So I admit it – I'm a foodie! I'm one of those girls who love their food. Two of my multi-chapter fics revolved around food: chocolate and strawberry cake!

So here we have it, a series of short stories revolving around one of my most favourite things ever: FOOD! Each story will feature random characters from season one and two only.

Here we go with story one!

Chronicles of All Things Edible
One: Egg

She stared hard in concentration as he firmly, but gently, tapped the egg against the marbled counter. Her eyes widened with admiration as he cracked the shells apart smoothly, letting the contents of the egg trickle into the plastic bowl.

"Watch carefully now," he grinned at her, the paper chef hat she had made tipping precariously upon his messy hair.

He grabbed the spatula and mixed the egg furiously, sending bits of egg splattering. A drop landed on her lips and she gingerly licked it off. The taste was weird, but she didn't find it unpleasant.

Once done mixing, he picked up the pieces of cheese that had been sitting at the side and sprinkled them into the mixture. With that step completed, he walked over to the stove with her trailing behind expectantly. He smiled as he watched her tiptoe, trying to be on eye-level with the frying pan. He picked her up and set her down on the chair that had been placed right next to the stove for this very reason.

The pan sizzled with oil and she recoiled slightly as he poured the gooey mixture into it. Within a few minutes, the lovely aroma of egg and melted cheese had filled the tiny kitchen and she breathed in deeply, stomach rumbling both with hunger and excitement of what was to come next.

He flipped the omelette one last time before removing it with the spatula and placing it on her favourite plate – a round plastic one decorated with cartoon pictures of smiling and dancing kittens.

"Okay, your turn now!" He said encouragingly, picking up another egg and placing it into her outstretched palm. "Remember, not too hard and three times will do!"

She couldn't help but let out an excited giggle as he helped her down the chair and back to the counter, clutching the precious egg in her small hands. Her beloved whistle tapped against the marble as she leaned forward.


The egg spilt all over her hands and onto the floor.

I never did mention who these two are, but I guess it's obvious enough right?

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