Tony and Ziva were laying in the bed. Tony was playing with Ziva's hair and Ziva was laying contently on Tony's chest. Tony looked down to see Ziva half asleep.

"Comfortable?" Tony asked.

"Very. You?"

Tony didn't get a chance to answer, because there was a loud bang of a gun being fired and there was a bullet that busted through the glass in the window. Luckily, the bullet missed both Ziva and Tony.

"What the hell!" Tony yelled and pulled Ziva behind the bed. Tony held Ziva close, even though she was trying to pull away. But, Ziva became still when a strong Israeli accented voice rang through the room, "You will pay Ziva, for what you did to Ari." Ziva and Tony both figured the room must be bugged so that they could talk through the room and hear what was going on. But, Tony was more concerned with what the man said.

"What does he mean Ziva?" Tony asked her, not holding her anymore.

"Ari was my half-brother." Tony blew up right then and there. He jumped up, not worried about the shooter, who had luckily already left.

"What?!? How could you not tell me about this?!?" Tony yelled loudly and made for he door. Ziva lifted her bowed head and whispered, "Tony please do not go, I will explain, and I need you. I am scared."

Tony stopped in his tracks and turned around. He looked at her face, it had tears running down it. Tony knew he shouldn't have yelled at her like that, and plus, he couldn't leave while he was naked.

"Honey, please. Baby, don't cry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to." He said, truly ashamed of himself, and walked over to her. Tony sat down in the floor and pulled Ziva into his lap.

"I'm so sorry. Ziva, I'm sorry." Tony whispered in her ear while she cried silently into his bare chest. Ziva lifted her head up and smiled.

"Let's put some clothes on and I will explain." Ziva said.

"Okay. I love you Ziva. I'm sorry I blew up like that." Tony said and hugged her before letting her stand up.

"It is okay Tony, I love you too." She said and pulled sweats and a t-shirt on. After Tony had put clothes on they walked into the living room. They sat down on the love seat, Ziva a bit farther away then usual. Tony furrowed his eyebrows.

"Come here." He said and pulled her next to him. "Now, start talking."

"Ari is my half-brother, and long story short; I did not know he was a mole and terrorist and when I realized he killed Kate and was trying to kill all you, I killed him in Gibbs's basement to save all of you." Ziva said quickly without taking a breath.

"That must have been hard." Tony said and hugged Ziva tightly.

"It was, but, you all would have died if I did not do it, and then, we would not be here. We would not have Aliyah or Zachariah." Ziva told him and kissed him.

"Valid point, now; we have to call Probie and Gibbs and get back to D.C. Whoeer this is could go after the kids, Ducky, and Palmer."

Ziva's eyes widened at this point, and she grabbed her phone and dialed Gibbs's number. Ziva though, "Looks like there was another problem for the NCIS team. Great, just when I though everything was okay."

The End

Sequel: Kill Ari Part 3