Epilogue:Ten Years later....

Mammon: Mammon had died well before this mark, or so the reports say. The lack of evidence or even a body do little to support the claim either way.

Bel: Belphegor "Prince the Ripper" had left the long long disbanded Varia in order to pursue his future as king. However, he still keeps in contact with the mafia world and his fellow ex-Varia members and their families.

Moska: Gola Moska had been destroyed in the Ring Conflict and all other Moska units of this or anytime had been destroyed as a whole, but of course a certain mini version was still free and well, all thanks to a certain man named Spanner.

Levi: Levi had disappeared in the underground mafia scene, so not much is known.

Lussuria: Lussuria stayed within the Vongola to be close to the sun guardian, much to the later's annoyance and his wife Hana's fury. He is stationed at the main HQ in Italy.

Flan or what ever his name is: Who cares? Bel probably killed him before taking the throne. Yeah, let's go with that.

Xanxus: Xanxus serves the Vongola 10th, under the Vongola 9th's name even still, and has since joined Tsuna and his group.

Squalo and Alyssum: Squalo and Alyssum, credited with the internal downfall of the Varia, live a peaceful and joyous wedded life, with Squalo working as a trainer for the Vongola and Alyssum working with Haru and Kyoko as the nannies. They haven't stopped loving each other at all since they first came together.

Ok, here it is. Do your worst. Oh, and remember that I do not own the KHR universe, just Alyssum and this fic.