Who knew Kiba was such a romantic? I didn't, at least not until he took me to an amazing restaurant on our first date.

When I walked in I was surprised at how extravagant the restaurant was. With linen-covered tables and candles and flowers in vases and waiters in tight, black slacks and white shirts with little, black bow ties and towels over their arms. It all seemed too much.

"Kiba," I asked. "How did you afford all this?"

"Hey, nothing's too good for you, babe."

I blushed at the comment.

"Oh, good," Kiba said with a sly wink. "Izumo's here." He nodded toward a tall, handsome young man with brown hair that came down to his nose and covered his right eye. "It's your lucky night."

We were approached by a young, blonde-haired lady with a pasted-on smile. The name on her tag pinned to her breast pocket read: Ino Yamanaka. "Table for two?" she asked.

"Oh, good," I thought to myself. "She can count."

"Yeah," Kiba replied. "Can we sit over there?" He pointed to what I suspected was Izumo's section.

"Of course," the girl said as she grabbed up two menus. "Please, follow me."

As I was escorted to my table, I couldn't help but noticing all of the male-female couples dinning together throughout the restaurant. I started to feel a little self conscious thinking that Kiba and I would be the only male couple here.

As if reading my thoughts Kiba whispered with a smile, "Hey babe, don't worry about it. If they have something to say then they can deal with me."

Seeing Kiba smile like that put my mind at ease.

"But look," He said with a nod to a booth in the corner of the restaurant, "It looks like we aren't the only two guys having dinner here tonight."

I looked over where Kiba was motioning towards and stopped in my tracks. It was the Lazy Dude! The same guy I saw in the library that day I met Kiba for the first time. He was sitting in the booth with two other guys.

One, sitting across from him, was an older man. He looked familiar. I think he might've been a teacher at the school. He had a neatly trimmed beard, a single hair line that went all the way around his face. He wore a grey sweater vest over a white-collared work shirt with a tie, and he had the sleeves rolled up to reveal very broad, toned biceps.

The other, was sitting right next to Lazy Dude, and looked about his age. He was very large, it looked like he might have been over weight. His long, bushy, brown hair swayed back and forth as he was scarfing down the food at their table.

I was close enough that I was able to hear their conversation.

"Come on Shikamaru, eat up," the guy sitting across from the Lazy Dude said.

"Eh…," murmured Lazy Dude, whom I'm guessing was the one called Shikamaru, "I'm really not in the mood, Mr. Sarutobi."

"Nonsense!," the man across from Shikamaru barked, "And I told you, call me Asuma. You deserve this meal after what an amazing job you did at the tournament, Shikamaru. Your skills at shogi are nothing like I've ever seen before."

"Ehhh the entire thing was so boring. All I wanted to do today was sleep and stare at the sky…"

"Now I know where I've seen that man from," I thought to myself, "He's an Algebra and Calculus teacher at school, and he's also in charge of the shogi team."

"Well, whatever you say," replied Asuma. "But like I told you, I didn't mind treating you to dinner. And while we're on the subject on dinner, I have no Idea how your friend tagged along."

The large guy sitting next to Shikamaru seemed unphased by the comment and continued eating, but it did look like he was picking up the pace.

"It's like I told you," Shikamaru muttered. "When you mentioned free food while Choji was right next to me in the hall, there was no way he could resist."

Just then as Shikamaru was lazily looking around the restaurant, he met my gaze. As he looked directly at me, his eyes started to squint like he was concentrating, then they opened suddenly in surprise, and he ducked under the table.

The guy called Choji finally stopped eating and looked down at Shikamaru's sudden reaction. "Hey, what's wrong Shikamaru?" he asked.

"Ugh…what a drag not them again."

"Huh? Who?," Asuma and Choji both asked in unison, scanning around the restaurant for who he was talking about.

Just then, before they could figure out who he meant, our hostess came up to me and asked, "Is everything alright, Sir?"

"Ah y-yes," I sputtered. "Just admiring the lovely décor."

She led us to a table near the back wall, but Kiba pointed to another nearby. "I prefer this one," he said.

"Of course."

We walked to the table and Kiba slid into the chair against the wall. I was about to sit across from him, but he indicated the chair to his right and said, "The view is better from here." I took the chair to his right as the girl set the menus in front of us and returned to her post. I immediately heard the sound of a zipper being undone.

"Shit," I whispered, "you don't waste any time, do you?" From where I was sitting, I could see Kiba opening his tan slacks and pulling his cock into the open.

"Free dessert if I get a hardon before Izumo gets here," Kiba winked as he started working his cock into an erection. "I've never had to pay for dessert yet."

Sure enough, Kiba was smiling and casually stroking away at his hardon by the time Izumo arrived. He didn't stop as Izumo stood behind the chair across from me.

Izumo smiled back at Kiba. "Service with a smile," he said in a deep, manly voice. "Just the way I like it. I see you found a friend who enjoys the sideshow as much as I do."

"He's more than a friend," Kiba said, still smiling and still jerking. "This is our first date."

"Well," Izumo said happily, "this calls for a celebration. How about a bottle of the house wine? My treat."

Kiba looked at me and I nodded. "Sure," he said to our waiter.

Izumo looked down at Kiba's stroking hand once more and his tongue poked out slightly and licked along his lips. He took a quick glance around the restaurant and, with what looked like a well-practiced and not unexpected move, extended his index finger, reached quickly into Kiba's lap, scooped up the precum gathered at the tip of his cock, and raised his finger to his mouth where he licked the liquid from his fingertip.

He calmly took our orders, then, with another glance around, scooped one more pool of precum from Kiba's cock and lapped it up. "You'll call me when you're ready?" he asked.

"Whenever you are," Kiba replied.

"How about when I bring dessert?"

"Sure," Kiba said.

"Better yet," Izumo said suddenly as he reached into his pocket, "how about right now and another one when I bring dessert?" He quickly and casually dropped a pair of black briefs in Kiba's lap.

Kiba stroked furiously with his right hand as his left hand arranged the briefs over his stomach. He placed his hand flat against his stomach, holding the briefs in place with his little finger. A dozen strokes later, he looked at Izumo. "Count it down," he said.

This had obviously happened before. Izumo began the countdown. "Five. . . Four. . . Three. . . Two. . . One. . . Blast off."

Kiba did. At the final words, his hand froze in place and his cock blasted out stream after stream of cum, all over the black briefs. His cum was starkly white against the black material. I was too busy watching his orgasm to notice if anyone was watching us.

Kiba was enjoying every moment as I counted the spurts. Six. Seven. Eight. The briefs were coated in his cream as the final dregs gathered at the tip and were squeezed out by Kiba's adept fingers.

As he gradually calmed down, Kiba folded the briefs in half, trapping his cum inside, and discretely handed them back to Izumo, who quickly tucked them into his pocket once more.

"You want the next load on the tablecloth as usual?" Kiba asked.

"Maybe under the table this time," Izumo said with a smirk. "I like the way it drips down."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," I said thinking back to that first day.

"You got it," replied Kiba.

Izumo left to get our wine and dinner. Kiba didn't bother zipping up.

"Holy, shit," I said in an astounded voice. "How many fans do you have?"

"Enough," he replied. "When you've been showing off for as long as I have you tend to get a few dedicated lookers."

Izumo returned a few minutes later with our bottle of wine, opened it, and poured out two glasses for us. He looked at Kiba and winked. "Delicious," he said, then left us to get our dinners.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"Remember what you did with my underwear in the theater?"

I leaned toward Kiba and whispered to him. "You mean he took it back there and sucked the cum out?"

Kiba nodded. "That's why I was a bit surprised to hear him wanting me to waste it on the table."

Kiba served us our dinners and we ate and sipped our wine, chatting as we did so. Kiba ate with his right hand and kept himself hard with his left hand. When he was finished eating, he leaned back in his chair, stretched his legs out under the table, and began some serious stroking, getting himself worked up for his second orgasm of the night. The lube started popping and snapping in his piss slit.

Kiba was well under way by the time Izumo returned to clear our table.

"Excellent," he said quietly as he gathered the dishes. "I love it when I can hear you."

Izumo finished piling the dishes on the tray. "I'll be right back with your dessert."

"Yours will be ready as well," Kiba grinned, canines flaring.

Izumo looked at me. "He's quite the tease, isn't he?"

"He definitely keeps life exciting," I replied.

Izumo left. Kiba stroked. I waited. Kiba looked at me. "You'd better sit back a bit," he said in a whisper. "I don't know where this one is going to go."

I slid my chair back until the tablecloth was dangling before my knees. As Izumo returned and set out our desserts, Kiba let out a soft moan and closed his eyes until only a sliver of white showed through. I knew he was cumming from the flexing of his biceps and his heaving chest. Once more, the scent of his thick semen surrounded us and the slap slap slap of his hand on his cock sounded lightly. Izumo moaned louder than Kiba did, pressing his crotch into the back of the chair in front of him.

"Beautiful," Izumo whispered. "Just beautiful."

A broad smile spread across Kiba's face and his eyes opened slowly. I glanced around the restaurant. None of the other diners appeared to have noticed a thing although one other waiter was looking our way and shaking his head slightly. He had long brunette hair and stormy grey eyes, that reminded me of that girl I met a few weeks ago while I was sitting by the campus river. Kiba noticed my gaze and followed it.

"Oh, don't worry about that creep," Kiba said. "He's just jealous because I never sit in his section."

"Kiba knows an appreciative audience when he sees it," Izumo said.

All I could do was to shake my head as I carefully slid my chair forward so I could eat my cake. One thing was certain, though. My life had become a lot more exciting since I met Kiba. The cock throbbing in my pants was proof of that.