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Chapter 1

3rd Person POV

'This is Giuliana Rancic reporting live from E! News Studios, today we have a very special guest with us. The Famous, Rosalie's Secret lingerie model, Bella Swan, who is going to be talking to us about the new line.'

Isabella Swan walked into the view of the cameras and stood next to Giuliana. Her hair was still the long mahogany brown that hung to the middle of her back. She'd changed so much since her awkward days in High School. No more braces. No more glasses. She was still pale, but not like she used to be. Society wanted tanned lingerie models and she had happily obliged to a light spray on tan every few weeks, despite her views in High School on always rebelling against conformation.

No more old sweats and just a cherry chap stick as make up. She was now a famous lingerie model, envied by females everywhere and the star of many males wet dreams.

No more clumsy awkward teenager but instead she was an independent, beautiful, confident woman who stood by what she wanted in life and chased her dreams. She could now walk in heels and capture the attention of an entire room just by being in it.

One thing that had not changed since high school, was her love for the boy who had never noticed her. Edward Cullen.

He'd done well for himself, too. An international singer/songwriter who stole girls hearts with his music and his looks. He still had his untamed bronze locks that stuck up in every direction and his piercing emerald green eyes that made you feel like he was staring deep into your soul.

He wasn't the jock or the popular guy in High School. He was an average Joe who always got a little over creative in art class. He'd keep to himself and often be sketching or writing in his notebook. He had serious abandonment issues ever since his real parents Elizabeth and Anthony had given him up for adoption when he was just a baby. He was left unnamed and his new parents Carlisle and Esme Cullen had adorned him with the name 'Edward'.

Bella had always tried to talk to him but he was always just so overwhelmed by her beauty even as an awkward teenager that he couldn't form a simple 'Hi'. So he'd stay away from her and continue his sketches and poetry that would someday be transformed into his lyrics. If only Bella had seen exactly what he was drawing or read what he wrote, maybe things would have turned out different. Because, you see, it was all about her. He'd got lost in his own world sometimes and imagine what their kids would look like or what her name would sound like with his last name tacked on the end. Bella Cullen.

Bella knew she would always love him but she decided she needed to move on. She had boyfriends from when she was a Junior and still dated now. She wished she could really move on and find the guy she always wanted. The problem is. She already knew who he was and she knew he didn't feel the same way. She too had imagined his last name tacked onto the end of hers and she'd even once, by accident, introduced herself to one of her fathers friends as Bella Cullen.

Now that they were both successful celebrities and grown adults, you would think they would just get over it and talk to each other.

But no.

There was still one problem left.

They both hated each other.

Bella hated him for completely ignoring her and still managing to keep her heart for all this time.

Edward hated her for moving on but still being able to keep his eyes fixed on her.

Little did they know that they would soon be stuck sitting next to each other on a plane.

A plane journey that would, undoubtedly, change their lives forever.


1st Person POV

I sucked in a deep breath once Giuliana had announced my name and walked into the view of the cameras. I had met her a few times before and we got along well, but that didn't mean I was any less uncomfortable doing a live interview. Not that it showed…

"So Bella, wow." She started gesturing to my simple bubble dress that cinched in at the waist. "You look amazing, as always."

I fake laughed, a skill I had perfected over the years. "You're too kind, Giuliana, so do you."

She fake laughed too and nodded her head, "Well, now that we've established that we both look fabulous. Let's talk about the new line of lingerie,"

I shifted my weight on my legs, didn't they know people were more comfortable doing interviews when they were seated?

"Well, this Summer, it's all about bright colors and that extra support. RS," Rosalie's Secret "always knows what looks good on a woman's body and they like to keep things exciting."

"Wow, I can't wait for the big premiere. You're modeling in the show, of course?"

As if I would be anywhere else…?

"Of course. Rosalie Hale is a close personal friend of mine and wearing her line of lingerie is always a treat for me. It's really so comfortable,"

And I wasn't lying, either. Rosalie was an amazingly talented designer along with our other best friend Alice Whitlock, wife of Country superstar Jasper Whitlock and host of her very own TV show. "Alice daily".

"You don't need to sell me on that, Bella. I know exactly how comfortable her lingerie is, let's just say my husband is a huge fan,"

We both laughed and then she continued. "So we heard a rumor that you went to high school in Forks Washington with none other then the heartthrob musician, Edward Cullen…?"

I nodded wearily, "Yeah, I did."

Her eyes brightened with interest and she smiled at the camera before continuing. "Since we're having him on the show tomorrow, do you know of any embarrassing high school moments that we could grill him about? Because, let's face it, seeing him blush could make an ice queen melt,"

I laughed nervously, she didn't know how right she was. "Sorry, but no."

"Did you know when you were in High School that he would become such a huge star?"

Geez, I thought this was supposed to be an interview about Rosalie's lingerie…

"We were all different in high school, I mean I was an awkward klutz who couldn't walk across a flat surface without tripping over something. I had glasses and braces and look how I turned out. I bet you could ask anyone from my old schools and they'd say that this is a huge transformation." I said, avoiding her question. No matter how much I hated him, I would never sell out someone on live television.

"Well, you've come a long way, Bella. We actually have a photo from your new shoot promoting RS," she gestured to the flat screen behind us where a picture of me wearing a cherry red pair of lacy boy shorts and an electric blue strapless bra with a red lace overlay.

"Ah," I choked. "I never get used to seeing myself like that,"

I could feel my cheeks heating up and Giuliana grinned widely at me.

"Don't tell me you get embarrassed looking at that? Surely you know how amazing your body is?"

I smiled back, "Thanks, but no, I never get used to it. And I'm not sure I ever will."

"Well, it's nice to know you're still so grounded. Good for you,"

She then turned back to the camera. "Well that's it for our time with Bella, coming up next we have a Michael Jackson Tribute that you don't wanna miss. Samantha has the details,"

The camera's abruptly turned off and I let out a breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding.

Rosalie came running out and embraced me in a hug, she'd tagged along for the interview and loved it when she got publicity. "Oh, thank you, Bella. You were perfect,"

I laughed and hugged her tighter, "Rose, you don't have to thank me every time I compliment your work. You deserve it."

"Alice is going to flip when she see's this, ooh, I can't wait for your interview on her show,"

"Let's get out of here, I'm dying for a star bucks," I suggested and pulled Rose with me.

"Oh, good idea. What time is your flight to Washington tomorrow anyway?"

"Around ten, I'm not sure. I'll check with Courtney,"

Courtney was my amazing PA and I'd be completely lost without her, seriously I wouldn't be surprised if she popped right up in front of me now with a star bucks in her hands.

Ha Ha, there she was. Her skin was pale despite her South African origin and her hair was slightly darker then mine and often hung straight without straightening. Courtney had gray blue eyes that often changed colour depending on the shade of eye shadow she wore that day. She was shy, quiet and extremely organized.

"I know you like your caffeine straight after an interview," was all she said as she handed me and Rose both our cups. She still hadn't lost her accent and it surprised me since she'd moved to Washington at the age of sixteen and was always constantly around Americans.

"Seriously, Bella, where did you hire her? Psychic PA's?" Rosalie teased after thanking her.

Courtney grinned and I saw her usual blush heat her face, one of the reasons I had hired her was because she reminded me so much of myself when I was high School.

"Do you need anything else?" she asked both me and Rose.

"No thanks, Court. But hey, what time is my flight tomorrow?" I asked her.

"Ten fifteen," she recited.

"So early," I sighed. "Thanks, you can have the rest of the day off. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Thanks, Bella. Bye Rosalie, it was great seeing you."

And then she left.

What can I say? I'm a good boss.

"She's a good kid," Rosalie commented as we left the building together, our arms linked casually between us.

"She is," I nodded in agreement.

"Didn't you say she had a hard life when she was younger?"

"Yeah, she used to go to this really tough Catholic school and they found out her father was homosexual, she was teased a lot. Kids can be so cruel."

"That's terrible, but I mean look at her now. She's a PA to the world famous," she was talking loud now as if she was shouting it to the world. "Isabella Swan, fantasy woman of every man out there and envied queen of all females,"

People were turning as they walked along the sidewalk to look at us and I caught Rosalie winking at a few men.

"Rose," I groaned. "Please, don't attract attention. This is the first time I haven't been stopped for an auto-" before I could finish my sentence a middle aged man stopped us with a piece of paper and a pen in his hand.

"Wow, Isabella Swan. You're even hotter in person, can you make it out to Billy Black?" he requested. Obviously the word 'please' was not in his vocabulary.

"Sure thing, Billy." I agreed politely and scribbled the generic 'To a great fan, Billy Black. It was great meeting you. XOXO Bella Swan' His name was vaguely familiar to me but I'd met so many people over such a short span of time, it was understandable that I'd forget at least someone.

"Wow, thanks," he said reading it over and then smiling at me. So he did have manners...

"What am I chopped liver?" Rosalie barked out as we walked past him.

"You should be proud, Rose. It's your designs that made me famous, so technically he was asking for your autograph,"

She laughed and gently mock punched my shoulder. A photographer stopped us just before we could enter a boutique.

"Isabella Swan and Rosalie Hale, it's my lucky day. Ladies, would you mind posing for a picture?"

Rose and I smirked at each other before having our picture taken.

"See," I started as we entered the store. "That one knew you,"

"Whoop De Do," she said sarcastically making a twirling gesture with her index finger.

Apparently word had gotten out that Rose and I were in here because suddenly swarms of photographers were taking shots of us as we shopped.

"Ugh, all those flashes still make my head spin," I groaned and pulled out my cell phone. Quickly dialing my driver, Jame's, number and asking him to come fetch us.

"Being famous is definitely a blessing and a curse," Rose commented as we dodged the crowd of photographers and fans to climb into my black Mercedes.

As soon as my door was closed I heard a loud thump against the glass and looked up to see a teenage boy had thrown himself onto the sun roof.

"Marry me!" He shouted and my bodyguard, Rick, a huge African American guy, climbed out the car to pull him off.

Rose and I spent the next five minutes giggling like teenagers and even unemotional Rick had a small smile tugging at his lips from the humor.

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