February 10, 1997

My God is dead. Kamaria is dead. My child is dead.

It started with the plague. We could not cure them. Our medicines quickly ran out, ineffective, and in the end they ran out. If it was any mercy, they died quickly. In just a day or two after the first chills and fever, they would pass, and we would burn them.

Those of us who were not sick were not well either. Chidike and Emeka ran away three days ago, unable to bear any of this hell any further. Furaha, my aunt, committed suicide, for it was too much for her. We buried her under the shade of the tree she enjoyed so much. Imani, my sister, was sick, but not with the plague that afflicted her. As for the rest of us, we were sick at heart, sick from exhaustion, even if physically we were as before.

It was noon when they came. Soldiers from America. There were four of them. They rounded us up at gunpoint and demanded to know if anyone could speak English.

I would have come up, but Kamaria came up. Her English was not very good, not as good as mine. I do not know why she approached them.

"Where are the villagers?"

"We are peaceful. Many of us are dead."

"Dead? From what? From the Ten Commandments Insurgency?"

We looked at each other in bewilderment. The Ten Commandments Insurgency was far away! Surely this was not the reason they were pointing guns at us!

"The Ten Commandments Insurgency is far away. There has been…disease. Many sick and dead," Kamaria continued in her simple English.

"What did they look like?" The officer continued.

"They had fever. Green things growing on them."

"Lady, you must be joking with me. Where are the terrorists you're hiding?" He roared.

"Sarge, I don't think this is the right village. These are civilians," one of the soldiers spoke up.

"Coen, shut the fuck up! They're obviously hiding terrorists. Who ever heard of such a story?"

I looked at that commander, and as his cruel eyes passed over I could see the lie in them. He, just like that soldier, knew that we had nothing to do with the terrorists. The soldier, defeated, bowed his head and did not glance up.

"I'll give you one last chance: Where are the terrorists?"

"What are—?"

The officer raised his rifle and shot Uzochi behind Kamaria. He fell backwards, blood staining the ground. We screamed and bowed down, praying to God that he would spare us from the fate.

"One last time! Where are the terrorists?"

"What the fuck was that for? There are no terrorists here!" The soldier shouted at the officer. He was our lone defender.

The officer and the other two soldiers with him pointed their rifles in turn at that soldier, who looked shocked at the treachery.

"Either you join us, or die along with them."

It was at this point that Faraji lost his mind. He ran forward with a yell, hoping to overtake the soldiers, but they were quick. A burst of flame, and he fell, body broken.

"See, they're dangerous! Open fire!"

I looked into the eyes of the defender as he shot me: They were eyes of hatred against the injustice against us. Eyes of burning fury at what he was forced to do. Perhaps that was why he spared me. He could not leave me unscathed, but I was alive. A bullet had torn my cheek, and two to my shoulder and thigh, knocking me down, but I was unharmed otherwise.

He might have thought he was doing me mercy, but I wish I was dead. I heard Kamaria's scream, something so wild and painful that it was if our child, our unborn child, was screaming along with her. She collapsed onto the ground along with the rest of us.

"Sarge, she's going into labor!" One of the soldiers shouted.

"Our orders were to leave no survivors."

Among the dead bodies of my brothers and friends I peeked, watching her collapsed onto the floor, holding her stomach in pain, and the soldiers standing where they were. But what kind of heart would it take to execute a woman with child? None of the soldiers could press the trigger…except for that demon. I closed my eyes as the shot rang out.

"That was for our slain comrades," I heard that officer say as the soldiers walked away and faded into the distance.

As soon as they were gone I dragged myself to Kamaria's side. Even with a bullet in her heart and a dying child still in her belly she was beautiful. I closed her eyes. I wanted to cry so badly, but I could not cry. It was the same force that had kept me from going with way Faraji did, the same force that drove me to preserve myself. I hated myself for it. Did not the Bible tell me that I should lay down my life for my friends? But what did they die for? Nothing.

I was alive. I could fight and take vengeance. And though the soldiers were American I knew this was not America's doing. It is the name that I swear to destroy until my last breath. For Kamaria, who I buried with my own hands underneath out home. For my brothers and sisters and friends who were slain without mercy. I will find out what it is, and I will destroy it.

I will not rest until UMBRELLA is destroyed.

Thanks to Afro Spirit, who shared with me a bunch of thoughts and ideas. Although I had this scene planned out from the very beginning, I did like his account of Billy's action in his story, so I will credit him with some influence.

Note too, how this is Josh's longest entry. He struck me as a very strange man, a sensitive and elusive soul. My only conclusion was that he had some sort of release preventing him from completely losing it in the events of RE5, or even any event in his past. So I chose writing as his form of release.

Thus ends Josh's early history, but do not think it's over yet. We still have a ways to go before we meet Josh in the BSAA.