Announcement! A note from House Rat:

I am sad to report that I am discontinuing this story—but wait! Don't leave me yet! I am rewriting it, but making it a different story. I've realized that the first chapter is just dreadful and the whole story feels like there's no originality to it all…

So, I'm changing them to their fourth year. Otherwise, a lot of it will still be the same general story. Fred and George will still be there as well as Itachi and Kisame. Granted, a few scenes will be lost for the transition, but I'll keep this story up. So, I guess it's become my rough draft of sorts.

I'm sorry for keeping you all waiting like this. I'm terribly sorry. But I have other stories (originals and fanfics) that I've been trying to write as well. So, my next story will probably have the same painstakingly slow updates as this one had. But at least you've been forewarned.

I'm not sure when I'll get the first chapter up for the next story, but it will be the first new Naruto story I post. Hope you all understand and hope you read the rewritten version. (Even pester me about it, I'll feel guilty and will probably write more.)

Thank you for your time and patience with me.