Edward's POV

There was something I needed to do before I talked to Bella. Graduation was in 3 hours and she was getting ready. I walked into her house and saw Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle's sitting on the couch watching a game. I sat next to Emmett and cleared my throat.

"Um, Guys there's something I want to ask you." I told them. Carlisle's turned the game off and they all looked at me. I knew Bella wouldn't find out until later, since she was at Alice's house.

"What is it Edward, you look nerves." Jasper asked. well it's not everyday you ask your girlfriends brothers and dad for her hand in marriage.

"Jasper I'm asking you mostly because she's your twin. Emmett, Carlisle, your both a big part of her so it's only right that I ask you as well." they all stayed quite trying to get me to continue. I took a deep breath and showed them the engagement ring I was playing with my hands.

"I want your permission and blessing to ask Bella to be my wife." Emmett stood up and pulled me in a bone crushing bear hug.

"Congrats man, finally. I knew this was coming. You have my full support." Emmett said.

"Thanks Em, that means a lot." I told him. I looked at Carlisle and he smiled.

"Of course Edward, I see how you look at my daughter and it's beautiful. I wouldn't want a better son in law then you." He gave me a congratulatory hug. I looked at Jasper and he looked thoughtful.

"Emmett, come with me." Carlisle's said. I saw them both stand and leave us both alone.

"My sisters been through a lot Edward. She's been hurt, abused, and broken. I've had to repair her two times. The third time, you helped. I know you love her Edward, but how do I know you won't hurt her like the others." he asked.

"Jasper, I love her more then you know. I'd give anything to be with her. I've been in love with her since the first time we meet at the park. I'm not Paul, I'm not Charlie, or Phil, and I'm not Taylor. I would never hurt her, physically or mentally. I can't give her up. I'm to selfish, I see me future with her. Graduating college, getting a house, having kids, growing old. Jasper I want the whole thing, not just someone to keep me warm at night." I told him.

"She the most important person to me Edward, you know this right.""Of course Jasper, she's your twin sister."

"Then please understand that I'm just overprotective with her.""I know Jasper."

"Alright Edward. You have my blessing and permission. Take care of her." he said and gave me a pat on the back.

"Thanks Jazz, that means a lot." he nodded and left me alone. I finally took a deep breath and relaxed. Now came the hard part. Asking Bella…

I waited for her to come through the Gym doors. I kept on tapping my foot impatiently.

"Edward will you calm down." Emmett said.

"I can't Emmett. I'm going to ask her right now." I told him.

"She loves you, she's going to say yes." he said. Then I saw the Gym open and Alice, Bella, and Rose came in. I took a deep breath and stood up. She smiled when she saw me. She looked beautiful; her hair was straight down to her waist, purple eye shadow, a bit of make up and I couldn't see her clothes because of the gown but I saw the Black open toe heels, and she looked sexy in them. I pulled her into an embrace and kissed her forehead.

"You look beautiful love.""thank you Edward." I saw Alice and Rose leave us alone and I looked back at everyone, some students were sitting down, others where scattered everywhere. Parents were on the bleachers sitting and friends along with them. I sighed and looked into her eyes.

"Bella. I don't know who's listening to me, and I don't care. In front of everyone who's pay attention or not I want to ask you something." she looked at me confused and I reached inside my gown and in my jeans for the ring. I bend down on one knee.

"Bella will you by my forever and marry me?" I asked. I saw a few tears fall as she gazed at the ring. It was my grandmother's ring, and it also belonged to my mom. She gave it to me when I told her what i was planning on doing, I tried to get her to take it back, but she said it was tradition, and who was I to deny it. I took it to remodel it a bit, just to get the diamond a bit bigger and the inside engraved with the words Mason in it. The ring itself was silver, the diamond was shaped into a tear drop and the outside of the ring was engraved swirls like hearts. She didn't say anything instead she nodded and I smiled and slid the ring into place and pulled her into a hug. I looked at her teared up eyes and kissed her.

"I love you Edward." She said.

"and I you, love." I smiled down at her and wiped a few tears away.

"Students please take a seat." I heard the principle say. I kissed her once more and walked her to her seat before I left to mine. Alice was next to me and gave me a hug.

"I'm happy for you bro." "Thanks Alice."

....After graduation…

"Were all here to celebrate our kids graduation. Rose, Alice, Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Bella." Carlisle said.

"We have a gift for each of you." Esme said.

"We though a lot of what to get you all." mom continued.

"And decided on something that would get you started of for college." dad finished.

After the graduation Carlisle and Esme said we were having a family party. It wasn't a lot of people just our parents, a few our parents co workers, family, and friends.

"We got something for all of you. After all your like family too us, and Edward practically is." Carlisle said. I smiled at him and kissed Bella's hand again.

"Jasper Alice, with the help of your parents Alice we got you a condo. Of course Elizabeth and Esme picked it out to your taste Alice. Jasper. Your mother and I paid for your college tuition, all four years of course. And we got you that motorcycle you've been wanting." Carlisle's through him a key.

"No way. Thank you mom, dad. This is awesome."

"Your welcome honey." Esme said.

"Alice we got you your closet full with every brand you love, Jasper as well. We also bough everything in your house with Carlisle and Esme's help. We paid for you tuition, and we got two tickets to Paris for Jasper and you. I know how much you've been wanting to go to that fashion show. We also got you an internship with Vogue." Elizabeth said.

"Mom dad thank you." Alice chimed and attacked both with a hug.

"Now Emmett. We got you the same thing except instead of a condo we got you a small house, well it's not really small. It's for Rose as well of course and from your parents who couldn't make it Rose." Rose rolled her eyes. "we paid for your tuition, and the stuff inside your home. Rose your parents paid for your schooling and helped pay for everything. Emmett were sending you and Rose too Hawaii, Rose your parents got you an appointment to a modeling contract with Vogue. Its not due until October." they were both out of words are were barely able to say thank you.

"Bella you were a bit harder to make happy. Sweetheart, we got you condo for both Edward and you, paid your tuition, and lastly we got you a head shot to the New York Times Editor position." Bella gasped and looked at her parents.

"Edward as you heard son. You get your condo, four paid years at Julliard, were send both Bella and you to Italy, and lastly we got you an appointment with a record deal."

"Thank you. All of you, this is truly great." I told them. Bella and I both stood up and gave them a hug. The rest followed along and everyone else clapped.


"You have to call me. And we have to see each other on holidays." Alice hugged Bella and Rose to death.

"Alice we aren't going to be that far away." Bella said.

"Bella your moving to New York. I'm moving to LA and Rose is moving to Florida." Alice nagged.

"Okay, your right. Alice I'll miss you so much." Bella cried. Then they all started to cry. After a few more minutes of hugging, Bella came to my side and cried into my chest.

"Bella call us when you and Edward get to Italy." Esme said.

"Alright mom." she told her.

"Take care of our little girl Edward." Carlisle said.

"with my life." I told them. They said goodbye and left the airport, Esme in tears. Mom and dad were next.

"Oh Edward. Your all grown up. I'm going to miss you." mom said.

"Me too mom. But we'll see each other soon." I reminded them.

"Yeah your right." she wipped a few tears away and kissed both out cheeks.

"Take care you two." we nodded and saw them leave. I looked at our friends.

"Well this is goodbye for now." I told them.

"Eddie, you take care of my sister." Emmett said.

"Of course I will Emmett." I promised.

"Good. Bella bear. I'll miss you sis. Call me when ever you want. And be good." she nodded and hugged her brother before kissing his cheek.

"Bella. Remember not to match your clothes to much, and heels are a good a idea once in a while." Rose said.

"I know Rose. It's also okay to go commando with some jeans. You've told me everything already." Bella said.

"Rosalie what are you teaching my sister?" Emmett said.

"Oh shut up you big baby. Bella I'll miss you." she gave her one last hug and they both left into there plane ride. Alice attacked me in a hug.

"Edward take care of her. And don't be such a prude all the time. Remember to take her out once in a while."

"Okay mother." she kissed my cheek and hugged Bella. Jasper was last.

"Well man. You've heard it from everyone so I won't repet it. Take care man. And good luck with everything." I nodded and gave him a hug. He walked up to Bella and looked down at her. She let her sobs out and hugged him tightly.

"Jasper I'm going to miss you."

"Me too sis.""What am I going to do with out my twin." she cried.

"You'll be fine Bells. You have Edward. I love you Bells, and if you need anything call and I'll be over in a heart beat." she nodded and kissed his cheek and grabbed a hold of my hand. We waved goodbye and got in the ride.

"Well love, were on our own now." I said and kissed her.

Reunion after the honeymoon….

"Bella." Alice and Rose attacked my wife. After college we got married. It wasn't a big thing, you know Bella. Our parents sent us to Paris and Romeo for our honeymoon. We were all back and living in settle. Rose and Emmett got married before us. Rose opened up her own shop in Seattle and does modeling once in a while when she's not fixing up cars. As for Emmett, well he became a major NFL player. Won a lot of games but was finally taking a break. Jasper was a teacher at a high school while Alice became a fashion designer. As for me, I became a very popular pianist. I was also taking a break though and was thinking of going into medicine like Bella's dad. Bella, well she became and author and wrote books, she was also a journalist in Seattle times, she was happy with her job, mostly because it was a home job, and since I was taking my break she was around me a lot.

We entered Bella's Parents home and was greeted from the rest of the family -once Alice and Rose let go of her.

"Hey everyone." Bella chimed.

"Bella dear how are you?" mom asked.

"I'm great Elizabeth.""that's good to hear. So I guess you two had a great time."

"It was wonderful, thank you."

"Well Edward aren't you going to say anything?" mom asked.

"His still I shock, his been like that since a week ago."

"Why is that?" Esme asked.

"Um, well you see…Mom, dad, Jasper, Emmett…I'm pregnant." I was pretty sure I still had the shit-eating-grin plastered on my face.

"Oh I just knew it, you have that glow!" Esme chimed.

"Oh I get to go shopping." Alice shrieked.

"No way. Sis that's great. I'm going to be an uncle, and her favorite too." Emmett said.

"Wait a minute, I'm going to be her favorite." Jasper whined.

"Boys, enough. We have 7 months for you to argue." Bella said.

"7? Bella your honeymoon was only a month." mom said.

"Well apparently I was pregnant before the wedding." She said.

"When exactly did you find out?" Esme asked.

"The same time Edward did, last week."

"Well isn't this wonderful. Life just couldn't get any better."…Oh but it could. I have Bella, and now I'll have a daughter or a son…Wait...Can it get any better then that?

The end.

I just needed to end all my stories soon. I'm getting major Writer's Block and can't concentrate anymore. I'm taking a break from writing, it won't be very long, cuz I already have new ideas i want to work on. I hope you enjoyed it, and i tried my best. Go easy on me please, I'm not all that great at describing emotions/people or place and settings. Review please.