OK, I got this idea when...Gr, I can't even say it or I will ruin the story!! I'll say how I got the idea later :] I thought it was a good idea at the time, but now I'm having second thoughts :|. (Oh well, now you have to live with it you silly goose)

Full Summary: Well...there is no real summary for this story. Its really short. Like...2 or 4 paragraphs XD. Haha. It was fun to write though. OK, ON WITH THE STORY!!


"Sasuke...Its so tiny. I can't even see it."

"Well its in there Dobe. Don't you feel it?"

Naruto whimpered "Of course I feel it! It hurts. Take it out"

Sasuke chuckled "Dobe, you are such a baby!"

"Just pull the damn thing out, Teme!!"

Sasuke grinned. "OK, whatever you say Dobe. On the count of three. One...Two...THREE!"


Sasuke and Naruto walked into the kitchen.

Hinata was the only one home at the time (A/N: They all live together. Meaning: Kiba, Shika, Shino, Sasu, Naru, Hinata, everyone. Except Ino. Nobody likes her.)


"Yes Hinata?"

"What were you and Naruto-kun doing that he screamed?"

Naruto blushed,"Nothing! We did nothing!"

Sasuke laughed "Dobe, that was hilarious!"

"W-what happened...?" Hinata stuttered


Naruto covered his ears with his hands and ran to the room "SHUT UP TEME!!"

Hinata blushed "Umm...What happened...?"

Sasuke chuckled "I pulled out this splinter" Sasuke held up the small little splinter.

Hinata fainted.



Haha. I got this idea because my sister got a splinter the other day when we were making holes in the backyard with a shovel. When I was watching Naruto right now I started thinking about it. So...there you go. Thats how I got this idea :]]

Oh, well. Review please. Tell me what you think. Haha, this was fun.