Summer in Grand View, Pennsylvania was a great time. The kids were often at the ballpark or the playground, several couples had lunches in the park and Melinda Gordon was able to wear the lightest of sundresses. She was feeling great, and her life even with the psychic distractions was going well. However, a day or so ago, her husband started acting oddly and started talking to things she couldn't see. Either he was starting to see ghosts as well, or he was mocking her ability. When she confronted him, she learned the rather stunning truth…

His name was actually Dr. Sam Beckett, and he was a time-traveler who leaped in and out of people's lives. When she looked at him, she saw a quantum phasic signature of her husband, Jim Clancy, but her husband the whole time was safely secured in the future, ready to pop back home the moment Sam popped back out of Jim's life. It seemed that Sam had leaped into Jim's alive to keep him from getting killed. His murder was apparently a very tragic time of Melinda's life and Sam was going to stop it from happening.

It didn't quite go that way.

When Sam Beckett was shot in Jim's place, Jim felt it and collapsed in the future. Something had gone wrong. Something had gone extremely wrong. Melinda Gordon sat by Beckett hanging to life in the hospital, hoping and wishing that he survived. If Sam died, did that mean she lost her husband as well. She was used to the deaths in other people's families, but why did it have to happen so close to her this time. Melinda was starting to realize that the future was coming true after all.

"Sam…" She looked upon him and held his hand. "Please, wake up. What happened? When does Jim come back?" She heard the sound of a chamber door opening and closing and looked up to Al coming through the opening. When Melinda realized that her psychic senses allowed her to see him, Sam was a bit skeptical of her powers at first, wondering if their mental pathways were similar enough to detect Al as a hologram, but then he had to act a bit more open to it considering that she had to be open to accept him as a time traveler.

"How is he?" Al looked to the shapely psychic.

"What happened?!" Melinda's tear-filled eyes looked to him. "You two told me you could stop Jim from getting killed!"

"Melinda, I'm sorry, but…" Al was shaking and rattling his comlink. "Gooshie is having a hard time getting any data. Something changed and instead we keep getting Paris Hilton's traffic reports…"

"Al…" Sam started waking. He blinked his eyes and opened his mouth wanting some water. "What happened?"

"Sam…" Melinda turned to the displaced time traveler in her husband's form. "Where's Jim? Did he get shot too?!"

"No, he didn't!!!" Al finally got some news. "Sam, you got shot in a different place this time, and Jim doesn't die! He lives! You changed history, Sam!!!" He turned to Melinda. "And Melinda, this time… You have a little girl instead of a son."

"A daughter?!" Melinda's tears of grief turned to tears of joy. She tried to hug Al, but only reached to empty hologram.

"Rats!!!" Al cursed. Losing the chance to hug the curvy psychic, he instead watched as she turned to Sam on the bed. Tired and in a bit of pain, Dr. Beckett forced a grin to Melinda looking at him. Her husband was going to live! He was going to live and they were going to have a baby!

"You got your husband back, Melinda." Sam ached a bit in pain. All she could do was voice the words "thank you," but from all over Sam, he erupted into a burst of twinkling lights, and Melinda looked back to see Sam's face melting away. Al just blinked out, but Melinda looked back, she found herself gazing back upon her time-misplaced husband instead of the face of Sam Beckett. She loved him so much! Jim looked back at her and then around the room.

"Melinda, what am I doing in the hospital?" He asked her.

"You are not going to believe me!" She wasn't sure she believed it!

When the light faded away from Sam Beckett, he found himself looking out around miles of open sky and then the controls of a plane at his hands. He was a pilot, but he knew nothing about flying a plane! His jaw dropped a bit, he looked around and realized he didn't have a co-pilot. He was the sole pilot of this small Cessna out over some ocean, and somehow, he had to figure out how to land it.

"Oh boy…"