Author's Note:

So I do not own either of these anime/manga. If I did, I wouldn't be writing fanfics.

Just a quick note about how the story is set up, it is based on the manga version of Gakuen Alice, and I think this is the anime version of Inu Yasha. Not too sure yet. Just in case, though, if there's anything mentioned in the manga and not in the anime, I'll try my best to add a footnote in for those who've only watched Gakuen Alice before, since the manga got much farther plot-wise.

Chapter 1: The First Mission

It had happened so fast she couldn't think. First she'd been with her friends, then in the elementary school principal's office, and next thing she knew, she'd been transferred into the dangerous abilities class. Suddenly, she'd not only been condemned to what seemed like the worst possible fate in the twisted academy she'd been deceived into loving for all its outer enchanting novelty, but she found herself officially bearing two Alices: nullification and stealing.

For Mikan Sakura, the last few days had not only been mentally and emotionally exhausting, but physically demanding as well. Not one day after being switched into the dangerous abilities class, she found herself sent away on her first mission.

So now here she was, crouched beneath a table as fire ate away at the paper walls of the old-fashioned Japanese home they'd invaded. Air choked with thick, black smoke writhed as someone slashed at it with a weak wind Alice. Her eyes stung as she peeked around the table, trying to find Natsume. He was the only one who'd made it into the room with her.

"Get down!"

Mikan didn't hesitate as she ducked back behind the table at Natsume's order, a small yelp escaping her lips as a blast of wind knocked the table back, sending her sprawling beneath it. She'd caught a glimpse of the battle that was literally bringing down the house around their ears. It was fire versus wind, the latter on the ground but still fighting. In the back of the room, though, was their target. Like them, the target was a child, and she held a scroll tight to her chest as the rest of her library burned down around her. She was the person they needed to get to, the young time-tripper. The girl had her eyes squeezed shut in concentration. Time was running out.

In the past, The principal had said, devious as always as he stood with Persona at his right side, there was no such thing as an Alice. The people were stupid and ignorant, calling it magic or spiritual power. I have found legend of a certain stone which lore details as a jewel, but I know it for what it is: an Alice stone. Someone is trying to get to it first and bring it to the present. Capture the time-tripper responsible and bring this Alice stone to me.

With a small gasp of pain, Mikan lifted herself up, pushing the table off of her as best she could. She'd never felt so useless in her life. She couldn't use her nullification because they needed to get to the time-tripper as she escaped into the past to get the jewel for her master. However, every second their enemy had access to their Alice was another second Natsume spent on the counter attack, and his body was weak enough as it was. She needed to help him, couldn't let him get any more hurt. She couldn't let anyone hurt him anymore.

She was wobbly, but she got to her feet, coughing on the smoke as she raised her head and falling to her knees. No, no she had to do this. She couldn't let him do this all alone. She needed to help him. With a sudden burst of stubborn strength, she propelled herself across the room, focusing on her Alice. Nullification. No more fighting. She didn't want any more fighting. That was why she was there, wasn't it?


She didn't turn back as Natsume called her name. Instead, she pushed past the wind Alice, who was bewildered to find his Alice gone and too stunned for a moment to react as his first opponent knocked him back to get to his partner. Desperate to end the fight before Natsume used up any more of his life force on his Alice, Mikan launched herself at the time-tripper as the girl muttered words to herself.

"Feudal Japan, Feudal Japan, Feudal Japan." The time-tripper muttered to herself as Mikan released the room from her Alice. "Feudal Japan, Feudal Japan, Feudal Japan."

End Note:

So do you see where this is headed? I plan to post the next chapter very, very soon. I just thought this would be an awkward place to continue. It's less of a first chapter than a prologue, I guess you could say. Especially since I plan on switching main characters. xD I'm not too fond of Mikan myself. But yeah, this was basically just to give you guys an idea of the basic story line, of the whos and whats and hows, etc. The real story starts next time.