shouldn't think so." she said as flicked the syringe in her hands. "Shinji, hold the boy, will you?"

Shinji picked up the baby boy and held him tightly as Ritsuko drew some blood.

Naturally the baby cried.

"Shh. Shhhh. It's alright. It's over now." Shinji cooed as he rocked the baby gently.

Misato smiled as she watched Shinji and the baby.

"Now it's time for the other one." Ritsuko said, picking up another syringe.

However, the baby girl doesn't like being handled by Misato or Ritsuko, so Shinji hands the boy to Rei so that he can comfort the girl. However, the boy cries in Rei's arms, so she hands him to Asuka, which causes him to stop crying, which shocks the redhead. It takes both Shinji and Rei to calm the baby girl down as Ritsuko draws blood from her.

"Here, baka!" Asuka said, practically shoving the baby into Shinji's arms.

"Easy, Asuka, He's just a baby." Shinji said, cradling the baby.

"I don't handle little kids." she scoffed.

While Ritsuko ran the blood-tests, Shinji and Rei had taken to comforting the babies. The Bridge Bunnies eventually came in to see the babies, but Shinji and Rei continued to hold them as they were fawned over. While this was going on, Misato was watching and noticing that the babies seem to respond more to Shinji and the girls. The female baby responded better to Shinji and Rei, while the male baby responded better to Shinji and Asuka.

Wonder what the connection is? Misato thought.

(Two hours later)

"Well?" Misato asked as Ritsuko reviewed the last bits of data, at the same time Shinji, Rei, Asuka, the Bridge Bunnies and the babies returned from lunch.

"Well..... I don't know how to tell you this... but..." Ritsuko said.

"But what?" Misato asked.

"But..... these babies are Shinji's, Asuka's and Rei's children."

"WHAT?!!!!" the group gasped.

"The boy possesses a combined DNA signature as that of Shinji and Asuka. The girl possesses the combined DNA signature of Shinji and Rei. It's almost as if Shinji had sex with both Rei and Asuka and they gave birth to a girl and boy, respectively." Ritsuko explained.

"THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!!!" Asuka shouted.

"Yeah! I'd remember have sex with two beautiful young women." Shinji said.

Rei looked at Shinji and blushed. Ikari-kun think's I am beautiful?

"Alright, Ritz! Start Talking! Or better yet, Start Thinking!" Misato snapped.

Ritsuko ruffled her hair and scratched her head, literally racking her brain searching for an answer.

"These unusual anomalies started two months after all three pilots had their joint synch test with Unit 01. It's... possible... that during the synch tests, the EVA absorbed parts of the pilots DNA and somehow combined them into... these two children." she said.

"But that's impossible! Why would the Eva do that? And doesn't it take nine months for a baby to be... created?" Misato asked.

"8-to-9 months inside a human, yes, but the EVA's are not a standard incubation chamber. You've seen it heal itself in battle, right?" Ritsuko said.

"Right." Misato agreed.

"That accelerated healing, under extreme circumstances, could possibly manifest itself in the form of a... well, an artificial womb of sorts... which obviously did the job in 8 weeks as opposed to 8 months. Though I don't know why eight instead of nine." Ritsuko groaned as she ran over the info on her computer.

"So... these babies are Shinji's.... and Asuka's and Rei's. Are you sure?" Maya asked.

"Yes. I am." Ritsuko said.

"Well... then I guess.... congratulations are in order Shinji. It's twins!" Misato said.

"I.... I.... I mean.... I don't...." Shinji started to babble.

Rei just stared at the cooing little girl in her arms.

This is my child.... with Shinji-kun. She thought as she noticed the slight resemblance the girl had between herself and Shinji.

For the first time in her life, Rei felt an overwhelming sense of warmth and protectiveness. As if she finally had a purpose in her life other than piloting.

Asuka, on the other hand, had a different reaction.

"No. No! I Can't!" Asuka gasped as she started to back out of the room.

"Asuka?" Shinji asked the girl.

"I... I'm not ready to be a mother! I... I can't do this!" the redhead said as she pulled back and ran out of the room.

"Misato?" Shinji asked, looking at his guardian for some help.

"I'll talk to her. In the meantime, I suggest you take these kids home and... take care of them."

A thought entered Rei's head as she spoke up. "Ikari-kun?" she asked.

"Yes, Rei?" Shinji asked.

"I do not believe that my apartment is appropriate for this child, so..." she started to say.

"Yes, you can come stay with us." Shinji said, knowing full well what she meant.

"Really?" she asked, shocked he would agree so readily.

"Of course. I mean... I don't see why you stayed there in the first place." he said with a smile.


Misato drives the teenage parents to her apartment and then goes to find Asuka. However, after they got to Shinji's place, the babies started crying.

"What do you think is wrong?" Rei asked, holding the girl.

"I don't know. Maybe they're hungry." Shinji said, holding the boy.

With her right hand, Rei undoes her shirt, opens it, and lifts up her bra, bringing the baby girl closer so as to allow her to suck on her breast.

"REI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Shinji shouts in shock and turns away, blushing heavily.

"Is this not how mothers feed their children?" Rei asked casually as the baby continued to suckle.

"Uh.... well yeah, but... I mean... do you have any milk?" Shinji asked, practically glowing at the image.

"I do not believe I am lactating." she said.

"Then why are you doing that?" Shinji asked, still holding the boy tightly.

"Because while I have no experience as a mother, I am well-read in how a mother acts to care for her child." she explained.

"Oh boy." he groaned. "Uh... Rei? Maybe you should make a run to the store. Here, I'll make a list." he said as he sat the baby on the table, took out a pad and pen and started writing.

"Very well." Rei said, buttoning up her shirt after having the baby release her.

"Uh.... can you pay for this? I'm not sure I have much money." Shinji said, handing the list to the blue-haired girl.

"I will charge it to NERV, using my identification card." Rei said, handing the girl over to Shinji and taking the list.

"You can do that?" Shinji asked, gently rocking the baby girl.

"You did not know?" Rei asked, heading to the door.

"I... never thought about it before." Shinji said.

Rei thought that it was better that she go, since the babies seemed to respond better to Shinji alone. She wondered if Shinji sensed the same thing about the babies as she did.


"Let's see... four packs of diapers, four canisters of baby formula, milk bottles, a couple of baby outfits, antiseptic wipes, baby powder, pacifiers, baby toys, teething rings, socks, and blankets." the clerk said, ringing up the items.

"Thank you." Rei said, paying for the items with her NERV ID.

"So, are these for your little sister?" the clerk asked as a stock boy helped Rei bag her items.

"No. They are for my baby." Rei said, shocking the pair.

"But.... aren't you a little young to have a child?" the clerk asked as Rei pulled a backpack filled with items onto her shoulders.

"Yes. I am." she said without emotion and left the store, backpack and bags-in-hand as she left.

"And here I thought the days of teenage pregnancies were over." the clerk said as the stock boy nodded.

(NERV HQ, Eva Cages)

Gendo Ikari stared at the massive synthetic tomb of his wife.

"I don't know why you have done this, Yui. I don't know how. But I cannot allow these children to interfere with the scenario. I will have the babies removed from pilot custody and placed in foster care. There must be no interference with..." he said, but paused as he heard a deep rumbling roar and saw the massive purple right hand explode from the LCL lake and wrap around his body.

"GRRRRRRR NO!" the deep, almost animalistic roar reverberated through the cages.

"Yu–Yui!!" Gendo gasped as the large purple hand squeezed down upon the man.

Gendo felt his bones snap as the Eva spoke again.

"MY.... GRAND.... CHILD....REN!!!" the Eva growled before tossing Gendo across the bay and slamming him into a steel wall.


Rei returned with the supplies and Shinji took to making the formula for the children.

While Shinji did that, Rei did her best to clean the children and put them into their new outfits.

Within a few minutes, Shinji and Rei were sitting in the living room with their babies, feeding them with the freshly made formula.

Off to the side, PenPen just watched the strange scene. He was glad to at least get his fish and beer before the blue-haired girl had returned and all attention was turned back to the small versions of his caretakers.

"Rei?" Shinji asked, while feeding the boy.

"Yes, Ikari-kun?" Rei asked, while feeding the girl.

"These are our children, right?"

"According to Dr Akagi, yes."

"Then.... we should think up names for them." he said.

Rei actually pondered that idea as her baby continued to feed.

(NERV, the next day)

Word of Gendo's injuries, with included broken bones and a concussion-induced coma, sub-commander Kouzou Fuyutsuki was quickly put into command of NERV. Not that he liked the idea, but it was the most logical course of action. No word had come as to how he had been injured, though the betting pool of NERV was putting it's money on the Eva being responsible.

As Kouzou's first act as the new commander, he gives Shinji and Rei a raise so as to take care of their new children. Asuka doesn't receive one since she refused to preform the same duty.

Furthermore, Shinji and Rei were allowed to stay home so as to better take care of their children.

Section 2 eventually located Asuka, at Hikari Horaki's house, and informed Misato.

Misato's orders were to just watch her, but not bring her in.

"But... isn't that a little extreme?" Shinji asked, once he heard about the situation after he and Rei were called in to NERV. Along with their children.

"Not really. If you and Rei wish to care for these children, and as their situation falls under unusual circumstances, then I see no reason to deny you the chance to do so. And besides, if you are capable of piloting giant robots against the Angels, then you are more than capable of raising your own children." Commander Fuyutsuki said.

"Thank you, sir." Shinji said with a bow.

"Of course... we're going to have to find a suitable babysitter for them when you are piloting." Misato said.

The group looked at each other, trying to figure out a solution to that problem. However, they all had the same thought.

"I'M NOT DRAWING STRAWS!!!" the Bridge Bunnies, Kaji and Ritsuko shouted.

"Oh, brother!" Fuyutsuki groaned.

"Well, it's not like Kaji does anything important around here." Misato said.

"Now wait a minute!" Kaji gasped.

"Well, I'm not fishing for names out of a hat!" Maya shouted.

That actually got Misato to thinking.

"That reminds me, Shinji-kun." Misato said to the boy.

"Yes, Misato?" Shinji asked.

"What are you going to name them?" she asked.

Shinji and Rei looked at each other and then turned back to Misato.

"Actually, we have thought up two good names." Shinji said.

"Really? What?" Ritsuko asked, curiously.

"Well, I named the boy 'Amwolf Sohryu Ikari'." Shinji said.

"And I named the girl 'Yukiko Ayanami Ikari'." Rei said.

"Amwolf?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"That's German for Eagle Wolf." Misato said.

"Eagle. Wolf. Strong, fast, fierce, and intimidating creatures. Kinda like Asuka." Kaji said.

"And Yukiko?" Makoto asked.

"You named her Snow Child?" Shigeru asked.

The group smiled. Mostly at the fact that Rei, who looked like a 'snow maiden' with her pale skin and blue hair, had chosen the name.

"I think those are good names." Misato approved.

"But we need to make it official." Shinji said.

"Of course. Come with me." Misato said, leading the pair out.

(Hospital Clerk's Office)

"What is the baby girl's name?" the female clerk asked, taking down the information on the computer.

"Yukiko Ayanami Ikari." Rei said.


"Rei Ayanami."


"Shinji Ikari."

The rest of the info was basic, such as height, weight and such.

"And what is the boy's name?" the clerk asked, bringing up the second document file.

"Amwolf Sohryu Ikari." Shinji said.

"Okay. Mother?"

"Asuka Langley Sohryu."


"Shinji Ikari."

The clerk balked.

The boy had two kids with two different girls? She thought. At least he's taking care of them.

Within a few minutes the birth certificates were issued and the group was allowed to go home.


Once the pair had gotten home, they were paid a visit from Kaji, who had a gift for them: two cribs for the new babies. It was his version of a late baby shower gift. By the time Kaji and Misato were finished putting the cribs together in the spare room once held alot of Asuka's things, it was time to put the babies to bed.

After putting the children to bed, an exhausted Shinji brushed his teeth and crawled into his own bed. However, a couple minutes later, he felt someone else crawl into bed with him.

"Wha... Rei? What are you doing?" Shinji asked, shocked to see the blue-haired girl crawl in next to him, but even more that she was dressed in one of Misato's shirts for sleepwear.

"Sleeping with my husband." she stated blatantly.

"WHAT?" he gasped, almost jumping out of the bed, only to hit the wall and bounce back.

"You and I have had a child, therefore, are we not married?" Rei asked with incredible naivete.

Shinji was about to say something, but quickly shuts up. Technically that was true, but they hadn't actually gotten married or anything. And while he might not have been the smartest person in the world, even he realized how bad it would be to try and raise a family with different parents who were not married.

"Rei?" Shinji asked, sinking back into the bed next to the blue-haired girl.

"Yes, Shinji-kun?" Rei said, using his name for the first time.

"Will you... I mean.... I do like you, Rei. A lot. Would you...."


"Really? You'd marry me?" he asked, slightly shocked.

"Of course. To give our children a stable family life, being married is essential."

"Oh." he said, not really expecting that to be the answer he wanted to hear.

Rei leaned in close to Shinji and whispered something to him. "And I like you too, Shinji-kun. A lot." she said, giving him a peck on the cheek.

Shinji blushed as the pair snuggled down into the bed.

He would never know that Misato had actually encouraged Rei to take this course of action, for both of their benefits, as well as the childrens, and made her promise never to reveal it to anyone. And Misato would never suspect that Rei would have eventually taken this course of action on her own.


Author's Notes:

Like I said, this story idea came from author 1v2 who liked my writing style. However, this was only one of several ideas that I was sent. Hopefully there will be more ideas in future. Also, this is part 1 of a two-part story that I should have finished by the end of the month, with luck. Hope everyone enjoys this.