A/N: Drabble. That's really it. Just Drabble.

Leo Jones ran, he had a UCF soldier, and a death warrant on his head. Bloody Martha, can't just keep her head down. He had left his family in safety, and had left, they weren't searching for his family, only for her family. But if rumour was right, Martha was on the run too, on Earth, travelling with a trail, a trail that told of her and the Doctor, of the word, at the end of the countdown, everyone had to think it, "Doctor". He had been told a tale that had travelled from France, by word of mouth, originating apparently from his sister, another tale from a Benton, and some that he himself told. The "Lazarus Experiment", was his main tale, as Martha would laugh if she knew he was a "Martha Jones". But, he noted, I don't have to be risking my life for Martha and her Doctor, so why the hell am I.

It was drizzling gently, it had been for months in Canada, it wouldn't stop. As if mourning the country's losses. Other than Japan, Canada had sustained the heaviest death toll. The Toclafane had hit Canada first in the removal of ten percent, death and burning, the hailstorm of spheres falling, the blades slicing out cutting into the people, cold and calculating. Leo was in a plane, led by the members of what would become the Resistance that were trafficking out enemies of "Saxon", when the globes fell.

He landed as the people fell.

What the hey. No point in asking, you will or you won't no matter what I ask.

Oh, and there's a Ianto being beamed out of Valiant comingnext that joins on to "Chapter 2: Sarah-Jane Smith.