Bella's Back and Hotter than Ever!

Bella's Pov

I haven't been in Forks for 10 years. Last time I was here I was only 7. My best friends included Jacob Black from the reservation at La Push, Rosalie and Jasper Hale, Alice and Edward Cullen and last, but not least, my one and only brother Emmet Swan. I wanted to surprise them and I hope it works.

Well, here I am standing in my dad's driveway. I guess I better leave the comfort of my brand new light blue Audi TT—with the top down, if I may add. As I walked down the familiar driveway with my luggage, I noticed Emmet and Jasper staring at me from Jasper's yard. Their eyes were so wide I thought they were going to fall out of their heads and their mouths were opened so widely they were attracting flies. I snickered quietly. I took the key from under the eaves and opened the front door. I went up the stairs, walked to my room and placed my bags down on the bed. Taking a glance around my old room, I notice not much has changed except for the bed.

I unpacked then. I decided to go check on Em and Jasper. I walked out the door and noticed them shaking their heads. "Probably trying to figure out who I am" I thought. I walked towards them smiling. Jasper noticed me going towards them so he tapped Emmet on his shoulder and Em turned round and saw me. Once again, their eyes grew wide as they looked me up and down. Emmet broke the uncomfortable silence.

"H-hey t-there p-pretty l-lady!" he stuttered. I blushed a shade of pink as he said the word "pretty". Then I realised that he was my brother and that would be weird that he was somewhat hitting on me.

"Ok...weird..." I said as I started moving backwards. I immediately turned round and walked back. I took a glance while I was still at hearing range and hear Jasper chuckle.

"Smooth dude! Smooth." He said. His voice was laced with sarcasm. I giggled as Emmet smacked Jasper's head. At that moment, I randomly remembered I had to jog every morning to keep fit. I hadn't done it this morning so I ran up the stairs and changed into my tight white shorts and a deep blue wife beater with white butterflies along my stomach. I grabbed a sweater too. I walked out only to find a bronze-haired Greek god with startling emerald green eyes, also known as Edward Cullen. Standing next to him was a muscular strong-looking Quileute, also known as Jacob Black. I slowly advanced towards them.

"Hey guys!" I said with a warm smile. Jacob looked me up and down smiling. What is with these people? Is looking me up and down some strange greeting in this alienated town?

"Do we know you?" Jacob asked, "Because I'd like to know you more!" He added. A soft giggle escaped my lips but I assumed he heard it as his smile grew bigger. Edward, thinking I couldn't hear him, told Jacob 'quietly',

"Nice try Jake. Let me show you how the master does it." I stifled my giggle this time. He too looked me up and down. What the heck is up with looking at me like that? "Hey there! You must be new here. Let me show you round. Maybe we can have some lunch afterwards." Edward could be such a gentleman. Maybe I should accept. Let me think...

Emmet, Jasper and Jacob's POV

Like that'll ever happen. Hahahaha.

Bella's POV

" thanks. I know where to go." I replied and declined his statement. Edward's face fell.

"Oh...uh...ok..." He said as he walked away slowly. All the other guys burst out laughing and this time, I couldn't stifle the giggle that escaped my full lips.

"Oh yeah, Edward! Why didn't I just let the master do it?" Jake asked sarcastically while laughing. Just then, Alice and Rosalie came into view.

"So...may Alice and I join you for a jog as well?" Jasper asked me. Before I could say anything,

"Finally! Someone who actually mentions some other girl instead of hitting on me. Sure! I'd love if you two would join me!" I blurted out. As soon as those words left my lips, I noticed two things at once:

1) Edward ran towards us in shock at what I just said and

2) Emmet, Jacob and Edward glared at Jasper.

"But why?" Emmet, Jacob and Edward whined at the same time.

Emmet, Edward and Jacob's POV

Lucky Boy!!! Yeah, that's right I said-thought boy not man.

Bella's POV

Alice and Rosalie just arrived at where we were standing. Alice skipped to Jasper's side and Rosalie flitted to Emmet's and gave him a chaste kiss. Alice looked me up and down. For the last freaking time! What is wrong with you people looking me up and down today? UGH! Soon, recognition flashed in her eyes as she gave me mischievous grin.

"Hey Jazzy! Who is your new friend? She looks familiar." She obviously knew it was me.

"Oh! She just accepted my offer to jog with us at the park." He replied. As soon as he finished his sentence, we were off to the park.

At the Cullen's Yard with Rosalie

3rdPerson's POV

Jacob, Emmet and Edward were staring at Bella, Jasper and Alice as they jogged to the park. Rosalie looked towards the boys and laughed. They don't know it is Bella, do they? She thought as she snickered in her head.

"So boys, don't you think Bella looks hot now?" she asked as she chuckled. They stared blankly at her and tilted their heads at the same time, like in cartoons, with curiosity burning in their eyes.

"When was Bella here? When did you see her? Why didn't you tell us you saw her?" The three asked. Rosalie laughed – really hard.

" on..." she couldn't continue any longer and just laughed. Edward and Jacob looked at her like she belonged in the loony bin and Emmett looked worriedly at her.

"Rosie, baby, are you ok? Do you need help?" he asked scared. He never knew his girlfriend could laugh so hard. She stopped a while and said,

"Bella was the girl you were staring at and hitting on. I am disappointed you didn't recognise her." She then continued laughing. The boys were bewildered.

Emmet's POV

OH MY ROSALIE!!!! I can't believe I just hit on my sister. EWWWWWW!!!!

Edward's POV

I just hit on my best friend and failed miserably. I am losing my touch and Bella looks hot! I missed her so much! I need to apologise for hitting on her.

Jacob's POV

I can't believe they flirted with their sister or best friend! At least I'm cool enough not to flirt. She must like me more. Hahahaha.