Trials of Love

Here it is! Chapter 1 of the sequel to "Evil Intent." I hadn't planned on writing it yet, but the ideas I keep getting for it has not left me alone and I also didn't want to forget any of it! It's set right before "Rapture." So here it is. Hope you enjoy!

Warning: This story is of the Dean/Castiel persuasion. Don't like it, don't read it! And it will have graphic sex scenes. So I repeat, don't like it, don't read it!

Disclaimer: Castiel isn't mine, no matter how much I pray! Supernatural and company belongs to the genius known as Kripke.

Chapter 1

There are certain aspects to being angel one must remember.

Fear is not an emotion an angel is used to experiencing.

An angel is not supposed have secrets kept hidden away from his fellow brethren.

An angel is not supposed to fall in love with their charge.

An angel is not supposed to have sinned with said charge and then remove the memory of the encounter from the charge.

Castiel was no ordinary angel.

Castiel walked quietly through the forest, his forest as he had come to know it. It was quiet, peaceful. Hidden away from the war raging around him. It was private here. Here he could rest, undisturbed.

He sat beneath one of the trees and closed his eyes, a sigh escaping his lips. Here, he could think about Dean. He could think about the hunter's green eyes. The softness of his lips. The smoothness of his skin. The sounds that would escape from that delicious mouth when they had made love together.

It had been several months since the events that took place in Utah had occurred. Both Sam and Dean were blissfully unaware of what had happened and Castiel intended to keep it that way. He carried the guilt of what happened during those days with him where ever he went. He knew he had been selfish to drag Dean into such a dangerous situation. If the other angels had found out what they had done…

But they hadn't. And it was going to remain that way.

He had tried to keep his distance from the hunter as best as he could, but he hated staying away for too long. Dean's faith in his own abilities had faltered after his encounter with Alistair, but things had begun to improve. He had seen it most recently during their encounter with the prophet, Chuck. He had seen that spark of determination in Dean's eyes that Castiel had grown to love dearly. He knew he had overstepped his bounds by helping Dean save Sam, but how could do anything else? He loved Dean and if saving Sam would make him happy, Castiel was only too happy to aid him.

He allowed himself to think back to that night. He remembered how it felt to be standing so close to Dean, to feel his warmth when he stood nearby. The intensity in his green eyes as he asked for help. Even his feeble attempt at prayer only served to make Castiel love him more. Dean's words had been harsh at first, when Castiel had told him he couldn't help him. Castiel knew that he had to be careful. He had to make sure he did not overstep his well placed boundaries. But then Dean had said that he would leave. Would want nothing to do with him ever again. And he had walked away. That act was like a knife in the angel's heart.

So he made a choice.

Castiel couldn't help but remain amazed at how much he loved the hunter. How effortless the action was. If only things could be different…


The petite dark-haired woman stood by the deserted crossroads, tapping her foot impatiently while looking all around her. She let out a sigh, glancing at the watch she was wearing.

"This had better be good, Demon," A voice said behind her.

The woman spun around to see a tall, older man watching her with distaste. Her eyes flashed black and she unconsciously took a couple steps away from him.

"Oh, it is, Zachariah," The woman said, her hands on her hips in an attempted to appear nonchalant.

"Well, Ruby?" Zachariah said, looking obviously disinterested.

Ruby smiled. "Well, what if I told you I had some information regarding one of your little soldiers? Information that the other demons would just love to get their hands on?"

Zachariah arched an eyebrow at her. "Go on," He replied, his interest piqued.

Ruby held up a hand. "Not so fast there, Zach. This information doesn't come free. I didn't come here to risk getting smited by your holy fire for nothing!"

The angel looked annoyed for a moment before letting out an impatient sigh.

"Fine. What was it you were looking for?"

The demon grinned, pleased.

"Nothing too big. After all, we both know we're after the same thing; we just have some different methods to achieving that goal. All I'm asking for is some… immunity. Keep me out of the angel firing range so I can do my job without worrying."

Zachariah frowned for a moment as he considered her request. Finally, he nodded.

"Very well. Now talk, before I change my mind. And this had better be worth it."

Ruby's smile broadened. "Oh, don't worry about that, Zach! What if I told you I knew for a fact that one of you dearest angel soldiers had been getting it hot and heavy with a certain Winchester?"

Zachariah's frowned deepened. "That's not news to me! And for your information, Anna is not one of my soldiers…"

Ruby laughed and shook her head.

"Please! What kind of idiot do you take me for? Of course I know that's not news to you! Although you do have the right Winchester. No, I'm talking about the angel in charge of Dean Winchester."

Slowly, a look of shock replaced the scowl on Zachariah's face.

"Castiel?" He said incredulously.

Ruby smiled triumphantly and nodded.

"The one and only! Back when they saved the seal in Utah with that religious guy. Apparently that Anna had gotten frisky with Castiel by taking him against his will and the slut had turned into Dean to do it. But our little hunter found out about it and it turns out that they both have a thing for each other."

Zachariah eyed her suspiciously. "But nothing is going on now. I have been watching him rather closely lately."

Ruby rolled her eyes. "That's because he wiped Dean's and Sam's memories clean of all of it! Don't know why. I only found out because Sam confided the whole sordid story to me before he did it."

She arched an eyebrow at the angel.

"So we have a deal, then?"

Zachariah nodded, a slow smile spreading across his face.

"Oh yes. We have a deal."


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