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Anthony DiNozzo walked to his P.O. Box before work on September 21st, and opened it. Inside he saw a letter, addressed to him in a horribly familiar handwriting, belonging to his brother. Typed out on it was,

Hey, Tony. Our family gathering is this week, Tues. July 22nd through Tues. July 29th, at the DiNozzo mansion. We decided to have one to see if, 1) You would come this time, and 2) To see, if you did actually come, if you had a girlfriend, that is willing to come with you. Well, I hope to see you there.

Love Your Brother,

Andrew Elias DiNozzo

"Crap, after Jeanne," Tony began to think, "I don't date at all, but I can't tell them that, they will just tell me to get back on the saddle, when it's not that easy." Then, Tony had this great idea, he would ask his partner, Ziva David, to act like his girlfriend for the trip. But, then he thought differently, he could see her beautiful face crinkled up laughing at him. But, he might as well try.

When Tony, arrived at work, he immediately walked to Ziva's desk.

"Shalom, Tony. What do you need?" She asked.

"Well, Zee-vah, I am going to jump strait to the point, see I got this letter today, from my brother, Andrew, telling me about my family reunion, and they are just having it to see if I will come with a girlfriend this year. You know, it is not that easy for me to date after Jeanne, so… I was wondering if… you could… ummm…"

Ziva cut him off saying, "If I could act like your girlfriend for the reunion, yes?"

"Well, yeah." Tony said nervously.

"I will do this, but, you can not blame if I kill one of your family members, because I will have a hard time restraining myself if they are anything like you because Gibbs won't be there to stop me." Ziva said.

"Thank you, Zee-vah!!!!" Tony said lifting Ziva off the ground in a hug.

"Tony, stop it now!" Ziva yelled. Tony quickly put her down, and she straitened her clothes.

"Oh, and Tony." She said, after he had put her down.

"Yes, Sweet cheeks?" Tony asked.

"You owe me, large time." She said.

"I think you mean big time, Zee-vah, and yes, I do owe you big time." He said.

"Yes, very well, when is this reunion, well it's… tomorrow until the next Tuesday, I just got the letter today." He said.

"Tony, I am going to kill you with this paperclip!" She said and picked up a paperclip.

"Ziva, I don't give you permission to kill him." Gibbs said.

Ziva put down the paperclip, and gave Tony an icy glare.

"Hey, boss!" Tony said.

"What, DiNozzo?" He asked.

"Can me and Ziva have time off this week, from tomorrow until the next Tuesday, I have a family reunion and she is pretending to be my girlfriend so my family doesn't make fun of me?" Tony asked.

"Since all we have is cold cases and paperwork, yes. But, you two better just be pretending, because Ziva your ass will be kicked back to Israel, and Tony, you will go back to being an Agent Afloat!"

"Oh, trust me Gibbs; I would never really date Tony." Ziva said.

"Good." Gibbs said.

"So, Tony, where is this reunion of yours?" Ziva asked.

"At my family mansion in Virginia, so bring a bathing suit and clothes for warm and cool weather." He said.

"Ok Tony."

"I will pick you up at 0600 tomorrow morning."

"Okay Tony, be on time."

"I will, Zee-vah."