Chapter 40

The years of torture were nearly unbearable. Demons would come and tear the flesh from his body with their claws and teeth while he screamed in agony. Other would slowly skin him alive slowly and carefully. He wanted to give up. He wanted the agony to end.

But he didn't. Because while he didn't know why, Dean felt a glimmer of hope inside of him. Something was going to happen. He was not going to have to endure Hell for all eternity. Even as each year passed with no signs of help, Dean did not lose faith. He was going to escape.

Someone would come for him.

* * *

Dean's eyes flew open and he let out a gasp for air. He realized that wherever he was it was dark and he didn't have much room to move. He was in a box. He fumbled around in his pocket and pulled out his lighter. When it flicked it on he saw that he was in some sort of wooden box.

At that moment he remembered the hellhounds… and Lillith… and he remembered seeing Sam be unaffected by her attack and he had managed to kill her with the knife. And then Dean remembered he had died.

It was a long struggle to escape out of the coffin he had been buried in. He silently thanked Sam for using thin boards to make the coffin and for making the grave somewhat shallow. He sucked in the cool air as he emerged from the ground and crawled out of the hole. He collapsed weakly as he struggled to regain his strength.

And then he looked up.

His eyes widened when he saw the perfect circle of fall trees around him. He managed to get to his feet and he could see how far the trees had somehow been knocked down.

He didn't know how he had been freed from Hell, but he knew something big had done it.

He spotted a narrow path that led out of the group of fallen trees. Dean began carefully picking his way through, hoping to be able to find a phone or some way to contact Sam and Bobby. And get some food. Man, he was hungry!

As he walked away he didn't see the figure wearing a long tan trench coat watch him. He didn't see the figure lower his head and then spread his wings. He didn't see the figure as it disappeared into the sky.

The End

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to all of you who have been reading this story and shared your feedback with me. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Now, before anyone panics, I do intend to write a sequel at some point. What exactly the sequel will entail… well, I have no clue yet. Any thoughts or ideas are always welcomed!

In the mean time I plan on working on some of my other stories and finishing those up before the Season 5 premiere!

Thanks for reading! : )