Would you believe me if I said I was Hiromu Arakawa? No, right? Good. We've got things clear over here. Now let's start!


Ranks are one of the things that signify one's enrollment into the military. It is a means of recognition for outstanding men and women who have served their duties extraordinarily well. A driving force for underclassmen to do their best in their assignments, in hopes of reaching, coming to level with, and possibly even outranking their current superiors. Rank, while keeping everyone in line, can also get people out of line.

A rank may probably even come as close as to describe that person's competence. And ranks may probably describe that person's experience on the battlefield as well. Rank sets officers apart. There are lieutenants, captains, majors, lieutenant colonels, colonels… So many ranks. It only poses a challenge to the one who dreams to climb the ladder of military superiority: try to live long.

Sometimes, dealing with rank differences becomes part of what makes living a life for the military difficult. Loyalty to your superiors, concern for your subordinates; other than the work in the office, or the efforts on the battlefield, loyalty and concern becomes one of the important duties. Just how many officers are doing that duty exactly, we can never tell.

Isn't it difficult? How a person you have learned to care for so much, a person you want to protect, may seem so near, and yet far because of rank? Sometimes, you come to think, "How can I protect him when he's higher up than I am?" But then again, maybe it's just a matter of being by his side. As he climbs his way up the military ladder, as you see him excel, get recognized, be known, you walk behind him, always there when he asks.

To not get tired of my entrusted assignment, to be eternally loyal, and to remind him of his goal; this is my job. I am fine. Working my way up the ranks is not my concern. As long as I fulfill my duty, everything is fine. As long as he is there, in front of me, in my line of sight, everything will be fine.


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