My name is Isabella Marie Swan. I'm currently 16 but will turn 17 in September, which is next month. And this is my story…

When I was only 3 my parents died. Leaving me and my twin brother in Foster care. We've been in foster care for over 4 years until we were adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen. I was grateful and happy, I grew to love them, and they gave us everything including love and support. Esme couldn't have children so she adopted, me, my twin brother Jasper, and a boy named Emmett. We were close, and we protected each other, well my two brothers protected me. Jasper and me looked nothing alike. We think it's because he looks like mom's grandma and I look like dad. Jasper's a very handsome kid and well he's really sweet too. Emmett's huge, I mean his all muscle. His smart too, but he likes to use muscle over brains. His very protective of us and we love him, even if his not our real brother, his my brother bear.

We live in a small town named Forks. I've been home schooled all threw elementary, middle school, and high school until my last year. I'm 16 but a senior, I'm smart so I skipped a grade. We do have friends, but there the only friends we have. Edward, Alice, and Rose. Edward and Alice are brother and sister, Edward's 17 and Alice is 16. Like me Alice skipped a grade and is also a senior. She's my best friend and like a sister. Rose is grate, she's also like a sister and best friend. She's also very protective of us. Edward, well his my guy best friend, I can always count on him.

Your probably wondering, why is everyone's very protective of me and Jasper. Well it starts from when we were 3 and the way our parents died, or killed.

Jasper and I were coloring. Mom and Dad were upstairs arguing again. Mom came downstairs and picked us up. I don't remember much about the rest, but I do remember dad shooting her, and mom's friend Phil shooting dad. We went into foster care after that. Those were the worst 4 years of my life. Everywhere we went, they treated us badly. We were at our last foster care home, right before the Cullen's adopted us. The man who took care of us was drunk and was slapping me around. Jasper was nowhere around at the time. When he found me I was sitting in our room naked and shaking. He called the cops and they found the guy injured. Jasper had hit him with a bat repeatedly. He didn't kill him, but he was injured badly. Jasper would have gone to Juvenile hall if they hadn't said that he was only protecting me. They took me to the hospital, where I meet Carlisle. He healed all my scratches and cuts, they made sure I was okay and wasn't damaged after being raped. One night while I was in the hospital, Carlisle brought his wife Esme to meet me. They explained how they couldn't have children but would love it if they could take care of me. Of course I wouldn't go with out Jasper and they opened there arms for the both of us. Emmett was adopted shortly after us. We tried to go to school when we were in 4th grade, but they were all mean to Jasper. They would tease him and yell at him, they would call him killer. So Esme started home schooling him. But then they started to treat me bad, they abused me. So I also stopped going. Emmett just didn't want to be alone so he stopped as well. We meet Edward, Rose, and Alice while Jasper, Emmett, and I went for a walk at the park. We were about 9 [Emmett 10], and they came up to us. They said they were new here and wanted to be our friends. Of course we agreed. We ended up being best friends since then, we also told them our story and they understood. They never judged us or looked at us differently.

But this was our last year, Esme though it would be a good idea to face our fears. Of course we couldn't say no, we loved her to much. I was stronger and a bit more confident, but it could be shattered easily. Every night since I was 8, since my last foster home care, I've had dreams. Ever night I suffered of the same dream, it's the same guy and the same night over and over and over again. Since Carlisle's a doctor, he proscribed me pills so I would sleep dreamless. I stopped seeing those awful dark eyes, the ones the took my innocence away. I'm vulnerable to guys, my shield falls, and I have a difficult time regaining back sanity. But my brothers and Best friend always help me, and I become stronger again.