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Zexion shrieked in pain, his newly broken leg hurt so badly that he wanted to throw something. Unfortunately there was nothing around, but the futon he was laying on, some rope which tied him to a stake in the floor and a bag of food.

A dark figure floated out from the shadows and began to stroke his wounded leg. "Oh darling, you shouldn't have tried to run away from me." said a familiar, sick voice.

"Because now I had to break your poor little leg to keep you from leaving me."

Xenmas moved up to the blue eye boy's face and began kissing it softly. 'Why?' Zexion thought. 'Why did you have to trick me into coming to this godforsaken place in the middle of nowhere. Why are you doing this to me? Why? Most importantly why did you have to love me?'' He knew better then to ask aloud, after all he remembered well what happened last time, and he shivered unconsciously because of it.

"Your mine you know, I can take better care of you then anyone else. Right dear? Haven't I been taking good care of you?" Zexion wanted to cry, but instead he gave a small nod.

"That's right, now you say here and rest." Xemnas nuzzled his neck. Got up and blew Zexion a kiss before going out the door.

He knew that there was nothing left that he could do. But sit and wait. Zexion stared at the ceiling, sadly enough this did not help with the excruciating pain in his leg. Fortunately it was only a few minuets later that Xemnas came back.

"How is my little angel?" He had his hands behind his back.

"Please, Xemnas, take me to a hospital." The Cloaked Schemer hated to beg, but he was in so much pain that he had no other option.

"No dear, if you go to the hospital, you'll just try and leave me again and we can't have that now can we?" Xemnas said as he pulled a syringe from behind his back. "I think you need to sleep for a while. Know that as you rest, I'll be taking care of a little... problem. But worry not love. I will be returning shortly."

Zexion's eyes widened with fear. "What problem might that be?"

Xemnas bent down to Zexion's level and looked him in the eyes. "That Silent Hero has been more trouble then he is worth. It is about time he was removed from your life. This way we can be together forever and he won't be there to stop me." With that Xemnas stabbed Zexion in the arm.

The Schemer's vision suddenly became clouded. "No, Lexeaus... I need to.... You can't die..I love.." With that Zexion's purple, silver head hit the pillow and Xemnas smirked knowing that he finally captured the elusive teen. Keeping him trapped in a small cottage in a foreign world would be easy. Xemnas planned to leave the Organization behind and give Zexion his heart back in the most horrible way possible. Then he planned break it. Just as Ienzo did to Xehanort so long ago.

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