Matt and I were both a little relived when we woke up from our after sex cat nap and saw that his ears were still their solid white color. "Maybe it takes a few days to change." Matt said while taking a closer look by bringing them in front of his eyes.

"Before I take you home I'm gonna buy you some white hair dye."

"Hair dye?"

"Yeah I'll just get you some spray stuff for your ears when they start to..." I sighed pulling my pants on "If you want you can keep that hat." I pointed at the hat Matt had been wearing on and off since yesterday.

"Oh, thanks." he pulled it on over his ivory ears. "Owh! My butt hurts." he whined and curled into himself on the bed.

I sat back down next to him and gently ran my hand on his back "I'm sorry." Its times like this I wish I had some endearing pet name for him.

"Its okay!" he smiled "Overall it felt better then it hurt."

"I love you."

Matt rested his hand on mine. "I love you too." He held it up with both of his hands and slowly brought his fingers in between mine. "And... I'm going to be needing you more now."

"If they find out and won't forgive you then you can live with me." I gripped his hand tightly. Matt stood up and began to put his clothes back on.

"So how long will you stay at my house?"

"As long as I can." I answered "But like I said before we go I want to get you that hair dye stuff."

"All right let me put some clothes on though." Normally I would have said something perverted about preferring them off but it really didn't seem right to be joking about that right now. So instead I began to put my clothes back on again. "Mello," he whined "help me put my shoes on!" he held his foot to me "Tie it, please."

I rolled my eyes "You do it."

"But you said you loved me!" his eyes went wide. "Can't you just pretend to be nice?"

"You're taking advantage of this situation."

"I said 'please.'" he pouted.

"Fine." I groaned placing his foot on my knee I tied both shoes. "There... are you ready?"

"Yeah... maybe... no, not really. Can't I stay over night?"

"I want you to but I think we should gauge your parents reaction a little."

He frowned "What do you mean?"

"Like test the waters with some casual conversation, ya' know?"

Matt's eyes closed pained "I guess that sounds smart." he sprawled back out on the bed and laughed lightly "I kind of just want to do it again but I think I'd break."

"Did I hurt you that badly?" I crawled on top of him.

"No, but anymore might be to much of a good thing."

I brushed back his bangs from his face and slowly leaning forward I kissed him. "Don't worry I understand." I sighed with mock sadness.

"Then lets get going." he sat up from under me "But first how about you get me a cig-amajig to calm my nerves?"


"Okay-okay." he held his hands up then scooted of the bed and walked to the door "Lets go." he walked out the door. I quickly caught up to him surprised by his sudden wanting to leave. I lead him to the store for a quick stop for the dye.

We walked to the dye and I picked up a small spray can of white dye "This should work." I held it to him.

"How does that work?" he looked at the can strangely.

I glanced around at the other hair products and came across a small brown wig. "Like this." I said picking it up I sprayed a little bit of the white color on it, and almost it immediately changed to white.

"Oh that's cool! This will defiantly help!"

"Yeah I'll get more for you when you run out. We'll be able to do this for awhile." Matt sighed and rested his head on my chest.

"I feel relieved." I wrapped my arms around him. Looking up I saw the familiar Aadi staring at us. She was wearing pajamas and messy hair like she just woke up. We locked eyes for only a second before she rolled her eyes and shuffled away. I guess the last rejection really stuck with her.

I looked back at Matt "Lets get you home." we walked back to the field, after of course paying for our items and went back down the rabbit hole from before. We slowly fell down the hole with the same various things occupying the walls and softly landed on our feet.

"You're already good at that!" he swooned at my landing on my feet with him.

"Its not that hard when you're expecting it."

Matt laughed "You're just a little whiner you know that?" he pulled the curtains apart. "Oh we're much closer to my house this time." he stepped out and I followed after him.

"Jeez you weren't kidding." I muttered looking at his house which was right across the way from us.

"Looks like we're going to have to face this now." he huffed. "I'm getting nervous."

I grabbed his hand tightly "Don't be. Lets go."

"Hey! You two are back already?" L said shuffling to meet us at the gate.

"Yeah I guess so." Matt yawned "You were right there weren't to many interesting things in that world." I glared at him "But I still had a lot of fun with Mello."

"That's good." L said "Light just got things ready for tea so lets go in the back."

"Sounds good." we followed him around the back.

"I'm positive Light will want to hear about what you two did." Matt's hand tightened around mine "I would too." L added.

"Oh my littlest bunny is home!" Light smiled at Matt's presence and I did my best to hold back my laughter at Light's pet name for Matt.

"Shut up Mello! And don't call me that!"

Light hugged him "Sorry but I missed you. You were gone for quite awhile."

"Yeah littlest bunny." I agreed and Matt glared at me.

"Well I got the whole spread of tea and cakes set out for us." Light walked over to the table, following we sat down.

"So I was just wondering this because you know with my dating Mello and all but" Matt started "umm when did you loose your ears Light?" Smooth Matt... really smooth.

Light looked up in thought "I was eighteen."

"Oh." Matt sighed "How long did it take you ears to change completely?" I looked at L who seemed to not be paying any attention to their conversation but was instead dumping cube after cube of sugar into his tea cup.

"About a week maybe-"

"Wait!" Matt interrupted "This doesn't make any sense!"

"What?" Light asked "You said eighteen?" he nodded "But one time L told me you guys didn't do sex until a year after you met so that means you should have been nineteen!"

Light and L's eyes both went wide and they looked at each other. L moved his hat more to the top his head as muttered something I couldn't hear "Yes, I-I guess we should tell him."

"Tell what?" I asked.

"The truth is your ears really change when you're eighteen not when you loose your virginity." Light said.

"What!?" Matt shrieked.

"I'm surprised you didn't figure it out Matt." L started "If you think about it you've never met anyone who has different color ears over that age."

"I never thought to ask I just assumed."

"Well now that you know... We're going to be watching you two much closer." Light glared at me. Matt stood up and took me with him as he started to walk for his house "Where are you two going?" Light yelled.

"We're gonna go have sex!" Matt yelled back.

"What!? No you're not!" Matt slammed the door on his continued yelling.

"We aren't really going to have sex are we?"

"No way my brother is somewhere in the house. I just didn't want to collapse from relief in front of them." he said sliding down to his knees.

Kneeling in front of him I cupped his face with my hands "I think we're going to be having a lot of fun together."

"Weren't we already?" he asked before kissing me.

The End

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