Okay, so right off the bat, this is not a chapter = (


I DO have something to say though! I have been noticing a LOT of story alerts and favorites showing up in my inbox (awesome!) for this story and I know I haven't been updating that much. I am taking summer courses, so I literally have been in school for two years straight. That said, I am going to have 45 days of free bliss after August 12th, so this means I will be able to hopefully update regularly. I'm excited to get back to this story! ALSO, I'm going on a trip next week so maybe I will get some time in there to do some writing.

Oh, and it's my bday tomorrow so I'm going to be chilling on the river, sorry peeps!

Thanks for being so patient and sticking with me! I can't believe it's over 100 reviews!

Have an awesome week!

Also, make sure to check out some stories I'm reading while you wait :)

Cinderbella: A Fork's Fairy Tale by Absolutely_Ordinary


Bella has a cruel stepmother Victoria and evil stepsisters Jessica and Lauren and is just trying to survive until graduation when she meets Edward, the local heartthrob who is drifting numbly toward graduation himself.

This story is written VERY WELL and has a cute Edward :) Check it out! She updates regularly ;)

The Honeymoon's Over by JustForkIt


What happens when the honeymoons over and you have to start dealing with life? Edward and Bella learn that being married isn't always easy and crazy MIL's dont just go away.

This story is hilarious with an obnoxious Esme and awesome Carlisle. It's a REAL look into married life (ha!) with all the drama of mother in laws and new husbands to go along with! I'm only on chapter 8 but I love it!