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It has been thousands,upon thousands of years since the events of Shadow of the Colossus. They have passed,leaving the modern 21st century to take hold of the world. The people who hear the stories of Wander,Dormin,the Colossi,all have ignored it."It never happened....just a myth.....that was thousands of generations ago.....it could never be....it could never happen again."

They were wrong.

An alarm sounded,nearly jolting me."What a weird dream....."I mumbled,reaching my hand out lazily to cut off the annoying alarm clock by my bed.I really hated that thing,it's screeching noise. My hand found the button,and I slammed it.I snuggled back under my covers,and soon I was off to sleep again.

The peacefulness was short-lived,or short-sleeped."Hey Bro....."A voice called out to me through dreamland. My eyes slowly opened,and my sister's fist came to give me a good morning.I fell out of bed,rubbing the spot on my nose where it met fist."Good Morning!!"She said,smiling at me like a school girl with her black lips. Meet Taylor,my 17-year older Sister,dressed entirely like a Punk-Goth,and with an arrogant attitude to boot. Living with her is such a joy......

I stood up,still rubbing my nose."Sheesh,is that a way to wake up your brother?"I ask. Even after the punch,I'm still a bit groggy.I'm an expert sleeper.

"Well,I think it is."Taylor replied,smirking.

"Good,just wanted your opinion. Your such a great sister."I said to her,walking out of my room."What day is it....."I then ask myself.I forgot. Oh,and by the way,my name's Alevor Grevich.I know,weird. Blame my parents. Age,14.I walked into the family bathroom,and barely avoided gagging.A heavy stench layered the precious air. It seemed Dad had already been in here this morning.

I looked at myself in the mirror,like I always do every morning.I think I'm tall,around 5'9. My brown hair is a flat mess that's the length of my neck,and tends to curl upwards on the edges,I think that's nice.I don't need to style it.I'm pretty athletic,a good slim build. The only thing that scares girls away is my incredibly pale skin,and my mix-matched eyes......one grey,the other green.

After examining myself,I went to the kitchen for breakfast."Mom...what day is it?"I asked her,stepping into the cramped space we call kitchen. Really,it's only a bit bigger than our bathroom. Living in an apartment wasn't all that bad,though.

"Honey,it's a Friday. Just one day of school,then your free for the weekend."She replied,not even looking up from her dish-washing.

"Kay."I reply,not looking at her as well as I poured myself a bowl of cereal,the milk followed,then I downed the breakfast,taking a quick sip of orange juice from the carton. Going back into the bathroom,brushed my teeth,and made sure deoderant was a-go on my pits.

Stepping back into my room,Iwas glad to see Taylor wasn't around to pummel my face in again.I looked around for something decent to wear....I snatched up a white short sleeves shirt that didn't smell too bad,and picked out a pair of cargo shorts from my closet. Tied on my brown converses,and I was ready for school.

Yes,I know,it is rather boring right now."A kid getting ready for school?I'm leaving."

Just stay with me!The story's going to get really interesting....