I feel I must take the time out to thank each and every one of you for the overwhelming response I've had to this story. Your support has been absolutely phenomenal and has totally blown me away.

I must admit that several of you actually made me tear up with your wonderful comments/messages concerning the end chapter.

You've all made me feel very proud of this little tale and I must admit that the monstrous stroking of my ego has given me a rather swelled head.

But seriously, I know some people who don't understand would think that Fan Fic writing was a waste of time and a totally puerile exercise but through this story I've 'met' some wonderful new friends and discovered some fabulously talented authors too. Got to love the internet!

And finally I thought I might get lynched for how I ended the story but you've all been so supportive and I certainly haven't felt any rocks being aimed at my head yet...so thank you. You chaps are clearly an intelligent lot who understand that sadly in life not everything comes up roses no matter how much we may want it too.

Thanks again

Amanda AKA Cheeky


P.S My muse is awash with plot bunnies so I hope to 'see' you all again soon.