by Gunman

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Summary: The Eva pilots deal with their new roles as well as their own pasts. In more ways than one.


Chapter 2

Misato grumbled as another joyful cry was heard inside the apartment she shared with her four young wards.

"Coming, coming!" the groggy voice of Shinji Ikari was heard.

Misato smiled as she heard Shinji scurry around the apartment, preforming the job he had accepted more than piloting a giant robot.

Which to her made sense.

A second crying and a second shuffling of feet told her that Rei was also up.

It made Misato smile at the thought of the blue-haired albino actually interacting socially with other people. Especially with Shinji. Though Rei being a mother had never occurred to her.

However, that thought left her with a sour mental image of the other mother in this weird little family group.

Asuka. What am I going to do with you? That boy is your son and you won't take any responsibility for him. You ran away. Why? Misato thought. Does it have something to do with... your mother?

It would have benefitted Misato to know just how right she was.

(Horaki household, breakfast)

Asuka knew that she was always welcome at Hikari's house, even with her flimsy excuse of why she was staying there and not at Misato's apartment. Asuka hadn't even given her best friend the real story as to what was going on. Then again, even she thought the whole thing was weird.

Her train-of-thought was derailed as she watched Hikari interact with her younger sisters, Kodama and Nozomu.

She watched Hikari pack their lunches into bento boxes while the two girls ate their French toast.

Hikari makes a good mother. Asuka thought as she drank her orange juice.

Eventually the younger girls were finished with breakfast and went to the bathroom to finish getting ready.

Just then the phone rang. Hikari answered it.

"Horaki residence." Hikari said. "Speaking. Yes. I see. Well thank you for telling me in advance. Yes, sir. Good bye." she said, hanging up the phone. "That's weird."

"Something wrong, Hikari?" Asuka asked.

"No. But... well the teacher just called and said that Shinji and Rei wouldn't be attending class for a while. Didn't say why, just said that they would be unable to attend... for the rest of the year." she said. "Weird, huh?"

"Yeah. Weird." Asuka said, and letting the conversation die.

"You wouldn't know why, would you?" the class rep asked.

"Nope." the redhead said dismissively.

Hikari looked back to her friend and curled her eyebrow. "You're not... concerned?"

"No. Not in the slightest." Asuka said quickly.

"O-kay. Well... we need to get ready for school."

"Right. School." Asuka said as she walked to the bathroom.

Hmm. Something's up. Something big. Hikari suspiciously thought as she went to get ready for school herself.

(Tokyo-3 Municipal Junior High, after school)

"What's up Hikari?" Asuka asked, getting ready to leave.

"Oh, just something equally weird." Hikari said, walking up to the pigtailed girl.

"Weird? How weird?"

"Toji said that he and Kensuke were asked by Miss Misato to pick up Shinji and Rei's homework assignments and bring them over after they were done with school. Well, naturally the two Stooges jumped at the chance to visit your guardian.

Uh-oh. Asuka gasped, realizing that the pair could find out about the babies. "Uh, you know what? How about I take the assignments to them and meet you back at home, alright?" she asked.

Hikari's eyebrows knitted for several seconds as she stared at her redheaded friend. "Asuka, what's going on?"

"What do you mean?" she asked defensively.

"First you come over to my house because of something that happened at your place, presumably. I get a call from school telling me that Shinji and Rei are not going to be attending the rest of the year. Then you seem anxious to go back there, but not stay. I've never been a detective, Asuka, but this is rather suspicious. Did something happen between you guys that you're not telling me?"

"I.... cannot tell you under NERV authority." Asuka said with a slightly stern face.

"Oh, no! Don't you pull that 'top secret classified' crap with me, Asuka! This doesn't sound like a top secret thing to me. If it was, there would be no way to reach either Shinji or Rei, so what is going on?"

"It's nothing for you to worry about, Hikari. You..." she said, snatching the printouts from the class rep. "... just go home and let me deal with this."

Without another word, Asuka ran off, leaving the class rep rather stunned.

"Hmm. SUZUHARA! AIDA!" the girl shouted.

"Yes, Class Rep!" Toji and Kensuke shouted.

"Come with me!" she huffed and marched out of the building.

(Katsuragi/Ikari/Ayanami apartment)

Asuka had arrived at the apartment and froze right as she was about to knock on the door.

What am I doing here? I... why am I so nervous about this? It's just a baby! A harmless, innocent, cute baby boy that..... Isn't Mine! She mentally screamed as she shook her head. I can't do this. I'm going...

"Going somewhere, Asuka?" Hikari asked with Toji and Kensuke right behind her.

"Eep!" the redhead shrieked. "Hikari! What are you doing here?"

"Getting to the bottom of this little mystery. Anything you want to tell me?" Hikari asked.

"Uh... no." Asuka said.

"Did you deliver the printouts for Shinji and Rei?" she asked.

"Uh... yes."

"You mean the ones you're still holding?" Kensuke asked, adjusting his glasses.

"Oh! Would you look at the time!" Asuka said.

Knock, Knock! Hikari knocked on the door.

"Hikari!" Asuka cried, jumping in between the girl and the door.

"What is with you, Devil Girl?" Toji asked. "You get a bug up your ass or something?"

"TOJI AKIO SUZUHARA, That Was Incredibly Rude!" Hikari snapped.

Toji gulped.

"Whoa! Three names! Not good!" Kensuke grinned.

Suddenly, the door opened and the quartet were greeted by Misato, who smiled at the trio while then glaring at Asuka.

"Well... look who finally came home." Misato said in a condescending tone.

"Don't start, Misato." Asuka hissed.

"Oh, I intend to, Asuka. You had responsibilities here, but instead of facing them, like Shinji and Rei, you ran away because you got scared." she said, towering over Asuka.

"Now what a minute!" Hikari spoke up. "You have no right to talk to Asuka like that! She'd never run away from her responsibilities!"

Misato looked over at Hikari and then as Asuka before sighing in exasperation. "You didn't tell her, did you, Asuka?"

"There's nothing to tell, Misato. Nothing at all!" she hissed at the woman.

"Oh really? Come on in everyone... and meet the kids." Misato said.

Toji and Kensuke went quickly inside. Hikari followed them, all the while thinking, Meet the kids?

Asuka, however, was dreading what was to come.

In the living room, the trio found both Shinji and Rei playing with two children, a girl with red eyes and a boy with a small puff of red hair.

Hikari quickly squealed and rushed over to see the babies up close.

"Ohhhhhhh! They're so cute! What are their names?" Hikari gushed.

"Well... this lovely lady," Shinji said, indicating the baby girl Rei held, "is Yukiko Ayanami Ikari." He then turned to the boy he was holding. "And this rowdy lad is... Amwolf Sohryu Ikari."

Everyone in the room, including Asuka, gasped.

"You named the girl after Ayanami?" Kensuke asked.

"And named the boy after Sohryu?" Toji gasped.

"Well, it's only right to name them after their parents." Misato said, causing Asuka to wince.

A dead silence sailed through the apartment, until all three of their school mates exploded.

"WHAT?!!!!" Hikari, Toji and Kensuke shouted.

"If you three will follow me into the kitchen, I'll explain this as best I can. In the meantime, Asuka can get to know her son better." Misato said as she pushed the redhead forward and lead the other three into the kitchen.


While Misato explained things as best she could, Asuka just stared at the giggling children in their parents arms.

"So." Shinji said to Asuka. "Would you like to hold your son?"

"How could you name him without my permission, baka?" Asuka asked, completely dodging the question.

"You left. Said you didn't want any part of him." Shinji stated. "But because he was your son, I gave him a name I thought you'd like."

"Eagle Wolf? You thought I'd like that name?" she snapped.

"Why not? Both Eagles and Wolves are strong, fierce, intimidating creatures. Alpha animals in all respects. It seems appropriate."

"Well..... yeah, I wold have chosen something better!" she stated.

"You weren't around when we named them. And I was busy taking care of them that I couldn't call you to tell you."

"Uh!" Asuka huffed and paced around the living room, hardly able to keep eye-contact with the cooing baby in Rei's arms. "Is there anything else I should know?"

"Yes. Rei and I are getting married next week." Shinji said.

"WHAT??!!!!" Asuka shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Not so loud, Asuka." the boy said, trying to shield Amwolf's ears from Asuka shouting.

"Why?" she asked, clearly shocked.

"Because we don't want our children to have parents who aren't married. It's enough that we had them, so it's only right that we get married to be a more stable family." Shinji said as Asuka's pacing began to increase.

However, the quick pacing and shock finally got to the German girl and caused her to faint, right on to the couch.


While Shinji applied a cool towel to Asuka's unconscious forehead, Hikari giggled at the exploits of the baby that was supposed to be Asuka's child.

"Oh, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ouch!" Kensuke gasped as the baby boy grabbed a fistful of his hair and began tugging on it.

"Yeah... he's definitely the Devil's son." Toji groaned, rubbing his nose where said baby had punched him.

While Hikari was cradling the baby girl, named Yukiko, she was also thinking back to what Misato had said to them in regards to the pairs very presence. The 'cover story' she told them was that the pair were conceived using DNA testing into experimental cloning testing in order to specially create new organs for the pilots. The experiment was accidental and as a result, two babies were born of it. When Shinji and Rei found out about it, they volunteered to take care of them.

The trio didn't seem entirely convinced, but seemed to accept her explanation for now, right as they heard Asuka scream and then a heavy 'thud' that marked her as fainting.

She was still asleep when Ritsuko, Maya, Makoto, Shigeru and Kaji came by the apartment in order to give the parents a baby shower. It took Hikari and Misato to get Asuka into her room, and while she slept, everyone got acquainted with the two new arrivals.

But it was after a while that Shinji, with a little prompting from Hikari and some advice from Misato, that Shinji and his son headed into Asuka's room.


The gentle cooing of Amwolf feeding from his bottle caused Asuka to stir from her slumber. When she looked over and saw Shinji sitting on the chair in her room, she froze.

"Hi, Asuka. Have a good sleep?" Shinji asked softly.

Asuka didn't answer at first, just staring at the baby in Shinji's arms.

"Asuka? Are you alright?"

"I.... I.... I don't know." she said as she sat herself up.

Shinji sighed and walked over to her, sitting down on the bed next to the redhead, baby boy still in his arms.

"Asuka.... I know this is a pretty big shock to you, but... I have to know. Why... why did you run?" he asked.

"I didn't know at first. Until I.... I thought about it, and.... well..... it's because.................... because it reminded me of my mother. When she died."

"What happened?" Shinji asked.

Asuka was silent for a few more seconds, until she finally broke down and told Shinji everything. About how she was only four years old when she was told that she was going to be a robot pilot, and that when she went to tell her mother about what happened.... she found that she had hung herself.

At hearing this Shinji was silent for several seconds.

"I.... I'm sorry, Asuka. I didn't know." he said somberly.

"I never told anyone about it. I hadn't thought about it after all these years." she said, finally turning to stare at the little boy in Shinji's arms.

"And that's why you ran away? Why you.... didn't want to be a mother? Because of what happened to your mother?"

"My mother was part of the team that created the Eva's, Shinji! I... I just couldn't deal with the fact that.... I've had more exposure to the Eva's than she did, and... look where it got her, right? I mean, seeing your own mother kill herself isn't something I want my children to see. I just thought that... maybe.... one day I would be past it, but... not now."

"I see. I understand. I was only four when I lost my mother too."

Asuka turned and looked at Shinji.

"You too?" she asked as he nodded.

"I saw her die in the experiment used to create Unit-01, and.... after all these years I never thought about it. But I can't......"

"Can't what?"

"I never wanted to be a pilot, Asuka. You know that, right?"

"I..... I guess." she said, feigning ignorance about his unwilling desire to pilot the Eva's.

"I never wanted to be a hero, or save the world. All I ever wanted... was a family. People whom I could love and care for and... who would love me in return. I mean, I... didn't expect on having a baby right now, but... this is what I want. And I'm going to keep this baby, and Yukiko, for as long as I can."

Asuka turned to look at Shinji, seeing the devotion that was written all over his face. The strength of character, the dedication, the care. She blushed at how handsome it made him look.

She turned her head when Shinji turned to look at her.

"Asuka..... would you like to hold your son?" he asked.

"What?" she gasped. "I.... I mean.... what if I drop him, or hold him too tight, or..."

"You're the Great Asuka Langley Sohryu!" Shinji stated, gently overriding his concern. "There isn't anything you can't do, right?"

For the first time in her life, Asuka smiled a genuine smile towards the Third Child.

"Come to mama, baby." she smiled as she held out her arms.

Gently handing over the boy to his mother, Shinji just smiled at the adorable scene the pair made.

Asuka cradled the boy in her arms like she was a natural. Supporting his head against the crook of her elbow, his body traveling the length of her arm, as her left hand held the bottle for him to keep feeding.

"That's right, drink it all up. You're gonna be a big, strong boy some day." she said to the boy.

Shinji just smiled at the mother and son, finally glad that Asuka finally got to meet him.

"He looks like me." Asuka said softly as she held the hungry baby.

"He acts like you too." Shinji said, remembering Amwolf punching Toji's nose.

Asuka made a mental note to ask him how he acted like her. But later.

"You know, Shinji.... I have to say... you are terrible at name choosing." she said.

"I guess." he said with a shrug.

"I would have chosen something better. Something stronger." she declared.

"We can get his name changed."

"First thing in the morning then."


The pair just stared at the baby, until a soft knock on the door came from the other side.

"Shinji-kun?" Misato said, poking her head pas the door.

"Yes, Misato?" Shinji asked.

"You..... might want to come out here. Like.... now." she said with a slightly pale expression on her face.

"Is something wrong?" Shinji asked.

"That depends." was all she said.

Curious, Shinji, Asuka and baby Amwolf stepped into the hallway as Misato pointed towards the front door of the apartment.

At first Shinji didn't see anything unusual, except that Commander Fuyutsuki was standing in the door way in a black coat and hat. He removed his hat and nodded to Shinji before stepping to the side to reveal another person behind him.

The second he did, Shinji's heart jumped up into his throat. Asuka moved out behind him and followed his gaze, taking a few seconds to realize why he was so shocked.

"Hello, Shinji-kun. I've missed you so much." Yui Ikari said with a warm smile on her face.

Shinji's world faded to black as the ground rushed up to meet his face.


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