Hi, this a new story for you. I hope you like it, this idea came to me… I can't remember how, how sad. I wanted to write my best friend Erin into a twilight fanfic so this is what I came up with. Please don't turn this story away, it will be good!

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This was one times I wish that I wasn't the kid. You would think I would never be lonely because I had such a huge family but right now I was. Even after I grew up I was never quite the same as the others. I don't mean that I wasn't a vampire and they were. No, that was fine. But the fact that I was always surrounded by protective aunts and uncles. I didn't have a friend that hadn't seen me as a kid. I felt alone all the time.

"Bella please!" Alice was complaining.

"Not a chance Alice! I don't want to play Bella Barbie!" Bella stated.

I giggled, I didn't mind make-overs but my mum did. Bella hated them with a vengeance. I looked around myself. Jacob was with his pack at La Push; Edward, Emmett and Jasper were playing the x-box; Rosalie and Alice were trying to play Bella Barbie; Esme was gardening and Carlisle was at work. I sighed, I was alone again. We started school again tomorrow so maybe I should prepare. Screw it, I was going to La Push! I was the only one of my family aloud down at La Push. Jacob tried but Sam was stubborn.

"I'm going to La Push," I called, wondering if anyone was listening.

"Have a good time," Edward smiled, "And I'm always listening to you."

"Thanks Dad," I replied before walking into the garage.

I grabbed my motorcycle and roding to La Push. I rode fast as I could. I reached his house within minutes. I knocked on the door and Seth answered it.

"Hi Seth!" I greeted enthusiastically.

"Hay Nessie!" Seth replied.

He opened the door the whole way, as an invitation in. I entered and saw Jacob on the couch asleep. I smiled.

"Want me to wake him?" Seth asked hopefully.

"No," I whispered, "Let him sleep. Tell him I stopped by."

"You're leaving?" Seth frowned.

"What were you doing?" I asked.

"Playing a prank on Jacob," Seth grinned.

I couldn't help myself, I giggled. It sounded fun. I was a child still in many ways.

"It sounds like too much fun to miss, if you want me to stay?" I asked.

"Of course I want you to…" He was cut of by a wolf howl.

Jacob woke up.

"Damn it!" Seth frowned.

I knew that howl, it was Leah's. She had been on a 'business trip' and she must want to report back.

"Nessie!" Jacob smiled.

"Hi," I smiled.

Another howl. Jacob sighed.

"I'll come back later," I smiled, "Mum wants me home soon."

It was a lie but he believed it.

"Bells could always worry," Jacob agreed.

"Bye," I tried to smiled.

He gave me a passionate kiss then left with Seth. I followed them out and got on my bike. I rode home.

"Renesmee! Your next!" I heard Alice call as soon as I walked into the door.

"Ok!" I called back.

"You're back early," Edward commented.

"Jacob wasn't there," I smiled before making my way up to Alice's bedroom.

Well at least I had something to do now. The sad thing is I still wish for a sister to play Barbie with instead of my Aunts. Oh well, this is what I got.

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