-1This will likely end up being a series. I love to write moments in time. Of course that is what every story is, a series of moments connected to the large events in life. I love to explore everything from the extraordinary to the normal. 'The Moments Between' is going to be my way of doing that without being held down by a consistent plot.

I hope you enjoy them :)

The Moments In Between: Lazy Lunch Hour

Lois inhaled slowly, her toes pointed slow, every muscle in her body rigid and trembling momentarily as she stretched. She exhaled the satisfied breath that can only come with total relaxation.

Her bare feet curled around and intertwined with long sturdy legs that had no trouble bearing her weight. Her hand traveled outward, traveling the expanse of a blue fabric covered torso and subtly changed coarse upward. Her fingers played randomly with the raised symbol on his chest.

"You better not be sleeping too. Someone has to the pilot" she teased sleepily.

She knew better. The late afternoon sun shone down on them from above the cloud line a his entire body was warm with the energy he'd absorbed. It was that extra warmth that had probably contributed to her sleepiness.

His arm held her snugly against his side, supporting her weight comfortably leaving her limp as a rag doll in his embrace.

Lois lifted her head and looked sleepily into his eyes. "Is there an 'S' print on my face. She yawned and rubbed her cheek. "I'll have a terrible time explaining what I was doing on my lunch break if I do."

Clark lopped his head to one side, inspecting her smooth though sleep-flushed cheek. "You're all clear." He murmured against her skin as he laid a kiss across her forehead.

"Good." she said stretching again, this time using the momentum to drag her body across his, her chest over his.

"So you're just going to hang all over me like a glorified set of money bars?" His eyes twinkled as he lowered his chin to catch her eye.

Lois crossed her arms and laid her chin on her forearm. She grinned impishly. "I must have left my ability to fly in my other pants." She mumbled drowsily, angling her head to lay flat against her arm, eyes fluttering closed once again.

"You know, there could be some dire emergency you're keeping me from." he chided, gazing at the sea of curls that had fallen over her face.

She continued her deceptively slow rhythmic breathing, ignoring his sarcasm.

"Of course I could always drop you-" he relinquished a bit of his control on gravity and let their tangled bodies drop a foot or two.

"Clark!!" Lois' whole body tensed and she instinctively clutched at his back. "You wouldn't dare!" She rose up on her elbow and attempted unsuccessfully to dig one into his ribs. "Ow." she grumbled.

Clark slid his hand over the small over her back, holding her more securely against him. "I'd be back in time to catch you." he goaded.

Lois launched a valiant attempt at a glare before a grudging smile won out.

Clark drew her close as he shifted, tilting them into a vertical position. Face to face, he couldn't resist brushing his lips across hers. Her arms draped lazily around his shoulders, bringing her closer still.

He scooped her legs up into his arms, and her hair billowed and danced about their faces as he lowered them through the air toward the Planet and the prying eyes of civilization.