We Are The Cullen's

Chapter Five: Bella Masen

Three days after the accident Alice, Jasper, and I decided to go to Forks and see what we could find out, the news did not give a lot of information, and would keep repeating they were still investigating. Alice had bought disguises for us she bought a blonde wig and a blonde mustache for me along with blue eye contacts. For Jasper, she had a dark brown wig and brown eye contacts. Alice would be wearing a blonde wig and blue eye contacts; she had even bought makeup to give us a flesh color tone instead of our normal pale skin. I was starting to get worried and asked her if she had seen something, but that pixie just answered saying she was only doing this because it was fun, I was so glad my heart no longer beating otherwise I would have had a heart attack.

After arriving in Forks we learned that the crash had been declared an accident, the story was Renee had lost control of the car and crashed causing the car to explode killing her and her 2 month old daughter, the rumors in town were that Charlie and Renee were getting a divorce, which is why she was leaving in the middle of the night, or that she was running away with her secret lover, Renee's postpartum depression had helped make the accident more believable, humans tend to want to be part of the commotion and add their intakes on events, especially in small towns.

Two women with the last names of Mallory and Stanley seemed to be the ones adding all of Renee's unusual behavior, wanting to be part of the gossip, secretly they were relieved Bella had died both women had been jealous of my Bella's beauty and feared she would outshine their daughters they however did not see any threat in each other. The two women had revealed that Renee had confided in them how unhappy she was. The women were lying, Renee hated them, but their lies were helping us.

The memorial was being held that evening, since the bodies were badly burned, they would be cremated, and their ashes would be released into the wind. Charlie was distraught but focused on how his baby was in heaven now, if only he knew that tiny infant was not his daughter but an angel named Amber, whose mother had smothered her while she slept. I had donated 1 million dollars to several centers for abused children, in New York to honor Amber's life, if it had not been for that tiny baby, I would not have my Bella with me.

The morning after the cops had found Renee's car, her mother had called Charlie telling him that Renee had been planning on leaving him for several weeks, she refused to believe her daughter was depressed her explanations were that she simply woke up from the love spell she was in and how she had figured that she simply didn't have a future in a small town like Forks. She had called to let Charlie know that since she was Renee's mother and the money Renee had inherited had been from her mother, she would be taking over Renee's bank account in Florida another piece of evidence in our favor convincing anybody that Renee had planned this.

Charlie did not care about the money he just wanted his baby back. Alice had seen Charlie being comforted by a woman named Sue, and that eased my guilt a little, hopefully he would go on with his life, remarry, and have more children, that would not replace the angel he lost, but he would have lost her anyway, Renee would have made sure of that. At least with me she would be loved, she would have anything her heart desired and when she got older, she would be with the love of her life forever. We left before the funeral and started running home, I could not wait to have my Bella in my arms. As we neared the house, I could hear the faint cries of my beloved Bella and it torn my unbeating heart. I ran as fast as my legs could and saw Esme trying to comfort her she just kept crying. Esme saw me and automatically gave her to me telling me she was just missing me, as soon as Bella sensed me she stopped crying, but was still whimpering softly. I held her tiny little hand and she showed me how she felt scarred when she had woken up and was upset I was not there with her. I promised her I would never leave her.

It had been difficult for me to hunt, especially with Bella so attached to me but thankfully, she would sleep thru the night, so my hunts were only during the night. I was always back before she would wake up and she would be so happy to see my face first thing in the morning. Esme loved taking care of Bella she saw her as daughter, Rose and Alice loved shopping for her and putting pretty outfits on her, she was their Barbie doll. Emmett was impatient for her to grow up so he could play with her and Jasper was happy everybody was happy especially Alice and was extremely grateful Alice had found someone else to dress up.

Four Years Later....

The last four years, have brought me nothing but happiness. Bella, my little Bella had just turned four, she is a very bright child, we had no problems potty training her or switching from bottle to cup, she liked feeling like a big girl. She loved every member of our family. Bella had believed that Carlisle and Esme were her parents but a little before she turned three, she started noticing differences between her and us. How we never ate, we were always cold, pale and she never saw us in the sun. She knew I could hear her mind through physical contact and whenever she wanted to block me, she would wear gloves and avoid me touching her. After discussing with the family my suspicion we decided to tell Bella that she had been adopted but we would wait until she brought it up and later when she was older, tell her what we were. At least that was the plan but two days later we were sitting in the kitchen waiting for Bella to finish dressing she had shooed everybody from her room and instead that she was going to dress herself. Alice had seen that she had decided to wear a costume it felt like she knew of Alice's gift she kept changing her mind causing Alice to finally give up, 20 minutes later we heard the soft padding of her little feet coming down the stairs before she came into the kitchen she told us to close our eyes we knew the second she stepped into the kitchen she told us to open our eyes and yelled "SURPRISE".

There she was my little Bella wearing the most beautiful black dress, black heels (that Alice had ordered for her) with glitter all over her face neck, arms and legs making her dazzle like diamonds, a black cape and vampire fangs in her mouth she had put red lipstick on her lips. I have never seen a human make a vampire speechless but Bella had achieved this and if we were stunned by her costume, what she said next left us frozen in shock "Do you like it? I'm a vampire like you I even glitter see."

I was the first one to gain any kind of composure and asked Bella what she had meant about us being vampires she simply said that Emmett and Jasper had said so. If vampires could sweat Emmett and Jasper would have been sweating buckets. I am positive having five vampires glaring at you and knowing that they were having thoughts of ripping you and throwing your limbs in the fire would make anybody nervous. Jasper was trying very hard to keep everyone calm, while Emmett was trying to remember when he had told Bella we were vampires.

"Bella, angel how come you didn't tell me or showed me this?"

"Well because they didn't really tell me they were talking about it and they thought I was asleep." She gasped realizing she had just confessed to listening to a private conversation and could get in trouble. I reminded her it was rude and bad manners to listen to other's conversation.

"I'm sorry Edward but I was really falling asleep but I could still hear their voices, but when Emmy said he wished he could still sleep I got curious....can I please show you what happened." she took my hand and showed me what had happened.

It had happened on Sunday when everyone except Emmett and Jasper went hunting. We had told Bella, Alice, Rose and Esme were going shopping and I would be helping Carlisle in the hospital, she had wanted to come with me but I told her she would have more fun with Em and Jazz she had accepted but was not happy. Em and Jazz had played hide and seek with her then they colored with her finally putting on her favorite movies first The Little Mermaid and then Beauty and the Beast sometime during the movie she started to feel sleepy she closed her eyes and cuddle with Emmett she could still feel his hands on her hair that's when she faintly heard Emmett.

"Sometimes I wish I could still do that?" she heard Emmett say.

I could feel her curiosity and her desire to continue to stay awake; she was tired from their playtime earlier.

"What?" Jazz asked

"Sleeping, look at her Jazz she looks so peaceful........I'm scared what if she hates us when we tell her she's adopted....I know she know we are all adopted but I can't imagine being her age and to find out that the people you thought were your parents aren't really.....and there's the whole vampire thing what if she becomes afraid of us.....I don't think I can bare it if she left us and Eddie what will that do to him?

"I don't know Em....I think she'll be upset and will want to know what happened to her real parents...but I also think she will be happy....she loves us so much especially Edward she couldn't bear to hurt him."

"Do you really think she will figure it out Eddie already said she was getting suspicious because we don't eat, were cold, pale and don't go out when it's sunny.....but we could all take turns and eat with her I don't care if human food is revolting and we have to throw up later I'll do anything for her and for the other stuff, Carlisle can come up with some kind of illness that gives us cold and pale skin and that's why we can't go outside when it's sunny."

"Em, you heard Alice she can't see the outcome, especially if Bella keeps changing her mind. She said it herself Bella wanted to ask Edward many times about our differences but every time she changed her mind and the visions changed. Just look at what happened today she had told us last night that we would play dolls with her and she would insist that we make cookies so Carlisle could take them to the hospital, but she changed her mind and the vision changed. It's very hard for Alice to really see Bella's future because she is a child and like all children they change their minds frequently......Bella may be a child but she is very intelligent for her age don't you think it would be even more suspicious if we suddenly started eating with her?"

It had amazed me how she was able to contain her emotions, she was listening to a very intense conversation and she was able to fool two vampires into believing she was asleep. However, I could tell she was pushing her emotions on Jasper, her need to reassure Emmett that she loved her family and would never leave.

That was all Bella had wanted to show me but it was enough, she then showed me what she was thinking when she heard this conversation at first she thought Emmett and Jasper were playing a trick on her but she continued to think about it and it still didn't make sense she had remembered some of the scary movies about vampires that Emmett had let her watch when he was taking care of her, of course she had caught her mistake and tried to block the memories I had seen but it was too late, I gave her a look that meant we would be having a conversation about that later and I would definitely be talking to Emmett about that.

But something about a certain vampire movie named "Twilight" caught my interest apparently she had a little crush on the leading actor she didn't know his name but in the movie his name was Robert Pattinson he was the vampire she noted the difference between the vampires in the movie and us in "Twilight" they slept in coffins, their eyes were red, they lived in dark and scary places, and they burned in the sun and they had fangs. She knew we didn't sleep in coffins because apparently she had woken up one night when Alice, Jasper, and I were hunting and Carlisle was at work she saw Esme cleaning the kitchen rather quickly she looked blurry, Emmett was playing a video game and Rose was flipping through a magazine. She saw the clock and it read 3:21am, the next morning she asked them how they slept Emmett told her he had the best sleep of his life, Rose said it was fine and Esme told she slept great, she knew they had just lied to her. She asked me where I was that night of course she was blocking her thoughts with a song, not knowing what she had seen the night before I told her I had been playing with my piano she remembered seeing the piano but I was not near it.

She let it go, deciding we would tell her in time, she didn't like the fact that we had a secret and were keeping it from her. Several months went by and she heard Jazz and Em's conversation that is when she started trying to figure a way to know what happened to us in the sun, she did not think we burned because our house was always light and airy from the windows.

Her next thought showed me that she had been watching the weather channel when Alice came home from shopping she noticed her watching and asked her why she wanted to know how the weather would be she said that if was going to be sunny she wanted to have a "lazy day" were she didn't get dressed and would be in her pj's all day and would just lounge around. Alice thought it was so cute and checked the future and informed Bella of the next sunny day, which coincidentally fell on the day Alice, Jasper, Esme, Rose and I would go hunting, we had discovered an overpopulation of wolfs near Canada, we would be gone all day but Carlisle and Emmett would be left to take care of Bella. Carlisle was in his office lost in his books and Emmett was tucking Bella in for her afternoon nap, but my little angel wanted answers, she had snuck outside when she noticed Emmett playing his video game and put her favorite stuffed animal a lion name Eddie, near her swings. Therefore, when Emmett tucked her in she noticed Eddie was missing and after putting on the best puppy face Emmett agreed to look for him. I was shocked that Emmett had not realized that Bella was playing him she told him exactly where she had put Eddie, but how can I complain when she puts that face nobody can deny her anything. She quickly left her bed and went to her window and that is where she saw him glittering. She noticed Emmett looking up to her window and wasn't sure if he had seen her so she went back into bed and pretended to sleep she felt Emmett placing Eddie in her arms and she quietly thanked him.

"Edward I didn't want to hurt Emmy I swear.....I knew "Twilight" was just a movie.....you sparkle in the sun......Eddie can I see you one day in sun please?" My angel told me in her mind. How could I deny her.

"Yes, love on the next sunny day I'll let you see me." What would have been the point in lying to her she had heard Em and Jazz's conversation and had seen Emmet in the sun. "Bella, I have to speak to the family, they are worried about you and what you just told us....so how about I put on a movie and then when we finish talking I'll come get you and then you can ask us any question you may have ok?"

Bella agreed took my hand in her thought she asked me if she could watch "Twilight." I would have to talk to her about this little crush; I could not help but feel a little jealous.

"Edward can you please fast forward it until Robert comes on I don't really want to hear Kristen's story."

Once Bella was settled with a huge smile on her face as sighing, dramatically as she saw Robert profess his love to Kristen I had to really stop myself from ripping the video tape to shred because I am certain that not only would it scare Bella but it would also upset her. As I made my way back to the kitchen, I was bombarded with the thought of six minds.

"Ok to answer your questions yes, Bella knows we are vampires, and yes in a way Emmett and Jasper told her, but it's not their fault please to listen to me and then we can figure this mess out....This happened last Sunday when we went hunting Bella had stayed with Emmett and Jasper, Alice you had told them what they would be doing that day do you remember....but your vision did not happen instead they played hide and seek, colored and watched some movies...I know we were hunting and you didn't get the vision of Bella falling asleep or rather pretending to sleep while hearing a very interesting conversation between Emmett and Jasper."

"Edward there is now way we didn't realize she wasn't asleep....what we talked about...her emotions and her heartbeat would have alerted us that she was awake.....are you sure that's when she found out?" said Jasper.

"Jazz I saw her memory...she was in control of her emotions because Emmett confessed that he missed sleeping, Bella thought he was playing a trick on her...she had know for some time that we somehow always knew when she wasn't sleeping or when she would wake up....she also knows how Emmett is always playing around being the goofy brother that he is and she knows that he can almost always convince you to go along with him whether it's betting or pranking people....but then he broke down and told you his fears.....I felt her need to reassure him that she would never leave us.....and you picked that up Jazz, I am not saying that if Bella had not been there you would have ignored him, that's not what I am saying, of course you would have listened to your brother and you would have talked to him....so not only did you have your feelings to help Emmett but you had Bella's and Emmett was so fearful of losing her that she was in a way ignored."

"I'm so sorry.....I didn't realize she was listening.....I just can't lose her, she reminds me so much of my little sister.....she died when she was only eight.....I was thirteen and proud to be a big brother...I was going to fight the boys away from her, follow her on her first date, protect her, be there for her....but she got sick and we didn't have a lot of money...the medicine was too expensive to buy...I remember getting a job in the local grocery store to save up the money for her medicine...but then she got worse and it was too late....after that mom kinda got numb and kept her room like a shrine then later killed herself. I got sent to the orphanage, when I turned 18 I got a job saved my money....I wanted to make a future for myself, I had finally saved enough to leave....that's why I was in the woods that day...my friends were giving me a farewell hunting party I had saved enough money to leave home...the bank was going to reposes our house and with my brothers and sister living their lives there was no reason to pay for the house....please don't think I am trying to replace my sister with Bella...I don't know how to explain it but I feel a connection towards her...not like Eddie's a different one...protective, brotherly...like she's meant to be with us, forever...I just can't see us without her anymore....I feel like we were all meant to be together but were born in different times and that's why we became vampires to complete our destiny....there has to be a reason why Eddie found her before her bitch of a mother damaged her and even though her father loved her he couldn't protect not the way we can. Emmett said

"Em it's not your fault we were going to tell her eventually...don't blame yourself......anyways she heard about Alice's gift, of how we were going to invent some kind of disease....she doesn't really care that we are cold and pale but was curious about why we didn't' go out when it was sunny she started comparing some of the movies about vampires that she had seen, thanks to Emmett, now she has a little crush on that vampire in "Twilight."

"She sure blushed when he came on the screen, she totally denied it but her heartbeats gave her away...I finally got her to confess the little crush she has on him, ask her Eddie you will love her answer...oh and by the way let her put up that damm poster I got her of him she's afraid to ask you because she thinks you are going to say "no" and take it away from her...you should see her when you leave she goes up to her room and stares at it holding that lion of hers wearing a shirt she stole from your closet she does that for like 15 minutes then hides the shirt and poster before leaving her room." Emmett said

"Emmett you shouldn't spy on her like that" Esme scolded him

"I don't that little girl makes me stay with her she even wanted me to wear one of Edward's shirt, like she does thank god it wouldn't fit otherwise it would have been very difficult to explain why I suddenly smelt like Edward. She says we are the official "Robert Fan Club" she of course is the president and I am the vice president....the only good thing about it is it only happens when I am the only one left when the rest of you go hunting ...thank god...if I knew I was going to be subjected to that kind of torture I would have never let her watch that damm movie....and that's the only one she wants to watch, over and over and never from the beginning she wants to see it when "Robert" first makes his appearance....I wouldn't be surprised if she has his lines memorized already." Emmett said

"Anyway there's no point in hiding the truth from Bella now, but we have to figure out what we are going to tell her about her birth parents?"

"We could always tell her the truth." Alice said

"NO, I will not lose her."

"We could say her mother died giving birth, and her father died due to a gunshot wound, he was a cop and the guy robbing the store panicked and started shooting. I was his doctor and he begged me to take care of his daughter, Edward was working at the hospital too, he saw Bella, felt the need to protect her and we adopted her." Carlisle said

"Alice, can you see how this will turn out, if we tell her she's from Forks or do we have to lie about that too.....I would like for her to know some truth in this, I know how much our human memories are treasured especially where we are from, and I would like to bestow that gift to Bella...even if everything else is a lie."

"I don't see any problems if you tell her where she's from....because about a year ago I stopped seeing Bella's father....I had a vision of him fishing then everything turned black.....you all know what that means..I tried looking for him but I could never see him....obviously I can't see the dead, there are no headstones because they were cremated." Alice said

"We could have Jenks make the paperwork....she'll have to have a different last name, especially if we ever go back to Forks ." Jasper said

"Masen, that will be her human last name, then she became Cullen when Carlisle and Esme adopted her, that way we wouldn't need to ask her to change her last name if we ever went to Forks, it would make her suspicious."

"Won't it make her suspicious if you and her had the same last name?" Emmett said

"No, it's a common last name; I've had six professors with that last name."

"Okay so have we all decided this is what we are going to do....very well Jasper contact Jenks have him draw up the necessary papers." Carlisle said

I brought Bella back and sat her in my lap, she was very quiet. So, I asked her if she had any questions, she did, and we answered them all. We told her "story" she was sad, but was happy to belong to our family. After that she started calling Esme and Carlisle "mom and dad," they were thrilled. She was happy and content to know there were not any more secrets being kept from her. It pained me to know that there was one secret she did not know and would never know, she was home with us, with me where she belongs forever.

I eventually got Bella to tell me about her little crush on Robert, she didn't notice I was touching her hand and I could see her thoughts. She only liked him because he reminded her of me we acted very gentlemanly, played the piano, and loved a brown haired girl, the differences were his eyes were red, but she preferred my topaz ones, she even had Emmett color his eyes on her poster topaz and his hair too. Mine was bronze and had a disheveled look where as his was more muddy brown and had short hair and spiky at the top, but her favorite comparison was that his pet name for Kristen was "love" the same pet name I often called her.

"Edward, read to me, please with sugar on top" a sweet little voice broke me of my thoughts she was holding her favorite book Beauty and the Beast, that was another thing Bella loved, books she loved going book shopping with me, she would wonder hours in the children's book section. Most children would be bored after a few minutes but not my Bella.

I placed Bella in my lap and begun to read to her she was dressed in her favorite blue nightgown, Alice tried to dress her in pink outfits, but Bella insisted that if she had to wear anything Alice bought it would have to be in blue, everyone knew she only liked that color because it was my favorite. Nearly reaching the ending of the book I noticed Bella was fast asleep, I touched her cheek and saw myself in her dreams, we were attempting to play chess. She had seen Alice and I play and she wanted to play too of course she was too young to understand the game and I obviously let her win. It was quite hilarious when she played with Emmett, Bella had the tendency to change the rules in her favor, confusing Emmett in the process, and anytime he tried to mirror her play she would change it saying that rule had exceeded the number of times used. It agitated Emmett to an extend that he would sulk or forfeit. I wasn't worried of spoiling her because every time she saw Emmett upset she would cheer him up and they would run off and play something else. Emmett was definitely Bella's favorite playmate; he would come up with the silliest games and would keep her entertained for hours. But like everything good, Emmett had a bad habit of introducing Bella to junk food, candy or anything he saw on TV, he thought she would enjoy and what 4-year-old would say "No I don't want the chocolate, I would like some vegetables please." definitely not my Bella. Emmett loved giving her candy right before she ate or before she went to bed, his excuse was he loved seeing her hyper. I told him if he continued doing it, I would tell Rosalie, who had broken her new heels and ripped her new dress, to say that he was afraid was an understatement.

The entire family except for Emmett and I had gone hunting, I had asked Bella the previous night if she would help me trick Emmett she agreed right away. I told Esme I would go food shopping so she could go hunting we were all forbidden to take Bella with us, after she learned the truth and Emmett started introducing her to junk food he would give her a list of things he saw on TV and she was to tell him how it tasted. Emmett didn't want to know he just loved seeing her hyper because she said and did the silliest things. Esme came up with the solution after I came back with $75 worth of junk food and a chocolate covered Bella, yea she wasn't too happy about that, but how could I deny my little one, once you look into her brown eyes and that little face your puddy in her tiny hands of course Bella was not supposed to know, I would leave Emmett in charge (scary I know, but I would not actually leave him alone long) he would see me leave, but I would run back home. Bella would ask him to play dress up with her; they would dress the opposite of what they were. He could have easily come up with the idea that he was dressing up as a human male, but my goofball brother loss all if any intelligence when he was in his Bella play mode. Bella would were some of my clothes and Emmett would dress up like a girl. He had made the mistake of forgetting what pile of Rosalie's clothes would be donated and which were the new ones she had just bought, he ended up putting on her favorite new dress and new heels. It was amazing how far the material stretched; he did manage to break the heel.

They were playing and being silly for about 30 min. meanwhile I had installed a camcorder in the room they were playing, recording their entire playtime. I ran back to my car laughing my ass off and went back home. Emmett had heard my car and changed before I reached the door. I had asked him why Bella was in my clothes but he just said she had missed me and wanted to wear my clothes. He helped me bring the bags in and put everything up, and then I told him that dress he wore this evening was the new dress Rosalie had ordered from Paris. I left the kitchen laughing and leaving a shocked Emmett behind, plotting on ways to get me back and replacing the dress and shoes he had destroyed.