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The mansion sat up the road, hidden behind the trees that had become overrun with age. It had shingles missing and the windows were blasted open and graffiti was scattered across the building, as well as some rocks and bottles thrown by the kids of the city.

The station was filled with refugees, some families present with only the clothes on their backs and the hope in their hearts.

"No one's been in that there mansion for nearly three years." The old man said as he settled down next to Aer, lolling around a bit in his drunken haze.

The man made his way steadily through the crowd, his red cloak sweeping across the polished floor as the conductors screamed out for some order in the bustling station.

"They say something bad happened in there. Makes people think that some ghosts or spirits inhabit the place."

The man dodged the gaze of one of the conductors and slipped quietly through the crowd to his left, his three men dispersing into the crowd.

"That's the home of the most powerful bender in the whole world." The old man hiccupped and Aer caught him by the vest to keep him from slipping off. "Kan Benda."

Kan gave a ferocious shout as he lunged forward, fire blazing in his hands.

The dragon and the bison clawed at each other while their riders pounced upon one another.

Jip tried to stop the tears as her head shook, lowering the wall of energy as the tears overwhelmed her.

Mizu leapt off the boat, hitting the rushing water hard, aiming straight for him. "You!" Mizu shouted as she launched herself on a powerful wave straight for Kan.

Kizu lifted himself through the open window, smashing two large rocks into the Junsei running around the interior.

"I never wanted any of this!" Aer shouted as she threw her glider to the ground.

Ran-fo dodged the sword and sent the man flying across the room. He reached into the sheath on his back, flashing his broad swords in the candlelight of the cantina.

Kan gave out a bellowing roar, fire exhaling out of his mouth.

Kan turned quickly to her, rage building inside of him. "Agni Kai!" He shouted at the top of his voice.

Mizu summoned whatever strength she had left and hurled the large wave towards him, letting out a scream.

Kizu grabbed Kan's arm as it extended, driving his palm into Kan's face. Kan recoiled and shot a slab of earth at Kizu, the body hanging limp as it throttled through the air.

The shirshu gave a bounding leap as it cleared the line of Junsei men.

The man bent down and lifted the woman's head up and seemed to be looking it over. His face was blank, hard to read because of the abomination. He blinked once and then said, "No."

Alpha gave a bellowing roar as the house continued to burn behind him.

"So, I was right, wasn't I?" Prodito asked as he shifted himself around with the straight jacket.

"I know at times it seems like the world can be cruel, and heartless." Jip said as she tried to put an arm around him.

He got up quickly, his hands digging under her chin. There was a bright flash of blue light as the woman's soul was sucked out of her body.

Hei Bai grabbed four benders in his mouth, gnawing away at them in one swift bite.

"And I know that, even though you know how this is all going to end, there may never be a light."

Aer spun on the rope, catching the fire in the funnel of air as she did so. She let go and, with a loud shout, blasted all of the fire back at the Fire Benders.

Tirca was the first to bow down, exposing her neck to the mighty beast.

"But in the end, this is the only world we have. The only life we have. And that is why I keep walking. That is what keeps me going. And that is why, I know, you keep going."

Wan Shi Tong gave a shrill shriek, flapping his wings madly.

The lava began to shoot out of the floor as the fighters flew between them, clutching tightly to the Air Nomads.

"I haven't lost hope. I have not lost my light."

The armies collided in the middle of the battlefield. The dragons screeched from above as they clashed with the bison. The Badgermoles helped out their earthen combatants, shifting the terrain around at will.

She looked at the mirror to fix her hair, cut back to show the blue arrow on her head.

His four eyes began to glow red as he threw his arms out, the cosmos exploding before her.

Jip watched as the water began to bubble and the island began to shake.

Kan aimed a shot across to Mizu while Mizu sent a large wave back. Aer took aim with her staff at Kizu opposite her as Kizu flung the earth high in the air.

Jip leapt into the middle of the attack, catching the beams in mid air.



The Red Witch sat in the corner of the cave, water pouring down upon her, soaking her hair. She looked up at her visitor, her eyes bulgy and sunken. She seemed to glow red before she gave a loud shriek.