This is the happy ending…well as happy as it could be after the deaths of so many Jedi. I really don't like these happy endings they're too "and they all lived happily ever after" for my taste, but I figured three endings for you guys to choose from is good.

It varies from the original ending when Ahsoka and Michael are heading to the hanger to escape the clones.


"Master Kenobi, wake up," Anakin was trying to wake him up, "we have to get out of here."

Master Kenobi slowly opened his eyes and groaned, "What happened?" He saw Michael with a piece of cloth covering the injured half of his face. Ahsoka was still unconscious by his side. Michael was holding a makeshift bandage to her head. It was covered in blood, "Where's Dooku?"
"Darth Zarrius knocked us out." Anakin motioned toward Eric's body, "Michael killed him, but Dooku got away."
"I'm sorry, Master. I couldn't get by Eric in time."

"It's all right, my Padawan. Dooku may have gotten away, but he can't elude us forever." Michael doubted he was forgiven; he could sense disappointment in Obi-Wan. "What happened to you?"

"He nearly cut my head off. I don't know how bad it is."

"We have to get out of here," Anakin said as he scooped up Ahsoka. The Jedi ran out of the room.

The Jedi were soon cut off by droids, at least a hundred of them. Eight destroyer droids were in the front line, shields up. There was no way of avoiding them. The door to the hanger was on the other side. There was another door on their left that would lead to the hanger, but the droids would cut them off. Fighting through would be difficult and the Droidekas' shields would only make it harder. There was no way around it, "Michael," Obi-Wan said, "take Ahsoka go through that door," he motioned to the left, "and get around the droids. Anakin and I will hold them off. Do not wait for us, destroy any droid in your path and get out."

"Master we are going to need his help," Anakin said, reluctant to put the life of his Padawan in Michael's hands.

"Ahsoka doesn't have much time left, Anakin, this is the only way," Anakin knew this and, without another word, handed his padawan over to Michael.

"Go, now," Obi-Wan ordered and Michael listened. The door closed behind him and he heard the hum of lightsabers and the sounds of blasters going off.


Michael had been running for some time before he reached the hanger (the detour took longer than he thought). He had expected to see his Master and Anakin, but they were nowhere in sight. He also didn't hear any more blaster fire. 'Maybe they escaped,' he thought to himself, but when he saw that their fighters he realized this wasn't the case. He ran over to the Y-Wing and climbed up to the turret. He opened it and placed Ahsoka gently inside. "Step down and put your hands up, Jedi." Three droids had their blasters pointed at Michael. Michael wasn't going to take this he turned around and used a powerful Force push to throw back and destroy the droids.

Michael got into the cockpit and took off, "Obi-Wan," he said to himself, "when we get back you are giving me more flying lessons." He got out of the hanger and started to speed up when he was suddenly hit by blaster fire by a droid fighter behind him. "Shit," he said. Without someone in the turret he was defenseless. He didn't even have the flying skills to get it off his tail, so he just flew as fast as he could away from it. "R3," he said to the astrodroid in his ship, "punch in the hyperspace coordinates for Coruscant." He felt bad about leaving without his master, but that's what Obi-Wan had ordered him to do. The stars stretched into long blue lights and Michael sat back and tried to relax. He calmed his mind and tried to meditate.

"Clones…they're everywhere. Run, they've turned on us," A jedi master said. Soon enough he was shot down by clones.

Everywhere Jedi were being killed. Galaxy wide, the allies of the republic turned on it's greatest defenders. It was a slaughter and no one could have expected it.

When Michael woke up he was sweating. They had left Hyperspace and they were drifting toward Coruscant. They landed and Michael helped Ahsoka out of the ship; she was still unconscious. Anakin and Obi-Wan still hadn't arrived. He hit a call button and soon enough medical droids came along and took Ahsoka.


"What was that dream?" Michael said to himself. He was standing outside of the medical bay with Rex. They were both worried about Ahsoka.

"Hey, kid," Rex said, "what happened?" He only ever called Ahsoka "kid" before Michael showed up. It was known that Michael didn't want to be given a rank. Even clones that had never met him knew; a Jedi who believed everyone was an equal spreads quickly.

Michael had a quick flashback--

It happened after one of his earlier missions; an easy one when he first became Obi-Wan's apprentice, but it nearly ended in disaster. They had to quell a riot. Rex and Cody continually treated him like he was better; like he was more important because he was a Jedi. Obi-Wan left Michael in charge because he had to go help plan with another master, but when the riot broke into the building that they were stationed in, the clones all turned to Michael. Blaster fire surrounded them; they took what cover they could, but four clones and a Jedi Padawan couldn't do much against a couple dozen rioters. He didn't know what to do, and he gladly admitted it. He turned to rex and said, "What's your name?"
"Captain Rex, sir."
"Captain Rex, you have a better chance of getting us out of this than I do, so I'm giving you command."
"Are you sure, sir?"
"Yes, and don't call me sir. I'm not your superior and you're in charge now," all of the clones were shocked to hear this. Sure, a Jedi would occasionally relinquish command, but saying that the clones were his equal? That was unheard of. Rex got them through the chaos with only one casualty and word of it spread around. Not about Rex's heroism, but what Michael had said. Clones never acted that way with other Jedi; Michael didn't inspire a new cause, but there was one Jedi that they considered a brother, not a commander.

Michael snapped out of his flashback and turned to Rex, "Rex, I have a question."
"If you knew…or at least had a feeling of what was about to happen, would you go against your teachings if it could save countless lives?"
"I don't know, sir…" he looked at Michael, "sorry, bad habit. I don't know. Maybe. It depends on the situation."
"If someone you thought was a friend caused all of it."

"Then yes, I would…shouldn't you get your eye checked out? I'm sure they could fix it."

"No," he said. He was blind in it now. He had a long scar running over it and the eye was black and red, "I have more important things to deal with first…Thank you," Michael left. The dream was still going through his head. But he remembered flashes as well. Not full scenes, just moments, like pictures, where he saw things that shocked him and angered him. He wasn't going to let that happen. But first, he had some business to attend to. He went back to the hanger.


"Is it refueled?"
"Yes, sir," a droid said, "Shall we store it?"

"No, I'm taking it out. Urgent message from the council."
"Yes, sir," the droid backed away. Michael jumped into the Y-wing and headed to Ilum.


Obi-Wan and Anakin arrived at Coruscant some time later. They were given a mission; they had to save Chancellor Palpatine. Count Dooku was holding him captive. They left the council chamber and were greeted by Ahsoka. She had just gotten out of the medical bay, "So, where are we headed?"
"Sorry, Snips, you're not coming on this mission."
"What, why not?"
"You need to rest. Besides we need to go in as few numbers as possible."
"Yes, Master," she said sadly. She hated being left behind.


Michael was meditating in the crystal cave. He was doing something unheard of. He was forming lightsabers all around him. Hilt pieces and crystals flowed around him in a smooth motion. The last lightsaber was pieced together and they all fell to the ground. His concentration was so high; it only took him a few days to assemble ten lightsabers. Any Jedi master who saw this would be confused, but Michael had a reason. He was determined not to fail. He collected the lightsaber and put them in a backpack and headed for his ship.


"Hey, Snips," Anakin said to his padawan. They were in his room.

"Hello, Master."
"What's wrong?"
"Michael is still missing, he has been for almost two weeks. I'm afraid that he's been hurt."
"Don't worry. When Obi-Wan returns from his mission I'm sure he'll be able to locate him." Obi-Wan had been called away.
"I hope so," she said sadly.

"Hey, cheer up Snips. How was your mission with Aayla Secura on Felucia?"
"It went well. I just wish she returned with us."
"You worry too much. Just relax," how could she. She didn't know why, but, "Master, I'm afraid I'm never going to see Michael again."
"Don't worry. I'm sure he'll turn up."

"That's for sure, Skywalker," Michael appeared in the doorway. He was wearing clothes very similar to the ones he had on Earth, "Ahsoka, I need to speak with your Master for a minute."

"Ahsoka, leave," she did as she was told. The door closed automatically behind her, "So, you managed to avoid the detection of the Jedi? How and why?"
"How? Simple, I cloaked myself with the force. Why? If I'm detected this will all be for nothing." He pulled out his first lightsaber, the red one, "I'm sorry, but this has to be done."

"You turned against the Jedi? You've turned to the Dark Side."
"No, I am not a member of the Dark Side, don't insult me."
"Yet you stand here fighting a Jedi Knight."
"I'm no Jedi. I'm sick of their rules, but what I am doing here is not a strike against the Jedi. I am saving them from the destruction that you and Palpatine bring upon them."

"You are strong with the force, but you can not best me with a lightsaber."
"We'll see about that. If I fail, the Jedi fall."
"I'm the chosen one, you can't kill me. I am destined to bring down the Sith."
"Not from what I saw."

Ahsoka suddenly appeared in the doorway with Obi-Wan behind her, "Master Kenobi is back, Master," she saw what was happening, "Master, what's happening?"
"Ahsoka," Michael said, "please leave. I can't let you see this."
"Michael has fallen to the Dark Side," Anakin said.

"Michael," Obi-Wan said, "what are you doing?"
"I have not fallen to the Dark Side. I am stopping the Dark Side from taking over."
"Ahsoka, please go outside," Obi-Wan said, "Get Master Windu," she left again, she was crying. "Michael, what have you done? If you continue down this road there is no turning back."
"I am on no road. Unlike you I don't define my living by good or evil. If you saw what I saw you would be standing by me against him," he pointed at Anakin.

"What did you see?" Obi-Wan asked.

"He turned against us. Soon, you will see. He will betray everything that is good. It is he who falls to the Dark Side," he charged at Anakin, but he just sliced Michael's lightsaber in half.

"You can't beat me, Michael."
"I have to try," he used the force to lift two lightsabers out of his pack. He grabbed them and linked them into one long saber hilt. He activated both sides of the black lightsaber.

"I can't let you do that," Master Windu appeared in the doorway with Kit Fisto and Plo Koon behind him, "Lay down your weapons and come peacefully."
"You're all fools, can't you see that? He will be the end of us. Because of his actions countless Jedi will die."
"You are blinded by the Dark Side," Windu said, "it has take you over."
"For the last time, I did not fall to the Dark Side. You stupid Jedi; you say that the Sith only deal in absolutes, but don't you get it? You do too. There is no such thing as the Light Side or the Dark Side. There are too many perspectives."

"Then you still go against the Jedi," Windu said.

"You claim the Sith are evil. But what's so good about a faction that forbids love? I don't think that it's a fear of losing the person you love that leads you to do bad things. It's the fear that you instill in everyone about love that does that. You force people into hiding their emotions," he shot a glance at Anakin (he spotted him with Padme once. He never thought of it much until now), "and those feelings of love turn into fear. It's not love that makes people do bad things. It's surpressing it."

"Then I give you one more chance," Windu said, "Surrender and come with us peacefully, or fight us and lose."
"I guess I have no choice," he deactivated his lightsaber, but as Kit Fisto and Plo Koon neared him he released a concussive blast, throwing the two back. It was now three on one. He reactivated the double-saber.

"You are strong, Michael. But not strong enough to face three trained Jedi."

"Maybe, but I can't fail. I must not fail." Windu and Obi-Wan activated their lightsabers.

"Michael," Obi-Wan said, "Don't make us do this. You can be forgiven."
"I have done nothing wrong," he stood in a battle stance, ready for an attack.

"Then we will take you by force," Windu said. The three remaining Jedi advanced. Michael was good, but not that good. He held his own for a bit, but eventually his saber was cut in half. He discarded the broken side and continued to fight. He tried to use the Force, but every time he did one of the other Jedi would attack. He couldn't find an opening. His defense wouldn't last forever, but he could not fail. He focused on Anakin. He managed to land a force grab on Windu and aimed for Skywalker. His master wouldn't kill him, he could sense it.

"That grip may have thrown off some opponents, Michael, but you forget. My padawan utilizes it too, I know how to deal with it," he destroyed Michael's saber and stabbed him in his side. He fell to the ground and Windu was released.

"You see, Michael," Windu said, "the Light Side always prevails."
"So," he coughed in pain, "you really think that I have fallen to the Dark Side? Then tell me, why didn't I kill you? I could have cut you in half, I could have choked you, I could have crushed you in a split second. But why didn't I?"
"Take him away," Windu ordered, "Take him, Master Fisto, and Master Koon to the Med bay."

As Michael was led out he saw Ahsoka crying at the doorway. She witnessed the whole thing; exactly what Michael had feared. Many Jedi were watched as Michael was being taken away. He would get checked in the medical bay before being put into a containment field. Obi-Wan had to leave again. This time he was going against Grievous alone.


"Michael," Master Windu said, "you will be put under arrest in the containment field until the Council decides your fate," he left. He saw a clone put his pack of lightsabers in a footlocker.

The clone removed his helmet, "Rex, what are you…"

"Ahsoka asked to put me in charge of guarding your cell."
"Because, only I would let her in," a door opened and Ahsoka walked in.

"Ahsoka, what are you doing here?"

"Michael, I need to know, have you fallen to the Dark Side?"
"No, I did not."
She sighed, "I just don't know if I can believe you anymore."
"Then believe this," he removed a red crystal from his pocket and passed it through the bars. The bars would stop any force abilities of his being used, but he could stick his hand between them.

"It's a lightsaber crystal."
"It was my first one. When I went to Ilum the first thing I did was extract the crystal from my lightsaber. It was almost impossible."
"But, the crystals are supposed to be destroyed when that happens."
"I found a way to do it without damaging the crystal."
"Wait, then what lightsaber did you use against my master?"
"That was just another lightsaber I made."
"Why are you giving me this?"

"Because, Ahsoka I…" he was scared. For the first time since he got back he was afraid of what he was doing, "Ahsoka, I…" he was sweating. He could feel his heart pounding.

"What is it?"
"Ahsoka, I…I love you," She just backed away, wide-eyed. She didn't sense any deceit in his voice, but she was so shocked that she just ran out of the room.

"Kid, you have got to work on how you go about things. First you land yourself in here, now you just—"

A hologram appeared on the table. It was Chancellor Palpatine, "Execute Order 66."

"Yes, my lord," Rex said.
"Order 66?" Michael asked, "there isn't an order 66."

"I'm sorry," he raised his blaster and fired. The containment field could stop things from coming out, but not in. Michael just barely dodged. He suddenly heard a knocking on the door.

"Let me in," it was Ahsoka.

"Ahsoka," Michael screamed, "run." Ahsoka started cutting through the door, she didn't hear him. When she finally cut all the way through she force pushed the door out of her way. It hit Captain Rex in the back of the head, knocking him out. "Ahsoka, what are you doing here?"
"Master Windu's dead. You were right, I saw Anakin kill him; he did turn on us. Michael, Chancellor Palpatine is the Sith Lord. He is Darth Sidious," she deactivated the containment field. Michael went over to the footlocker and collected his lightsabers. He had seven left.

"What do we do now?"

"I don't know, but Michael I have to know. Did Zexa kill herself or did you kill her?"

"I killed her."

"And your old friend, Darth Zarrius?"
"I could have disarmed him."
"Why did you kill them?"
"Because, Ahsoka, it was the right thing to do. Zexa would have inevitably tried to kill me again. And Zarrius, when we went to school together he bullied me every day. There wasn't any good in him that was worth saving."
"This goes against everything we've been taught."
"Sometimes, following your heart is more important than following the rules."
"I guess."
"Ahsoka, Michael," it was Obi-Wan and Yoda, "thank goodness you're alive. The clones…" he saw Rex's unconscious body, "nevermind."

"Obi-Wan," he didn't consider himself a Jedi, he was through with the honorifics. he never liked them anyway, "what do we do now?"
"You two are getting to safety. I need to go confront Anakin."
"Confront the Chancellor I must," Yoda said. He walked away.

"I'm so sorry, Michael," Obi-Wan said, "you were right. He did turn on us."
"It's okay. There is still time to stop him."
"Master Kenobi," Ahsoka said, "I'm coming with you."
"No, Ahsoka. I must do this alone. I will do my best to bring him back, may the Force be with you."

"May the force be with you," Ahsoka and Michael said together. Obi-Wan left for Mustafar.

"Michael, we're not running from this, are we?"
"No. We have to save whoever we can. Get to whatever Jedi or younglings are left before the clones reach them."
"Michael, the younglings are dead. Everyone is. This temple is a slaughterhouse."
"Then we have to leave. Get to other systems to warn Jedi about this."
"Okay, let's go," they headed for the hanger.


When they reached the hanger there were about one hundred clones between them and the starfighters. "Um, Michael, this may be trouble."
"Don't worry, I've got an idea," there was fuel everywhere. The barrels would help thin their ranks, "Get ready," he used to force to lift the barrels up. Instantly the attention of the clones was drawn to them.

"Fire," one of the commanders yelled, but before they could Michael dropped the barrels and unleashed a storm of lightning. The barrels exploding killing about half of the clones instantly. Using lightning on that many clones would have been too much. Ahsoka activated her lightsaber and he pulled out another two. He hooked them together and activated them. They were both blue. After the confusion of the explosion the clones were ordered to fire again. There were 41 left, by Michael's count. He used the force to place his 5 remaining lighsabers in a wall infront of him and Ahsoka and activated them (Red, green, blue, yellow, and purple). They wouldn't stop everything, but if would make it easier to block. He used the force to spin them and the clones fired. Two lightsabers were hit on the hilt and destroyed immedietly, but the other three did their job. Almost no blaster fire came through to Michael and Ahsoka and they managed to deflect those back. Seven more troopers were killed. The fire continued and after the clones lost a few more men the three remaining lightsabers were destroyed. It was just Ahsoka and Michael on their own, but there were only 20 clones left.

"Ready, Ahsoka?"
"You bet," they sprinted toward the clones and cut through them as quick as they could. "Simple," the two deactivated their lightsabers and headed for the Y-Wing.

"Stop right there," Rex called, he had a handful of clones behind him, "It is by the order of the Supreme Chancellor to place you under arrest."


Obi-Wan and Anakin were waging an epic battle on Mustafar, "Anakin, what have you done?"
"I have done what was necessary to bring peace to the galaxy."
"Peace? You think murder and betrayal are peace?"
"Don't judge me."
"What would Ahsoka say?"

Anakin didn't respond. He just charged at Obi-Wan angrily.


"Rex, what are you doing?" Ahsoka asked, "It's me, Ahsoka. Why are you doing this?"
"I have my orders. Now forfeit your weapons and come with me," the six clones behind him raised their blasters.

"Ahsoka, ready?"
"Yes, but don't kill Rex, please. He's a good man."
"Okay, I'll do my best," Michael knew this was true; Rex was a good man. He could sense the regret in the clone's voice when he issued the arrest notice. The two charged at the clones. The first thing Michael did was throw Rex into the wall; not hard enough to kill him, just knock him out. They then cut through the remaining clones with ease. Six clones were nothing compared two these two.

"Michael, what do we do now?' Ahsoka asked as they headed for the ship.

"We make a new life. But first, we have to go to Ilum."
"Why Ilum?"

"Because we have to get a hold of some crystals before the Sith take over. It is only a matter of time before they take the place over."
"Okay, but then what?"

"I don't know," he turned on the ship and headed for Ilum.

"It's over, Anakin, I have the high ground," Obi-Wan said. He was several feet above Anakin.

"You underestimate my power."
"Don't try it," Anakin screamed and jumped, but as powerful as he was he couldn't jump far enough. With one circular motion, Obi-Wan cut off Anakin's remaining human limbs. He fell down near the lava. "You were the chosen one," Obi-Wan screamed, "You were supposed to destroy the Sith not join them. You were supposed to bring peace to the galaxy, not leave it in ruins," he turned and started walking away. He quickly turned back and said, "You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you," and headed back to his ship, leaving what was left of his old Padawan, his old friend, his old brother behind. He didn't have the heart to do it himself.


Obi-Wan arrived at Coruscant. He didn't land at the hanger, he landed at the flight pad. He couldn't risk any run ins with clones. He found Master Yoda and explained the situation. Yoda was putting himself in Exile on Degobah, Luke and Leah would be split up, and it would be Obi-Wan's duty to protect Luke…from a distance. "And what of your Padawan, Obi-Wan?" Obi-Wan sensed they were fine. At last, some good news.
"I believe they escaped, Master."
"Good; such potential in both of them. A great help for the future, the will be."
"But Michael renounced his status as a Jedi."
"True, this may be. But an enemy makes him this does not. A great ally he could be. You know better than I; for the path of evil or good he cares not. Only what his heart says, does he do. As blind as this left eye it makes him, true. But do what he will to keep peace this ensures. A lesson to learn we have…maybe," a premonition of some kind, maybe. Somewhere down the road another Jedi may have to make the choice between his teachings and his heart…who knows. "However, the last of Darth Vader, this was not. His presence in the Force, I feel. Faint, but there it is."


"Michael, we are here," they exited Hyperspace.

"Let's go, I need your help. We have to get as many crystals as we can," he picked up two bags, he tossed one to her.

Once they were in the cave they gathered all the crystals that they could fit into their packs. "Michael, I can't carry anymore, but are you sure we need this many?"
"You never know, Ahsoka. We will have to be careful about what we do, but we must ensure that there are those who can stand up to the Sith."
They got back to the ship and saw clone troopers coming in. "Michael, we got to hurry. They tossed the bags into the ship and climbed in. Ahsoka took off and flew. Some blaster fire crossed them, but the Y-Wing was much faster than the transport ship. They jumped to hyperspace.

"What coordinates did you punch in?"

"I don't know."
"What do you mean?"
"It looks familiar, but I don't know why."
"Strange, how far away is it?"
"A few hours….Hey, Blue?" her tone dropped.
"Did you mean it…when you said you loved me."

He turned and faced her. He put his hand under her chin, "Every word," the two kissed. Michael's old lightsaber crystal shone through Ahsoka's breast pocket…

it was more intense than anything they had ever seen…………


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